Your Friends Are About To Be Jealous When You Plan One of These 5 Trips For 2022

2021 hasn’t been the year for travel. While many are beginning to move about again, the year hasn’t lent itself to an exotic getaway. But 2022 is on the horizon, and there are plenty of places to add to your vacation “wishlist.” In fact, after the past couple of years, it’s time to do something daring, something exotic, and something your friends are dreaming of. Invest in yourself by planning a trip to one of the following five spectacular trips.

1. Cruise the Caribbean Islands

After a couple of years of staring at your home’s walls, set up on a journey to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature. Set sail on a luxury Caribbean cruise, checking out the islands and breathing in the fresh air of someplace other than home. 

The lines offer a vast selection of places to see, giving you a chance to enjoy native towns, lush beaches and days of fine dining and entertainment. Sit out and soak in the sun, wind and ocean. Then, disembark to snorkel, scuba or explore the towns.

In the evening, ships offer a selection of entertainment. Dine, chill in the pool and take in a show. Even dance the night away in the disco.

2. Travel through France

The city of romance is waiting for couples to once again traverse through the cityscape or endeavor out into the countryside.  Spend a few days within Paris, taking in the historical sights. See the Eiffel Tower, the terrace gardens and the architectural monuments.

In Monaco, hire a ship to enjoy time on the water, and then spend a few days soaking up the sun on one of the world’s most luxurious beaches.

Make your way to wine country, and try some of the finest made. Book a wine excursion where you can taste at various wineries. Relax in the countryside, walking and rejuvenating.

3. Take in Japan

Branch out to experience the Japanese culture and beauty. Outside of Toyko is the city of Kyoto, once the capital of the country. Now it is an oasis delivering culture and peace. Located on the island of Honshu, this elegant area offers travelers a magnificent experience. Relax with hot spring baths, visit imperial palaces and enjoy delectable traditional Japanese dining. 

A bit of untouched history, wonder about seeing Buddist temples. classical wooden homes and Shinto shrines.

4. Plan a Safari

Is nature calling? For those who enjoy a thrill and are enthralled with wildlife, it’s time to tap into your own wild side. Discuss an East African Safari with your travel planner today. Explore Kenya’s National Reserve or enter Tanzania. Both allow for safari exploration. In addition, Tanzania is home to Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Natron. If you have time, pop over the Victoria Falls, a breathtaking waterfall that resides between Zimbabwe and Zambia. 

5. Check Out Antarctica

This continent is available for exploring. Cruise through icy tundra, glancing at what very few have seen or hop a private charter from Cape Town, Africa. While on the island, meet up with penguins, stay in a camp and get to know what it is really like at the South Pool.

What can you do while there? Hike the terrain, kayak through the waterways, and snap amazing photographs of the icebergs. Explore areas where very few people have been and most only see in pictures. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, barely touched by other humans. This is nature in its purest form, hard to find anywhere else on Earth. When you return, you can count yourself one of the few lucky ones to see this wonder.

Don’t let 2022 go without making major travel plans. It’s time to get back into the vacation saddle, especially after a couple of dormant years. Start booking a trip, and be the envy of those your know. There are many wonders in the world. Make one of them part of your 2022 adventures.

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