What’s New In Electric Fireplace Technology?

Home sweet home! No matter how rough your day is, when you return to your favorite cozy place in your home, you feel inner peace. Especially if it is a wintery day and snowing all around, you know the best thing you can do to keep your mind straight is to have a cup of hot coffee (with lots of marshmallows!)  by the side of the hearth. 

No matter how cold the night is, having a nice fireplace will make sure that you will get a warm sleep. But, as a matter of fact, choosing the ideal fireplace for your home, especially if you have a modern home is difficult, and so is the maintenance! Cutting wood and stacking them for the fireplace is really old school! It is both toilsome and time-consuming. 

How about replacing the traditional old hearth with a new Electric Fireplace Technology? Sounds good to me! Companies like Kismile are already offering sales and discounts on Electric Fireplace. I do not need to wait for next winter or any excuse to pass on the opportunity! Do you? 

Why Choose Electric Fireplace Technology?

There are hundreds of reasons why you need to replace the old fireplace with an Electric Fireplace. Here are some handpicked reasons to impress you:

1. No More Dry Air: Traditional fireplaces with burning wood not only make the air dry in your living space but also make the place smoky. It is hard to keep your home warm and breathe clear air at the same time with a traditional fireplace. However, an Electric Fireplace Stove can solve the issue. 

2. Infrared Heating Mode: Your Electric Fireplace Stove comes with an infrared heating mode that neither alters the humidity nor creates static electricity. 

3. 3D Flame Effect: The Electric Fireplace Stove comes with a realistic fire effect that includes multiple flame colors, brightness, and speed setting. Now, you can change the flame as per your mood! 

4. Remote & Control Panel: Have you ever imagined, controlling your fireplace with a remote? Without messing with ashes and burn? The Electric Fireplace Stove makes it happen. You can now control the heat of the fireplace with a remote just like your TV in mere seconds! 

5. Easy To Assemble:  The new Electric Fireplace Stove is easy to assemble. You can easily move the Fireplace from one room to another. Even if you are changing home, it will take minimum assembly time. Besides, this smart technology automatically cuts the power, if it overheats! 

6. Wall Mount: Moved into a house smaller for a fireplace? Just wall-mount it! Yes, the new LED Fireplace Stove can be easily installed and wall-mounted, making the space look even better and modern! 

7. Energy Saving: Unlike traditional fireplaces, you do not need to chop woods for your fireplace. Just switch on the fireplace and the electric fireplace will keep you warm. Besides, it has the power auto-cut technology that reduces electric consumption and saves energy. 

Advancements In Electric Fireplace Technology

When we consider the electric fireplace, it comes with multiple advancements and advantages. Here are some for you:

1. Remote Management: 

Electric fireplaces eliminated all the hecticness of managing a traditional fireplace and cleaning it! Now, you do not even need to move from your couch to turn on the fireplace. Just hit the remote button and you are good to go! From heat to flame color, flame speed to wood crackling sound; you can control all with just a few taps on the remote! 

2. Ultra-realistic virtual flames:

Installing an electric fireplace does not mean you are going to miss the ambiance of flames! An electric fireplace from Kismile comes with the magic of ultra-realistic virtual flame. From flame intensity to color, you can customize all and create the ambiance that compliments your mood. 

3. Smoke Illusion:

The worst part of having a traditional fireplace is unnecessary smoke in the air. However, it is the smoke that gives the most realistic feeling. So if you miss your traditional smoky wood or gas fireplace, some electric fireplaces come with this amazing feature to imitate smoke illusion. 

4. Multi-sided View

There are a few electric fireplaces that not only give you the front view of the fireplace but also add two sides. So. if you want a view of the fireplace that is embedded on the wall or hanging from it showing three sides of the fireplace – it is possible! 

5. RGB Flames

Smart electric fireplaces come with smart full-spectrum RGB flames. What does it mean? It simply means, now you have a wider range to select the color of your fireplace flames! You can choose multiple colors to create the layers and give the flames a more realistic and vibrant look. 


Growing up with an old traditional fireplace in the home makes us nostalgic and indulges us to install a traditional hearth. However, in reality, the modern setup of our home needs something better than just fiery wood. Something more intelligent and easy to maintain, such as an electric fireplace. If you still have not tried an electric fireplace, it’s time to get one and warm up your home on cold windy nights with zero effort! 

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