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Among Us Discord

Love badass thug games? Among Us is one of the best and trending video games you can hit in the play store today! Join Among Us Discord today to get in touch with the players. The game will decide whether you can have an Imposter role or a Crewmate. Every match is no more than 15 minutes and you need true gamer skills to beat the match!

Anyone can just download and start playing Among Us with ease! You play as a Crewmate in the multiplayer social deduction game Among Us, rushing about to finish your assignments. However, take caution since one or more of the crew members have been replaced by an impostor who is determined to sabotage, murder, and frame innocent members of the crew. Joining the Among Us Discord will help you to understand the tricks and updates of the game. 

As most of the parents are concerned about the nature of this game, if you are a concerned parent! we recommend you to join the Among Us Discord group for a better understanding of the game. To join Among Us Discord server you need a permanent server invite. Click on the server invite link and check out the I am human box. Now you have joined the Among Us Discord Server, just verify your server and follow rules to enjoy Among Us Discord server to the fullest. 

What Is Among Us Discord Server? 

Among Us Discord server is one of the coolest Discord servers dedicated to all the Among Us players and fans! There are 278,110 members who joined the official Among Us discord server. It is known that Among Us video game do not have a voice channel to have real-time chat support with the co-players. Joining the Among Us discord server will allow you to have real-time chat with the co-players during streaming live! 

Among Us Discord Server Link

If you try to search Among Us discord server link on your own on the internet, unfortunately, you will end up with server links that are spam. On the other hand, there are more than ten Among Us discord server links available on the internet, those are legit and created by the fans but not the official ones. Following is the official Among Us discord server link for you. Click the link below and join the discord channel of this popular video game! 

Among Us Discord Server Link – Click And Join Now!

How To Join Among Us Discord Server?

To join the Among Us Discord Server > Discord Account > Login > Link > Accept Invite > I am Human 

To join the Among Us Discord server follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open your Discord Account 

Step 2: Login into your Discord Account

Step 3: Click On the Link

Step 4: Click on Accept Invite

Step 5: Check on I am Human box

Step 6: Joined the Among Us Discord server  

Among Us Discord Server – Rules To Be Followed

  1. Don’t do something if a staff person instructs you not to.
  1. INSULTS OR PEDO JOKES ARE NOT ALLOWED HERE. Anything pertaining to pedophilia is immediately prohibited.
  2. Go to mail/support if you really have a problem so our experts can look into it!
  3. Advertising of any kind is prohibited. Do not DM other individuals with your server links. Any kind of link cannot be posted.
  4. Visit Inbox support if you require further information regarding the permitted servers. If you are found to be advertising, you will either be muted or banned.
  5. No prejudice of any type, including but not limited to that based on age, gender, or sexual orientation. Any person seen uttering such remarks risks being permanently barred!
  6. In NO form is the n-word permitted.
  7. No threats to harass, doxx, pull IP, or hack, not even in jest.
  8. Anyone seen doing this will immediately be banned.
  9. Please refrain from needlessly @-ing staff or spamming their DMs. Any and all reports, as well as any and all requests for mutes or bans, can be made using the Inbox-support channel.
  10. Respect one another’s manners and decency. We will not accept any slurs, disruptive conduct, harassing or bullying of other users or staff, spam, trolling, purposeful misinformation, prejudice, or offensive, sexual, politically-charged, or NSFW content. Disputed subjects might not be permitted on the server. All content, including but not limited to text, speech, usernames, and avatars, is covered by this.
  11. Within the server, eDating discussion is not permitted.
  12. No cheating, calling out imposters or hacking. You’ll merely wreck someone’s game and get silenced or banned. Jokes about hacking, names that reference hacking, or name alterations to reveal the imposter are examples of this, but they are not the only ones. If someone is being accused of hacking, you must have video evidence!
  13. You must adhere strictly to Discord’s TOS. Be aware that you will still face consequences if you violate their TOS.
  14. Don’t Make Age-Related Jokes! Because it’s impossible for us to verify your claims, you will be permanently banned.
  15. Just English on our server. Staff members are unable to moderate in a language they do not understand; therefore, this is the case.
  16. DMs involving server personnel may result in violations and are handled at the server staff’s discretion.

What Is Among Us? About the Game Play

Players in the online cooperative game Among Us as well as InnerSloth must cooperate to repair their deteriorating spaceship while identifying the imposters. It’s a massive social deductive game, which implies that the clash here between the informed few and the misinformed majority is at the center of the game’s plot. Although it may seem difficult, the idea is actually quite straightforward. You are given the role of the villain (also known as the Imposter) and or the hero at seemingly random at the beginning of each game (as known as Crewmate). 

The Crewmates are unaware of the Imposters’ knowledge of the roles each participant was given (i.e., You just don’t know who the bad guy is!). Imposters need to eliminate all Crewmates without being discovered in order to succeed. To succeed, the Crewmates must either identify the Imposters as well as throw them off the ship or otherwise finish the ship’s repairs by completing little chores (which seem like straightforward mini-games) first before Imposters can murder everyone.

Wrapping Up

Among Us is one of the finest strategy games you will end up in on the internet today. The number of Among Us players is growing day by day so as the members of Among Us Discord. Let’s join the Among Us Discord today and become a part of this amazing game. If you are a fan of Among Us, I believe you will also like to try Fortnite, Call Of Duty, and Valorant. Enjoy joining gaming discords and keep following Deasilex for more updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Among Us Violent?

If you hear the words “murder” and “kill,” you could decide that this game isn’t suitable for your children. But in reality, this game is really easy for the most part. There is no discernible blood in the gameplay. When a player discovers the “dead body” of some other player, the cartoonish artwork makes it look like a honey-baked ham appearance rather than a real corpse.

Q2. Will Playing Among Us Make My Child Violent Or More Aggressive?

Numerous research shows that playing violent video games does not make kids more aggressive. There is a minor possibility that gaming too much and too frequently will impair your child’s attitude, but this is more likely a symptom that your youngster may have a propensity to become fixated on video games than it is a result of any particular activity or online game.

Q3. What Do You Need To Play Among Us?

Among Us is now available for download on Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and mobile platforms (iOS and Android). The smartphone app is free to download and then use, but the PC as well as Switch versions are not: the Computer plan will cost $5.69 CAD via Steam, as well as the Switch version costs $6.30 CAD through the Nintendo eShop. So long as your children have a cell phone or iPad, they can use the internet services free of charge.

Q4. Does Among Us Lure Kids Into Spending Money Within The Game?

Even though the game is entirely free to play, your children could want you to buy downloadable material (also known as DLC) for the PC as well as mobile versions. Similar to Fortnite, these packs are purely aesthetic; they don’t alter the gameplay or increase your child’s chances of winning; they only alter how your character appears on the screen.

Q5. Will My Children Run Upon Outsiders While Playing Among Us?

Each tournament can have four to ten players, so if your child chooses to participate in an online public game, they will probably be playing with strangers. However, the game itself doesn’t have a live chat feature, so unless your child joins an outside voice messenger app like Zoom or Discord, they will not be directly conversing with other people.

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