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What Jimmy Fallon is doing now? Or Keanu Reeves? Ever wondered what if celebrities also share their real-time pic just like you are doing on BeReal? Well, your wish might have come true as BeReal has launched its new BeReal Real People feature! Yes, celebrities on BeReal are for real!  

This amazing BeReal Real People feature was just rolled out by BeReal and many users are already falling in love with the feature. With 73.5 Million active monthly users BeReal has become a popular anti-Instagram app. It is expected that the introduction of this feature is going to boost the user number even more. 

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BeReal Real People feature is a newly launched feature where you can enjoy your favorite celebrity snaps without any filters. Open the BeReal app and go to Discovery. Here you will find the RealPeople option.

The BeReal RealPeople feature is a timeline on BeReal for the world’s most popular and well-known faces. Celebrities are human too, just like us! When you open the RealPeople tab, you can witness how hardworking and sweaty they are or may be sometimes sloppy just like you!

What Is BeReal “Real People” Feature? 

BeReal is a platform to post your real images as soon as the app shoots your notification at random times and gives you only 2 minutes to take your photo and post it. However, BeReal has taken a step ahead and that’s what makes the app more interesting. 

The BeReal RealPeople feature is a new addition to the BeReal app. The motive of introducing this feature is to show the user that celebrities are also normal human beings just like us. If celebrities do not shy to post real-time snaps of their daily life, what’s bothering you to become real?

BeReal is clearly an anti-Instagram app that pushes users to share real photos without any filters! Being candid is fun! And, now that you can see your favorite celebrities are also sharing their candid moments without any filter you should feel motivated in life. Acceptance is the key to being happy in life. Thanks to BeReal and the new feature, we are going to view ‘real celebrities’ without any makeup (possibly) and without any product advertisements. 

How Does The BeReal ‘RealPeople’ Feature Work?

As we have mentioned earlier, the BeReal app interface is super easy. You can find the RealPeople option just in seconds and react to the post. How to do it? 

You should open the BeReal app and go to Discovery. Here you will find the RealPeople option. Access the BeReal RealPeople feature and enjoy your favorite celebrity snaps without any filters. 

1. React To A Post: 

You can react to celebrity posts just like you react to your friends’ posts on BeReal. Yes! You can react with Realmoji on the post. Just tap on the post and select your Realmoji to react. You can also use your Instant Realmoji feature. Tap the Smiley face icon and then the bolt icon to take your real-time reaction photo and use the same to react to the post. 

2. Hide A Post: 

You can make your post private by selecting ‘My Friends Only’, but you cannot hide other people’s posts from your timeline on BeReal. Choosing the My Friends Only option will hide your post from the public eye. 

3. Report A Post:

If you think any BeReal content is inappropriate, you can report that post. You need to click on the kebab menu on the post and choose ‘Report’ among the options. However, before reporting against any post or BeReal user, make sure that the content actually contains inappropriate content. 

How To Access The BeReal Real People Feature? 

You can access the BeReal Real People feature just in two steps! However, let us elaborate on the steps for you: 

Step 1: Open the BeReal app and make sure you have posted your BeReal post timely so that you can access other posts. Otherwise, you will not be able to access or view other users’ posts. 

Step 2: Go to the Discovery Tab.

Step 3: Tap on the RealPeople option and you will find a stream of the celebrity posts! 


Being real is not so simple on BeReal if you are a celebrity or a teenager who dares to expose scars or any physical issue for that matter. Let us tell you – own your scars as your pride. Your scars, wounds, or any deformities could become your iconic strength. Acceptance is important. Thanks to the BeReal Real People feature, watching favorite celebrities without a filter will not only motivate users but push them to become better people. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can Anyone Join BeReal Real People?

No, only celebrities or well-known people can join BeReal Real People. However, being a BeReal user you can follow any celebrity on RealPeople. 

Q2: Can Users Follow Celebrities On BeReal Real People?

Yes, BeReal users can follow celebrities on BeReal Real People. Also, they can react to any post they like. 

Q3: Is BeReal Real People Free To Use?

Yes, the BeReal Real People feature is free to use. Any BeReal user can access the feature to find real pictures of celebrities. 

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