7 Reasons Why Victoria’s Secret Models Are So Famous!

Why Victoria’s Secret Models Are So Famous

Lights! Camera! Runways! Thousands of professional models dream of the title but very few make it to the televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Do you know there are just 14 Victoria’s Secret Angels right now? You can probably say that those 14 angels are living your dream in reality. Why Victoria’s Secret Models are so Famous?

The Title is huge in popularity in itself but we can’t ignore the process behind the earning of that title. Victoria’s Secret Models have so many followers and fans not just for their beauty but because they have worked hard to earn that. This post will give you a deeper view of why Victoria’s Secret Models are so famous?

Whether it’s Alexina Graham, Barbara Palvin, Candice Swanepoel, Elsa Hosk, Taylor Hill, or Stella Maxwell, all these Victoria’s Secret Models are popular because of the following reasons:

Model Captions For Instagram
Model Captions For Instagram
  • Being a Victoria’s Secret Model is a dream for many
  • Association With Big Brands
  • The Sassy Catwalks
  • The Highly Disciplined Life
  • Angel’s Personality and Aura
  • The Crazy Fitness Routine
  • The Fantasy Bra

We all have seen the on-stage glimmer and smiles of Victoria Angels. Let’s have a look at the backstage struggle they face to look their best and be a role model for other aspiring models.

7 Reasons Why Victoria’s Secret Models are So Famous

Here are the 6 most appreciated reasons Why Victoria’s Secret Models are So Famous. Find out how to become a Victoria’s Secret Model by having a deeper view of models’ life and career.

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1. Being a Victoria’s Secret Model is a dream for many

Being a Victoria's Secret Model is a dream for many
Source: Huffpost

As we talked about in the very beginning, Victoria’s Secret is a dream for many aspiring models. It has transformed many lives and careers. Many Victoria Models became celebrities’ personalities and started their own personal brands.

To name a few; Heidi Klum in project runway, Miranda Kerr launched her beauty brand called Kora Organics. Karlie Kloss created her own beauty brand called Klossy, Tyra Banks associated with America’s Next Model, Alexina Graham being the brand ambassador of L’Oreal Paris, and many more. 

Watching these models reach the sky, many people wish to be like them. After all, carrying this big title is a matter of prestige in itself. 

2. Association With Big Brands

Why Victoria’s Secret Models Are So Famous Association with big brands
Source: Pinterest

Victoria Models are famous because of their association with big brand names for which they do the advertisements. Like Gucci, Victoria’s Secret, Prada, Armani, Versace, and many others. We can see them everywhere. Like on the cover page of Vogue, on fashion magazines, on-brand posters, and on the online shopping stores. 

When people watch these models doing the campaigning and promotion for a brand, they also wish to buy stuff from the same brand. Luxurious stores use these tactics to attract customers. By using a model face to showcase their products, they make you believe that the product will look absolutely stunning on you as well.

3. The Sassy Catwalks

One thing that is highly fascinating about Victoria models is their catwalks. In fact, the catwalk is the secret weapon that is responsible for the downfall and rise of Angel’s career. 

No doubt Victoria models are super sexy and extremely beautiful. But modeling is not just about looking pretty. Getting those shining angel wings isn’t something that comes overnight. The best part about Victoria models and Angels is that they carry the brand as if it was purely made for them only. That’s what attracts the eyes. 

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4. The Highly Disciplined Life

Why Victoria’s Secret Models Are So Famous; The Highly Disciplined Life
Source: Insider

Victoria Models do not take their jobs for granted. They stick to their schedule no matter what. Models often remain in the limelight for their discipline like Adriana Lima was seen jumping rope for three hours. Damn!! This dedication is what adds fuel to this career. You can also watch on different social media platforms how these models maintain their work and personal life that is awe-inspiring. 

Don’t they get bored of the same hectic schedule? Don’t they wish to try different ice cream flavors? 

Yes, they do. But with the title comes the responsibilities. Victoria’s Secret is one of the most recognized brands for lingerie. This brand is highly selective while granting the Angel status to any model. 

This makes it clear why models work really hard to maintain that status. Hard work pays off. That’s what makes these models an obsession for many aspiring models out there. 

5. Angel’s Personality and Aura

Angel's Personality and Aura
Source: StyleBistro

What would you prefer watching more, an expressionless and serious gaze that high fashion models showcase or the lively runway walks that seem less like a dummy walk? 

What makes the Victoria’s Secret Models famous is the aura they are encouraged to keep. Otherwise, which other brand encourages their models to blow a kiss at the end of the runway? 

Victoria models are friendly and get into healthy interaction with media and fans. After all, these models are selling a lifestyle. How can it be dull? 

6. The Crazy Fitness Routine

The Crazy Fitness Routine
Source: Hello Magazine

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the grand eve where certain handpicked models get to showcase themselves. How can you expect the preparations to be any less? 

Victoria models are famous for a reason. They don’t follow the normal gyming routine, in fact, they hit the gym twice a day to maintain their shape. Adriana Lima always gets the spotlight for her hardcore workout. 

7. Victoria’s Secret’s Fantasy Bra Adds To The Hype!

Why victoria's secret models are so famous; Victoria's Secret's Fantasy Bra Adds To The Hype
Source: Pnterest

Can you believe a bra can cost you $2 million? Well, Victoria’s Secret is all being the rarest of the rare. Whether you know it or not, but it’s a tradition since long to wear the ” Fantasy Bra” on the runways worth $2 million.

Who doesn’t love being in limelight? This is yet another reason that adds to the popularity of Victoria’s Secret models!

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Since Victoria Secret is an innerwear brand, it comes with different sportswear and gym outfits too. To look as fit as they can, models work really hard to match the physical demands of their careers. 

So, you see being popular is not that easy as it seems. You need to have blood and sweat sheading dedication. Popularity is not a contest, it’s a responsibility. That’s what makes these Victoria’s Secret Models so famous.

Featured Image Credits: Collectible DRY Magazine

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