Woman fined a he-goat for assaulting father-in-law

Renson Njeru (R) talks to Gitiri clan members in Embu, where elders found her daughter-in-law guilty of assaulting him and fined her a he-goat on February 17, 2021. [Muriithi Mugo,Standard]

A woman in Kimbu village of Gitare sub-location, Embu East Sub-County, has been fined a he-goat by a clan for assaulting her father-in-law.

Elders of the Gitiri clan from the Embu community fined Lucy Wawira, a mother of three, in her absentia after she fled on learning that elders were to discuss the matter.

“Through our own investigations we have established that 74-year-old man was assaulted and for this matter, Wawira has demeaned her father-in-law and the elders,” one of the elders said.

Renson Njeru is said to have suffered a broken hand, panga cut, and other injuries.

Her husband Lukas Mugendi was not spared either as the elders observed that he took no action as Wawira assaulted the old man. He too will pay the fine of a he-goat.

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Gitiri clan chairman Rev. John Waithanje said the decision was reached after hearing from several witnesses.

According to the ruling, Wawira will only be allowed back after she provides the he-goat.

“Initially as Wawira’s husband you told us your wife had gone to the hospital where we followed but never found her,” Said Anthony Dauti, the clan secretary.

Njeru said Wawira insulted and assaulted him on several occasions.

“On Friday last week it turned chaotic after I asked Wawira why she harvested two bananas from my farm without permission,” he told elders.

After the incident, Njeru, a widower, said he remained in his house helpless for two days with a broken hand and other injuries.

It was his daughter who visited and took him to the hospital where he was admitted for three days and later discharged.

Village elder Mvurya Mwaniki, who represented the area chief during the clan meeting, said the local administration would ensure the family remains peaceful.

He called upon Mugendi to ensure they abide by the clan’s decision to avoid a curse.

“As the husband, you should also be careful of what happens to your father, if your father died today while the wife is on the run it would be impossible for her to come back as the spirits would haunt both of you, therefore exercise caution in whatever you choose to do,” Mwaniki said.

Although Mugendi agreed to share the elder’s verdict with his wife who is on the run, it is not clear whether she will abide and deliver the he-goat as ordered.

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