Will Good Omens Season 2 Renew for Season 2

Good Omens is a fantasy-based series that premiered its first season on May 31, 2019. The show is an adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. According to Neil, the two authors were planning to adapt the book into a movie for years. In 2011, there were reports of a television series in the making. But after the death of Terry, he gave up the idea. Neil Gaiman refused to talk about an adaptation. However, later, he changed his mind, upon receiving a letter from Terry, to be given to Neil after his death.

This series consists of 6 episodes, with a running time of 51-58 minutes, and is available on Amazon Prime Video. Good Omens also aired on BBC Two weekly, from January to February 2020. For the first season, the director was the Scottish television director Douglas MacKinnon

Good Omens Season 2: Release Date

Season 1 of Good Omens, received positive reviews and gained a massive fan following. The series received nominations for 3 Emmy Awards. But unfortunately, according to the creators, the series has no intentions for another season.

The series is a miniseries: a one and done show. Until now, there is no confirmation regarding season 2 of Good Omens. But fans haven’t lost hope. Back in 2017, Neil Gaiman stated that one could not rule out the possibility of another season. He plans to continue the series, even though there are no immediate plans for another upcoming installment. According to Neil, the immense love, the series received, there is a sheer chance for the creators to come back and do much more!

Furthermore, season 1 of Good Omens received a green signal from Amazon back in 2017, with the series premiering in 2019. Therefore, if the previous pattern is a thing, season 2 may take a lot of time before gracing our screens even if we get the announcements right now. Until then, the six episodes are available for binge-watching on Amazon Prime Video, and we wait for further announcements.

Good Omens Season 2: Cast

Season 1 of the series consisted of a spectacular cast. And according to one of the lead roles, they are willing to come back if another season is in the making. We hope they do.

The cast of season 1 of Good Omens include:

  • Michael Sheen plays the character of Aziraphale.
  • David Tennant as the character of Crowley
  • Daniel Mays in the role of Arthur Young
  • Sian Brooke plays the character of Deirdre Young.
  • Ned Dennehy plays the character of Hastur.
  • Ariyon Bakare in the role of Ligur
  • Nick Offerman as the character of Thaddeus Dowling
  • Anna Maxwell Martin in the part of Beelzebub
  • Nina Sosanya plays the character of Sister Mary Loquacious.
  • Doon Mackichan as the character of Archangel Michael
  • Sam Taylor Buck in the role of Adam Young
  • Jon Hamm plays the character of Archangel Gabriel.

Good Omens Season 2: Plot

Season one of the fantasy comedy-drama series is an adaptation of the book written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. The book has no sequel, but Neil Gaiman, in an interview, said he and his co-author had plans for a sequel. Furthermore, late Terry believed that Neil should write the sequel.

If season 2 receives the green light, based on the sequel, it is likely to focus on the origin of the angels and from where they come. Therefore, extra angels were given an introduction in the previous season, including Gabriel.

Good Omens Season 2: Storyline

The premise of Good Omens begins in 2018. The show revolves around the angel and demon duo, Aziraphale and Crowley. The two are lifelong friends and have grown accustomed to life on Earth. Crowley and Aziraphale are also representatives of hell and heaven and seek to stop the arrival of AntiChrist and the final battle, Armageddon.

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