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Be real when you are on BeReal. Whether it is about your real-time photo or username, being real is important on BeReal. But, people are using the BeReal Username Generator to create unique usernames. Is it legit?

Yes, using BeReal Username Generator is legit. We understand being real is important but that cannot stop you from being creative! People throughout BeReal are showing creativity with their usernames, provided that they are not presenting any unrealistic thing. 

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The best BeReal username generators are:
1. Jimpix
2. Nordpass
3. Coolgenerator
4. FanBolt

You might be surprised to learn how BeReal Username Generator actually works. Let’s surprise your BeReal followers with your unique username ideas that justify your character. 

Best BeReal Username Generators

Following are some of the amazing BeReal Username Generators that can help you with creating unique names: 


JIMPIX is one of the most amazing username generators that can be used for generating unique usernames, especially for BeReal. In this generator, you need to enter your name and choose a category that describes you best and finally hit the GO button to get the result. Besides, you need to click on the ‘Show Bells and Whistles’ option to include numbers and other unique forms. 

2. Nordpass

This is another unique username generator, ideal for BeReal usernames. In this generator, you need to enter your name, set the username character limit, and pick the category that suits you best. Hit the Generate button to get the results.

3. Coolgenerator

This username generator also requires minimum information about you, like  your name, and username character limit. After that, you should tap on the Generate button to get the long list of unique usernames for BeReal. 

4. FanBolt

This unique username generator asks you to set options or categories that describe you best along with your real name, nickname, and if you have any numbers in mind. Then hit the Generate button and you will be directed to a list of unique usernames for BeReal. 

5. Spinxo

Spinxo is a unique BeReal Username Generator that will ask you to enter your real name, your likes, hobbies, important words, and letters that you wish to add to your username. Fill up all the details and hit the Spin button to get your long list of unique usernames. 

How Does The BeReal Username Generator Work?

The BeReal Username Generator works in a simple way. You need to go to your browser and open any of the BeReal Username Generators first, then fill up the necessary information like your name, what you like, your hobbies, your profession, and any important word or number if you have it in your mind. Yes, then the app generates all possible usernames that can represent you best. You can choose any of the usernames from the long list and use it in BeReal. 

Benefits Of Using The BeReal Username Generator

People on BeReal are becoming more expressive, especially after Spotify integration on BeReal. If sharing music with photos is not enough, you can play with your username. Besides, no one like no one these days uses usernames like ‘John123’! But, if you are still adamant, let us share some benefits of going creative with BeReal Username Generator.

1. Saves Time and Effort

You can feel like smashing your head on the wall to be creative while you literally have few minutes to decide your unique username and create your BeReal account, or just use the BeReal Username Generator. Ironically, the username generators are free (most of them) and give you a list of a hundred cool unique names to define yourself on BeReal. 

2. Generates Unique and Creative Options

Not everybody can come up with catchy names in a few minutes to impress their followers. Let’s rely on the username generators online and generate a large number of unique and creative options in just few minutes. You can pick any of the unique names from the long list and use it on BeReal. 

3. Enhances Your Online Identity

Enhancement of your online identity is hugely dependent on social media usernames. Whether it is Twitter or BeReal, people will recognize you more with your unique username, rather than your actual name. BeReal Username Generator can help you with coming up with more unique username ideas that can boost your social media recognition. 

Using The BeReal Username Generator To Enhance Your Personal Brand

For most of the Gen-Z, being on social media means building their own brand. If you are an entrepreneur, you should consider the same too! Each and every move of yours on social media will reflect on your personal brand, even your username! Hence, choosing a username for BeReal could be a game changer for you if you are interested in creating a personal brand. 

1. Be Consistent

The first rule is being consistent on BeReal. Whether it is posting images or choosing a username, your consistency should reflect on your every move on BeReal. Your consistent presence on BeReal will motivate others to follow you.

2. Choose A Username That Reflects Your Personal Brand

When creating a username, including the brand name and not just any random meaningless characters! When searching for you on BeReal, people will not only remember your face but also the name of the brand you are promoting in your username! This step will increase your brand recognition. 

3. Keep It Simple

Keep your username simple. Most of the time, people create complex usernames in terms of being unique. Keep your username simple, for your followers to remember easily! 

4. Use Humor Or Creativity

Nothing can replace the charm of humor and creativity. Give your username a personal touch of humor and creativity so that it sounds more catchy and appealing to your followers. 


The era of Sam249 is over. No one on social media today cares who Sam249 is. So stop adding random numbers as your username prefix, to be unique. Rather use your brand name and profession that actually represent who you are! But, make sure your username is not too complex or too dramatic that traumatizes your followers! In simple words, BookWormSam is more catchy than Sam249 or SchooldropoutSam. Let’s use the BeReal Username Generator and share the unique username that you have come up with for your BeReal account. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Is the BeReal Username Generator free to use?

Yes, the BeReal Username Generator is free to use. 

Q2: How Many Usernames Can The BeReal Username Generator Generate At Once?

BeReal Username Generator can generate hundreds of usernames at once. The limit differs from software to software. 

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