Apps Like Snapchat With Filters | List Of Top 10 Selected Filter Apps!

Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

Since the launch of Snapchat app in 2011, no one ever finds it lagging behind in the race of being the number one social media platform! However many other different companies tried to copy and create similar platforms keeping Snapchat as an inspiration but never reached even close to it! In today’s session we are going to discuss such apps like Snapchat with filters in 2022! 

Snapchat has more than 188 million active users on a daily basis! Unbelievable right? It’s almost half of the American population. Snapchat statistics made brands and software developers to design and create their own apps like Snapchat with filters. Keeping the selfie trend in mind, many of the brands that tried to develop apps like Snapchat, succeeded and many failed! Today we will explore ten most similar apps to Snapchat in detail.

List of 10 apps like Snapchat with filters in 2022: B612, Banuba, Instagram, Line Camera, MSQRD, TikTok, Sweet Face Camera, Face Swap, X Photo Editor, YouCam Fun. These are the apps similar to Snapchat that we will be discussing today in detail.

If you are ready to try something new and to explore apps like Snapchat with filters then continue reading this article and discover pretty perfect apps just like Snapchat’s perfect filter collection! 

List Of Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

Snapchat gained popularity and fame mostly from teenagers including college and university students! Snapchat is a by-product of the company – Snapchat Inc, which is worth around $21 billion. And why not be it? As it is the very first app to launch the idea of disappearing stories into the industry, even before WhatsApp and Instagram. 

Deasilex analysed and filtered out a set of ten apps like Snapchat with filters that will help you to capture pretty selfies with back to back creative and unique effects and filters. Even if the purpose of exploring these filter apps is just capturing moments or creating one more filter app like Snapchat, these apps are gonna help you a lot! 

As the brands and apps like Snapchat with filters also took their first idea from Snapchat only you will also get some unique thoughts to create one. However, these dozens of app like Snapchat aren’t as successful as Snapchat itself but still are making progress in the market! Why don’t you try too? Make sure you are not copying every feature from it or you will get sued as every application in the market has their own terms and conditions!! 

Follow the below mentioned sections to go through every app similar to Snapchat to know what else we find in these apps like Snapchat with filters: 

01. B612

Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

This application is much more than just a face detection based AR filter technology. B612 has real-time 3D emojis that mimic your facial expressions and actions. One can have absolutely fun using this app and by accessing their AR objects that one can put at a surface. Pretty and makeup filters allow personalizing your face shape and structure and applying makeup, doesn’t matter, it can be a little better!

Among the list of ten apps like Snapchat with filters, B612 is the most versatile app with creative and impressive filters and effects.


Both iOS and Android devices.

B612 Features:

  1. Live avatars with real-time expression mimicking features.
  2. Background change facility.
  3. Facial recognition AR stickers that can be accessed to stick on real surfaces from a back camera. 
  4. Streamline user interface.
  5. Advanced filter technology with more than 40 different types of effects and filters.
  6. Supports auto-focus technology.
  7. Supports downloading and sharing of selfies.

02. Banuba

Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

Banuba is popular for face filters and effects mostly. We don’t want to sound fake but looking much prettier in AR filter selfies is something that we all can’t get enough of and Banuba is perfect at this! One can totally change themselves into any popular personality, hipster or astronaut in just a couple of seconds.

Also one can experience virtual adventure activities like skydiving, swimming in the beach, doing a ramp walk, trying accessories, changing hairstyle and so on! Banuba has already designed more than a 1000 AR masks in the past couple of years.


Both iOS and Android devices.

Banuba Features:

  1. AR filters available for every gender and age of people. i.e: creative, fun, full-face masks, beauty, horror, Halloween, love, christmas etc.
  2. Virtually realistic accessory try-ons. AR objects like light, shadows etc.
  3. Action-effects available. ie: open your mouth to apply an effect, nod your head to change the color of glasses. 
  4. Edit both photos and videos. Also have the facility to apply filters to pre-created pictures.
  5. More than 600 high-quality AR filters in Banuba collection
  6. Includes all TikTok-video editing features to create videos seamlessly.

03. Instagram

Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

Now comes the most popular and most accessed social media platform leading the race of top notch social media platforms. Instagram is a tough rival of Snapchat. Apart from the other apps like Snapchat with filters, Instagram already has a huge number of users on their platform which contributed in making their filters even more popular. 

Now many of you might say that the idea of launching in-app filters may have derived from the Snapchat, the most famous social photo and video sharing stage for mobile phones is not inspired by anyone and is growing day by day leaving other apps like Snapchat with filters including Snapchat, behind!


Both Android and iOS devices.

Instagram Features:

  1. Balanced and bug-free quick filter performance.
  2. In-built filter library.
  3. Export to gallery and sharing on other platforms is allowed.
  4. Instagram filters can be accessed in stories, feed posts, live sessions etc.

04. Line Camera

Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

Super-clean and easy to use user interface is the first thing that grabs one’s attention as soon as they hop on the home screen of the app. One can directly head to the face filters and effects and apply filters and apply whichever they want! All are pretty cool and filter in motion stickers.

However, Line Camera is the best example of less but satisfying services which is better than enough but unsatisfactory! The set of face filters that Line Camera holds is not as huge as others, but one can find many amazing and unique ones in the bunch of filters which is missing from the collection of its competitors. 


Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

A filter addict person will find this MSQRD app an absolutely amazing one. It has a set of standard face filters and effects but the catch is that it has not been updated for a long time. Although, all of the filter users must be familiar with the Masquerade-Cinderella story pretty well.

A small start-up from the region of Belarus brought a creative and unique idea of face recognition app – an app that is specifically designed for fun and face filters. So, once a call dropped to the original idea holders with an offer to bring their Cinderella concept to Silicon valley and accomplish the set goal. And that’s exactly what happened in the near future. No-one knows the amount but surely can guess the zeroes in it. 

In the end, Cinderella concept was a little more modified and personalized and brought to you all as MSQRD which is now officially a part of the Facebook face filters. 


Both iOS and Android devices.

MSQRD Features:

  1. MSQRD was the first apps like Snapchat with filters launched after the roll out of Snapchat.
  2. It’s a by-product of Facebook.
  3. Video creation and editing is allowed.
  4. Sharing on different social media platforms is accessible.
  5. Uses AR to apply visual effects and filters on a live video or image.

06. TikTok

Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

TikTok is a short video platform where users share content among each other which makes it different from the rest of the apps like Snapchat with filters. TikTok is renamed after, and currently it holds a strong position as the most downloaded and accessed short-video platform for mobile phones. It was the most downloaded app under the free category in. 2018, US on the Apple App Store.

TikTok allows camera filters to apply on anyone’s face to transform into a creative video-maker which can be used for photos and selfies too! Concept-based, AR filters for dogs, cats and face filters with triggers – the choice depends.


Both iOS and Android devices.

TikTok Features: 

  1. Theme-based face filters and masks for dogs and cats.
  2. A number of effects and face filters with triggers.
  3. Downloading and sharing of videos on other platforms are allowed.
  4. One can add personalized audio to their video clips and can modify settings.
  5. Exporting pre-recorded videos from the gallery for editing is available.

07. Sweet Face Camera

Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

Sweet Face Camera app is the best when you want a no filter-filter look! It adds on a little amount of editing on your picture which gives you a perfect balance of filter and natural look at the same time! It also manages to give you a lightweight makeover look with their AR ears and noses.

Sweet Face Camera is the best pick for a balanced beautification. Speaking of beautification, this app also has a beautification feature which is the best among all the apps like Snapchat with filters listed here today! However, the simple to access bunch of stickers will divert your attention if you really don’t want your original selfies to change significantly.  

Availability : 

Only accessible on iOS devices 

08. Face Swap

Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

While every apps like Snapchat with filters prefers a diverse range of face filters, Face Swap focuses on one basic yet fun feature – switching faces with your friend, family member, famous personality or anyone with whom you’d like. And the good part is that you don’t need to upload any photos. You just need to scan a couple of faces in the camera lens and the app itself will do the rest in a couple of seconds in real time.


Both iOS and Android devices.

09. X Photo Editor

Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

X Photo Editor has a vast variety of live face filters and effects however that’s not up to the mark in terms of performance. Although X Photo Editor is pretty useful and a good pick for selfie kings and queens. Still, you need to be careful with the in-app charges including its premium version subscription as it was reported by the users that the app claims to trick users and make them sign-up for a faulty subscription policy.

The best part about this app is that the app modifies and adjusts its technology according to different age and genders of users. This app also reshapes the faces and bodies of the users.


Available only for the Android users.

10. YouCam Fun

Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

Finally an app worth downloading on your device is this YouCam Fun. This is another selfie filter and effects based application that you will definitely love to use. This app provides its users the best set of 3D live stickers and face filters.

Its animal face filters (cat, dog, leopard, tiger etc.) introduces the wildlife side of the app to you and it makes the app stand out of the crowd. The performance of the app is also butter which makes the face filters apply on your face evenly. 

YouCam Fun has a number of different filters targeting your hairstyle, different animals, 3D llive stickers, AR filters and a lot more! One is also allowed to upload and share their pre-existing pictures.


Available for both Android and iOS users.

Wrapping Up

Pro users and content creators on different social media platforms are addicted to face filters and effects. So, if you are also one of them and are tired of the same filter app – Snapchat then you can stick to this article where we have briefly explained apps like Snapchat with filters.

All of these top ten apps allow you to have fun with your face and body in the most happening way!! Getting dressed without doing anything, scuba diving without taking a step etc is all the magic of AR filters in which these apps like Snapchat with filters are perfect.

To know these app’s specialities and best features, read the entire article and also share with your content creating friends to explore new and amazing filter based apps. Anyways, you know where to find us in case of any suggestions, doubts, queries or just anything! We would love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What App Has Filters Like Snapchat?

Here is the list of a few of the best apps like Snapchat with filters in 2022:

  1. Banuba
  2. MSQRD 
  3. Instagram
  4. YouCam Fun
  5. B612
  6. LIne Camera
  7. TikTok

Q. How Can I Get Snapchat Filters Without Having Snapchat?

One can access apps like Snapchat with filters instead of downloading and using Snapchat lenses or filters or you can use the Snapchat Lenses with Camera from Google. Here’s how:

Open Camera from Google > Select Snap > Select A Filter > Take A Photo

Q. What App Has All The Filters?

Apps like: Photo Filter App, YouCam Perfect, VSCO, Snapseed, Afterlight, Retrica, Prisma etc all have filters like Snapchat.

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