Wrist Tattoos Ideas For 2022

Wrist Tattoos Ideas

If you are the type of person that likes discreet tattoos, then a wrist tattoo is your best choice. This is because their placement in the interior of your wrist is good for privacy. Wrist tattoos are unique, stylish, and are usually easy to draw. They are mostly used to conceal messages that you would like to remain private like sexuality. 

Having a wrist tattoo is a way of making of the deep personal significance of something and at the same time keeping it private. However, the wrist is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and a wrist tattoo could be more painful than any other tattoo. The following are some of the most common wrist tattoos.

1. Heart tattoo

When you have someone special in your life and you would like to remember them, getting heart wrist tattoos can be a way of appreciating them. You can add words to accompany the heart or just leave it that way. Couples might opt to have halves on each other’s wrists that combine to form one heart when their wrists are placed beside each other.

2. Flower tattoo

Flower tattoos have inspired so many generations. While they can be rocked by both sexes, they are most common among young women. Flowers are usually very colorful and beautiful when inked on the wrist. They can be encrypted in such a way that they appear simple, small, and unique.

3. Bracelet tattoos

Just like the name suggests, bracelet tattoos wrap around the whole wrist to make a circular shape on the wrist. Bracelet tattoos are also known as full wrist tattoos because they wrap around the entire wrist. Examples of bracelet tattoos are;

  • A vine that is made in such a way that it wraps and drops down your arm like a flower.
  • You can get a bracelet tattoo that imitates certain jewelry of your choice.
  • You can use a flower of choice and mold it such that it moves around your wrist.

4. Star wrist tattoos

Star tattoos can be made in two different ways. One, you can choose to have just one star on your wrist or have a cluster of stars together. The stars can be of different sizes and colors depending on your personal preferences. Stars depending on your profession can be used to symbolize dreaminess or your love for the sky and astronomy. 

5. Musical notes

This tattoo is usually common among people that have a passion for music. They could either be notes, bass clefs, or song phrases tattooed on the wrist. To get the perfect results you can combine a heart with any music symbol to show your passion for music.

6. Zodiac signs

These wrist tattoos are simply used to show people certain aspects of their personalities. If you do not like to speak about a certain aspect of your personality, you can choose to tattoo it on your hand instead. Zodiac tattoos can also be used as a warning sign to people about a certain personality that you possess and maybe you find it difficult to talk about.

7. Handwritten script

If you have something special you learned from someone, you can have it tattooed on your wrist. It can also serve as a memory of a person that you lost. The wrist is a perfect place to have a wrist tattoo. You can choose any font for this tattoo to make it really natural.

8. Botany and flowers

The wrist is the best place to express your love for nature. Getting a botanical tattoo on the wrist can be a way of expressing love for a certain plant. The botanical tattoo can also be in form of a flower. Some of the most common botanical tattoos are roses, lotus, and opium.

9. Travel themed

These tattoos are usually a symbol of freedom, exploration, and discovery of new things. They are common to people who travel a lot and they use them as a show of their experience in a certain place. Some of the common travel-themed wrist tattoos are maps, anchors, compasses, and even ships for those who love the sea.

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