Friday, May 7, 2021


Jhanvi Sharma

I am currently doing my Master's in Economics. I love to read books and learn something new every day and I like to write about trending stuff. Exploring new things around me is what I love. Follow your passion>>>

Which is the Perfect Size of TV to Watch Cricket Matches?

While the Indian television segment, as compared to other consumer durables, had taken a back seat for a couple of years, the introduction of...

What To Do When You Are Bored At Home? Some Interesting Things You Must Know

With the more use of our cellphones and always on Netflix watching series, there’s nothing to get bored with, and it feels great. While...

New List of 100 Most Handsome Men in the World 2021 with Facts| Bio| Age

Everybody wants to know especially girls, who are the most handsome men in the world 2021. You don't need to worry because here we...

What to do When You Miss Someone – Everything you Need to Know

It feels bad when someone leaves you in between without giving a proper explanation or the reason whether it can be your relationship, they...

How to Handle When Someone Ignores you

I know and can understand very well that it feels terrible to be ignored. It is even more difficult to not get consumed by...

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