OBS Studio Vs Camtasia For Screen Recording | The Complete Guide!

OBS Studio Vs Camtasia For Screen Recording

Nowadays there are many people who want to share their recent experiences and content with others. To record the screen many people use screen recording software. Two of the most famous and similar apps among these are OBS Studio and Camtasia. Now, there are many who are confused as to which one they should use. So this post on OBS Studio vs Camtasia for screen recording will help you out.

OBS Studio is both the streaming as well as the recording software which is free and open source. It basically addresses your live streaming needs that allows you to send video content to other streaming sites. While Camtasia has a more specialized screen recorder that helps to make explainer videos. Camtasia has been designed to create training videos.

When we talk about OBS Studio vs Camtasia for screen recording, the comparison between the two software can be done on the basis of pricing, screen capturing feature, post-production, live streaming feature, and other properties.

Don’t worry we have discussed these points of OBS Studio vs Camtasia for screen recording in the below section. You just need to scroll down and read about it.

OBS Studio Vs Camtasia For Screen Recording

Before we go on to discuss OBS Studio vs Camtasia for screen recording, let’s first know more about them.

OBS Studio is fully free and open-source streaming and recording software that has been here for some time now. OBS has many users that provide online tutorials and 3rd party plugins so that it can extend its features. This has been used by gamers, online educators, and professionals.

Camtasia too has been around for quite some time now. It has become quite a famous screen recording tool. Camtasia has 2 parts namely Camtasia recorder for the screen capture and Camtasia studio that helps in post-production.

Now, let’s discuss OBS Studio vs Camtasia for screen recording.

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OBS Studio Vs Camtasia For Screen Recording – Price

As we have mentioned earlier OBS Studio is absolutely free. Moreover, there are many third-party plugins which means that you actually have many options to extend the functionality.

However, Camtasia needs a one-time payment. This is actually good because now every day is subscriptions based which will cost you money.

The pricing model has been divided into individual, education, business, and non-profit. For the individual, each of these licenses cost $249.99.

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OBS Studio Vs Camtasia For Screen Recording – Screen Capture

OBS Studio Vs Camtasia For Screen Recording - Screen Capture

Now, let’s discuss the screen capture for OBS Studio vs Camtasia for screen recording. Both the OBS Studio as well as Camtasia will let you record your computer screen. This is perhaps the best for tutorials, explainer videos, and many others.

Camtasia lets you record your whole desktop or the custom capture area of your screen. You can easily set the exact height, and width of the area that you want to screen capture and there are many handles that you can drag to get the exact position also.

OBS Studio provides you with two screen recording settings namely window capture and display capture. Window capture will only allow you to record a selected window, while display capture will allow you to record your full screen. OBS does not provide you with custom capture area sizing as Camtasia, and this can be a minus point on OBS studio.

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OBS Studio Vs Camtasia For Screen Recording – Post-Production

OBS Studio Vs Camtasia For Screen Recording - Post-Production

OBS studio does not provide you with any post-production tools since it is strictly video recording and streaming software. Even though Camtasia provides a video editor called Camtasia studio. And this is nowhere near the scope of stand-alone post-production software. So what do you think Camtasia studio offers if we talk about post-production?

You get many different features such as annotations with text, voice narrations, and transitions. These features are quick and easy to use. Furthermore, it also provides additional features like the cursor effects, these may be old school now but it still is useful for many users.

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OBS Studio Vs Camtasia For Screen Recording – Live Streaming

OBS Studio Vs Camtasia For Screen Recording - Live Streaming

Since live streaming has become very famous now, the ability to live stream is getting more and more important.

However, Camtasia does not provide any live-streaming tools. Hence OBS is the main live-streaming software and yes OBS here is the winner. OBS exceeds as it uses Scenes the scenes are the configuration of the sources that you can switch between. For instance, scene 1 can be the full screen of the webcam while scene 2 will help to show your desktop with a webcam window at the corner.

Well, the best part is that OBS will allow you to change between the scenes just with one click. This is best for webinars, live tutorials, etc. You can build the same kind of configuration in Camtasia but after you record each source separately. This means that is not made for live video the way OBS is.

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OBS Studio Vs Camtasia For Screen Recording – Overall Comparison

OBS Studio Vs Camtasia For Screen Recording - Overall
FeaturesOBS StudioCamtasia
Support OSWindows, MacLinus, Windows, Mac
Screen DrawingDoesn’t support LiveSupports Live
InterfaceUser friendlyComplex
Ease of useFor beginnersFor experts
Video EditingBasicAdvanced
SharingSharing is applicableA Techsmith account is needed
Average Rating4.74.6

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Wrapping Up:

Now, after reading this post you do know OBS Studio vs Camtasia for screen recording. We have done the comparison, now you decide which one is worth your money. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is OBS Better Than Camtasia For Recording?

Well, Camtasia and OBS both are different tools that serve different purposes. If you want t a tool that helps in creating professional eLearning content then you can go with Camtasia. But if you want a simple screen recorder or live streaming software then OBS Studio will serve your purpose.

Q. What Is Camtasia Best Used For?

If you want great screen recording software then Camtasia is the one for you. This easy video editing build is useful for videos that have been recorded on other platforms and are able to export in formats that YouTube and other eLearning platforms support.

Q. Is Camtasia Worth Buying?

Camtasia is a powerful and easy-to-use video editing software. Besides recording and editing the content you capture on your computer you can even edit the content that you capture from other places, like the video camera of your smartphone. Getting all these features on one platform is always worth buying.

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