Why Plagiarism Checking is the Most Important Part of Essay Writing

In the process of writing essays, university lecturers consider plagiarism a great offense. If a student submits a plagiarized essay, the assignment might be canceled or given a low grade. Sometimes a student can plagiarize unintentionally, and this is why it is important to check for plagiarism before submitting a paper. 

Checking plagiarism is an important part of the essay writing process because it ensures the essay is original. A student escapes from being penalized or cancellation of their paper. Here are reasons why you should make checking for plagiarism an important part of your essay writing process. 

Why Plagiarism Checking is the Most Important Part of Essay Writing

You will be certain to get better grades

One of the reasons why plagiarism-free papers matter is because plagiarism can cost you penalties in terms of losing grades. Without better grades, you will record poor performance, which might not reflect well on you in the future. When you are certain your paper is plagiarism-free, you will be certain to get better grades. 

It gives you confidence when submitting your essay

We know that writing heals. But it is stressful to research and use the information you get to write a quality essay. It might sometimes take you an entire week or more to gather all the information before you begin the writing process. When you are certain your paper is of the best quality, you will confidently submit it to your instructor. 

Unfortunately, your confidence can get eroded fast if you are not sure whether your paper is free from plagiarism or not. Instead of waiting for your instructor to check and you lose grades, go online and use a plagiarism checker to confirm the paper is original. You will submit it with great confidence. 

Free plagiarism checker – Fixgerald

After completing your essay writing process, plagiarism checking is the next most important step. Students who submit their papers without scanning for plagiarism often suffer penalties. If you want to be certain whether your paper is original, check fixgerald.com and use the free plagiarism checker to scan your writing for originality. Many students use this tool because it’s easy to use, it’s the latest tool, and it gives a detailed report. You will get better grades, and you will have confidence when submitting your paper. 

Why Plagiarism Checking is the Most Important Part of Essay Writing

Your paper is compared against millions of other papers

When using a plagiarism checker to scan your paper for plagiarism, the software scans your work by comparing it with millions of databases across the globe. The checker scans sentences, citations, phrases, and many other things according to its programming. If the plagiarism checker gives you results that your paper is entirely unique, there is nothing else you can be proud of than that. 

If there is plagiarism, the checker will highlight the plagiarized sections

The plagiarism checker is detailed in the analysis of its plagiarism results. It displays the percentage of your original content and the percentage of plagiarized content. This is an advantage to you because you can correct the plagiarized content and scan it again until you achieve a plagiarism-free paper. 

If, after trying several times, the problem persists, check the standard set by your instructor or the university. If the percentage is below the standard, you can use the plagiarism result as proof that your paper has met the plagiarism standards.

It is the best way to prove your work is credible

One of the rules of writing essays is to use credible sources of information and cite them. The essay must be of high quality and original. When your essay meets these qualities, other students or writers can use it as a source of information. It passes the credibility test, but the best way to prove it is to scan it using a plagiarism checker. 

You get more sources of information

The plagiarism checker displays website addresses of sources that contain similar work as yours. What you are supposed to do is not to close the checker but to open those links to check the information they contain. 

You might have lacked enough information in your writing process, which could have led to your paper being plagiarized. By visiting the websites, you will likely get inspired by the information you will get there and have ideas on the best information to use for plagiarism-free paper.  


Plagiarism is taken as a serious offense in the education field. No matter how attractive a paper might be, it will add to nothing if it’s been plagiarized. Checking for plagiarism remains an important part of the process of essay writing. A writer should make sure they use a plagiarism checker before they submit their paper. It will give them confidence when submitting. Their papers will be credible and will earn them better grades. 

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