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Rahul Gupta

About The Expert

Rahul is a seasoned tech specialist and currently serves as the senior Editor at Deasilex. Being a notable personality in the world of technology journalism, Rahul endeavours on a keen focus for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), cryptocurrency, and tech trends. Apart from his array of skills he also brings a treasury of knowledge and insights to the tech industry and its trends.

With a clear, crisp and interactive writing style, Rahul possesses the rare ability to easily demystify complex technological topics and complicated concepts, making them comprehensive and adaptable for many tech enthusiasts and industry professionals. His pieces, written, provide more knowledge than mere updates, they are conceived as deep dives by many tech readers for many latest developments and valuable context and foresights.

Whats His Responsibilities

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Subject Matter Expert​

Rahul works as the Tech expert on DeasileX. He is responsible for providing the technical details related to AI, Crypto and the latest tech enhancements.​

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Review Articles

Being the tech expert on the website, any article published on the website in the AI, Tech and Crypto categories are fact checked and reviewed by him.​

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Answer User Queries

We keep our readers on the top in our priority list. Got any query? Just comment on the post. Our tech expert will connect with you to clarify your doubts.​

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Stay Updated

Being the tech expert requires keeping yourself updated. So, it becomes first and foremost duty for Rahul to keep himself updated with the latest technology trends to keep our readers updated.​

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