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If you are planning to move out with family this weekend then you must plan according to the weather conditions. Here we have bought you the weather conditions of the weekends from Saturday.

21 November 2020 would be an above-average day, it won’t be as mild as Friday. The highs would be the 40s and the lows would be 30s.

On 22 November 2020, Sunday a storm is expected as the day ends that is likely to bring coldness along. The cold weather and the wind blowing on Sunday are expected to change into rain on the next morning that is on 23 November 2020, Monday.

The Saturday would start with the sunshine and as the evening approaches the sky will be covered with clouds.

With the clear sky and winds overnight, the Sunday morning would be cold and the temperature would drop to 10s to 20s. After the cold morning, the sun will be overhead by noon.

After the warm afternoon. Hail and snow are expected after the sunset at the night on Sunday. A light wintry mix and dry is expected to blow overhead.

The wintry mix and the dry air on Sunday night will change to rain on Monday Morning. The rain would be moderate and can be heavy sometimes. The wind would be flowing east that will cause snowfall in the mountains.

On 24 November 2021, Tuesday will be warmer than the previous days. The temperature would be in the 30s.

On 25 November 2021, Wednesday another storm is expected with the rain across the south and central country and snow across the north of the country.

So plan your outings accordingly and stay connected to deasilex for more updates.

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