Rishabh Yashovardhan

Rishabh is the Editor for Deasilex. He decides where exactly to go, only after he embarks on the journey. He has been a witness when MS-DOS was declared obsolete by Windows. At Deasilex, he satisfies his appealing scrutiny while reviewing and Editing the articles written by different teams and groups of writers. Instagram has been his first love on Social Media and he has been using it since its launch and can explain every single code behind the fabulous UI, UX and other features of Instagram. While reading and gaining knowledge, he is always aspired to write, and he tells that through this practice he realizes how much he knows and what else he needs to be acquainted with. He is a Thespian also and sneaks into live Theatre and Radio performances whenever he gets the chance, which has been his first love, since long before he gained consciousness.

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