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“Where technology transcends, the future.” We breathe Tech at DeasileX. DeasileX is an exclusive association of technology and communication, where consumer tech and modern tech are coalesced into one. From embracing queries to offering the technology enthusiasts a wholesome experience in one click. Deasilex is pretty much an all-encompassing tech-website and your favorite one-stop shop destination.

We at DeasileX are a team of dedicated individuals who are on their technical expedition to usher you through the latest technological trends and revelations. We pivot around the prime objective of nurturing a community of tech junkies and ardent readers.

Thus, to fathom succinctly, “We at DeasileX articulate technology in the best way possible”


Our Areas Of Expertise

Modern Tech

Contemporaneous with the Consumer Tech, we also expertise in Metaverse, Cryptos and NFTs. From getting to know the modern trends of modern tech, to contemplating its utility. We offer a thorough insight into the world of Metaverse, Cryptos and NFTs.

Artificial Intelligence

From Tesla to Alexa and from Microsoft's Bard to Open AI's Chat GPT, AI has penetrated at a greater level in our lives. Our team of AI experts are in continuous endeavour to collect information pertinent to AI. Be it any development or issues and fixes, give it a try with Deasilex.

Social Media

Who doesn't like social media? However, who knows everything about it? Well, Deasilex is your ultimate resolution for all queries, emanating from alternatives to how to’s. We offer an all-in-one solution with comprehensive guides.​

Consumer Tech

From addressing day to day tips and tricks to catering alternatives & hacks for anything and everything, that incorporates technology. Deasilex perches on the main intent which is making sure all routine queries get addressed to make the user experience exceptional.

Meet The Minds Behind Our Mission​

Praveen Rathore

Parvinder kour

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