Why trucking accidents are a lot worse than car accidents

Any type of accident, no matter how big or small, can cause physical, emotional and material damages to the parties involved. Yet there are some kinds of accidents that can have much worse consequences than others, and 18-wheeler accidents definitely fall in this category. If you’ve been involved in such an unfortunate event, you’ll have to face various challenges.  

So, let’s see what makes trucking accidents worse than your average car crash. 

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They tend to cause extensive damage

Considering the weight and size of the vehicles, trucking accidents can result in greater damages when compared to other traffic mishaps. The risks of suffering severe injuries or being killed in an 18-wheeler accident are much higher. Some trucks also carry dangerous loads, making the aftermath of such an event even direr. Apart from that, trucking accidents also lead to considerable material losses, as victims usually have to deal with extensive property damage, higher medical bills and longer recovery time. 

Fatal trucking accidents are fairly common

Statistics provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reveal that large truck accidents are involved in more fatal road accidents than passenger cars. If you were to crash with another passenger vehicle you have a much greater chance to get out of it alive or with minor injuries. Unfortunately, trucking accidents often end up tragically, causing considerable loss of life in countries all across the world.  

There are more parties involved 

When you get into a car crash with another passenger car, the only parties involved in the event are you, the other driver and the truck insurance company, and perhaps an Orlando car crash lawyer. However, when one of the vehicles is an 18-wheeler, things tend to get a bit more complicated since there are more parties that could be at fault in this situation such as the employer, the driver, the manufacturer or the person responsible for loading the truck.

Besides, if you are a victim in an 18-wheeler accident, chances are you’ll have to deal with an army of lawyers as trucking companies are always ready to defend their employees in case such an event occurs. Since the process of making a claim and getting compensation for your damages can be much more complex, working with a Houston 18 wheeler law firm that can help you with your case is usually the smartest option. 

They are more difficult to document

It’s important to gather evidence immediately after the accident has happened to make sure the whole event is properly documented. But considering that trucking wrecks tend to leave a very messy accident scene behind, collecting evidence can be a time-consuming and complicated process. 

Also, trucking companies face significant penalties and legal liability if they are found guilty. That’s why some truck drivers rush to destroy evidence and thus victims have a hard time proving who was at fault for the accident. An experienced lawyer knows how to handle these problems and help you defend your rights.  

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