Your guide to getting back in the gym

Your guide to getting back in the gym

Are you trying to summon up the motivation to go back to the gym? When leisure facilities reopened in April, millions were quick to rush through the doors and get their sweat on. However, not everyone felt ready to return to busy indoor spaces so quickly.

Many felt major pangs of anxiety around returning to the gym, with the threat of catching or transmitting Covid-19 still a serious concern. A few months on, nationwide restrictions have eased further as the vaccination rollout programme continues apace, which means people feel more comfortable with the idea of reactivating their memberships. If that’s you, here are five simple tips to help you get back into the swing of things.

Set manageable goals

If it’s been a number of months since you’ve done a proper workout, don’t expect to slot straight back into your old routine. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to lift as much, run as far or reach the same resistance on your spin bike, so don’t feel pressured into hitting those heights immediately. Set achievable targets that you can tick off as the weeks pass and your fitness improves.

Ease yourself in

A lot of personal injuries suffered at the gym are a result of faulty equipment or poor levels of maintenance. But if you get hurt because you haven’t warmed up or cooled down properly, you’ve only yourself to blame. Give yourself 10-15 minutes either side of your workout to get your stretches in and prevent injury.

Go when it’s quieter

Gyms can be intimidating places when you’re weaving your way past lots of people, trying to find what you need. Throw in the heightened anxiety around the coronavirus and it can make the prospect feel all the more daunting. Instead, try to avoid peak times. You’ll feel much more relaxed and you’ll have your pick of the equipment.

Book onto classes

Struggling for motivation? Sometimes, you need a little shove in the right direction and the feeling of working out within a group can give you that. Most classes will have an instructor telling you what to do, so you won’t have to worry about creating your workout plan – just follow their lead and keep up as best you can.

Go with a friend

Gyms aren’t solely about pumping iron and getting a sweat on. They can be places to socialise too, so why not hook up with a friend and start going together – especially if it’s someone you’ve barely seen since the pandemic hit. If there comes a day where one of you isn’t quite feeling it, the other can provide the motivation and you can work towards your targets together. 

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