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Best Discord Server For Emotes

If you are eager to discover some of the best Discord server for emotes, then search no more! In this post, we will be talking about a few of the best Discord server for emotes available which offer amazing and unique emotes. If you want to be creative with your interaction skills on Discord then you must add the specific Discord servers. How? Come along!

If you wish to make your impression good in front of other users by using other custom emojis rather than Discord’s standard set of emojis then getting familiar with the best Discord server for emotes can be a good idea but for that you first need to explore latest trends and be updated with the channels related to the new servers which were added, so that you can keep up with the trend and can be called as a pro Discord player.

So, before heading to the best Discord server for emotes lets know which servers we are going to learn about. The servers being discussed below are: Emote Central, Blue’s Community, Nine Clouds, NitroMoji, and many more. We have gathered the best Discord server for emotes among so many servers for your ease. So, go take advantage of that by adding these servers can level up your impression and can improve your communication skills.

In this post you will get to learn about a few of the best servers which offer different collections of emotes. So make sure you stick till the end and observe if there is any server of your interest. So let’s get started with the servers.

Best Discord Server For Emotes

Best Discord Server For Emotes

Chatting without using emojis in between makes the conversation dull, boring and less interesting, such conversations don’t go for long. Emojis help you to pass your feelings through the emojis to the one with whom you are chatting. You might have noticed that all the chatting applications have the emoji option because emojis are an add on to the richness and sonority of the conversation.

Discord is a popular chatting application mainly used by gamers while playing games, Discord has multiple channels for giving the coolest emotes. We will be learning about the best Discord server for emotes in this post. You will get all you need to know about Discord emotes and the best Discord emotes servers. Tie the bands and get ready!

Usually, communicating through direct messaging is considered as boring and less interactive and without any emoticons. All the applications with direct messaging facility available have the emojis, emote, emoticons and gifs feature to be easily accessed by the users so that they do not have to face dead textual conversations. These emojis and emoticons add more value and emotions to your messages.

One can easily modify these emojis, emoticons, and gifs by Discord, which are also easy to use. These can be used for a long time and serve your server with pleasure. Discord is a wholesome package in itself with its Discord membership, it offers you a very unique personalized experience. Based on your Discord subscription, Discord allows you to personalize your experience.

1. Blue’s Community

Blue’s Community is an all in one server, serving all of its members with fun. This server has more than 30 bots along with 200+ emotes for its servers to use. This server becomes the best match because of bots and emotes it is having along with a great community, which is a plus point! You would love to try these bots out.

You can also explore a few of the amazing bots from Blue’s Community in which you are interested in joining the community. Blue’s Community also conducts a few Nitro giveaways, and as it has a plus point of an active community, it becomes a strong recommendation!

2. Cute And Aesthetic Emoji

It’s the stoppage for those who are searching for cute and aesthetic emojis out there! If you are one of them, then look no further! Join Cute And Aesthetic Emoji server today, it has a fantastic collection of super cool and aesthetic emoji. It does not matter if you are in the lookout for cute emoji to show your emotions or aesthetic emotes to adorn a conversation, you will surely get a good quality over here!

You will get a friendly environment in the Cute and Aesthetic Emoji community too, so if you are seeking for a fun and chill server to be added to your Discord, then we will definitely suggest this server to you!

3. NitroMoji

NitroMoji offers an excellent set of personalized emoji, the list of emojis from this server is updated on a daily basis. If you are searching for new and unique emotes, this server is the one! These emojis add life to your dull conversation. You can select from a large collection of emojis to use in your conversations and because the list gets updated on a regular basis, options for you become endless. Remember that there are multiple servers available with emoji limits too!

4. Emote Central

Emote Central is known for its amazing collection of personalized emotes for you to use in conversations. If you are looking for trending and latest emotes to use, then try this one! You would not be disappointed.

Emote Central is also having a few super cool meme channels to try out! In addition many GIFs also which are made for funny reactions that one can add to their conversations on other servers!

5. is the authentic server for the website which depicts a vast variety of personalized emoji for you to select and use. If you add the server to your Discord account while having Nitro, then you will be able to access their tremendous collection of emoji for you to use while communicating with someone through direct messaging. also has a dynamic community in which you can participate actively.

To initiate with you just need to add the server and next head to the vast variety of emotes available by tapping on the emoji option the message field and scroll down to the category after that.

5. Outer Space Server

Outer Space Server offers an amazing set of universal emoji for its members to make use of it. It has a large number of emoji options for you to select from! If you are searching for a great, outer-space based emoji server to add to your Discord, then this Outer Space Server is the ideal match, as it matches all the requirements. You will find a very friendly and fun atmosphere on this server.

We have observed so many cool emojis which are ideal for reactions and delivering to other members of the server. For example, a large number of amazing emotes are there along with few of the most commonly used custom emojis. With multiple opportunities to use these emotes, there is an amazing range of emotes available!

6. Nine Clouds

Nine Clouds is a cool and impressive server with a friendly community. The Nine Clouds community is a good pick if you would like to chill with other members along with gaining exposure to a number of super-cute emotes available over there. So stop searching for aesthetic inspirations, because this is the server you should join if you want the super aesthetic and cute emojis to show your communication skill.

This server also has an amazing collection of aesthetic fonts, which makes it an ideal emoji server to be added in one’s server!  

Wrapping Up

Emojis are much more helpful in making your life less conversation an active and meaningful one. Although every other application has its own inbuilt emoji feature software available to use, Discord is also offering its users the same! From the vast variety of Discord servers in Discord, we have tried to list and brief a few of the best Discord server for emotes. The servers listed above are beautifully built and designed. So that you can have a great experience while utilising it and get a friendly and active community to use in while talking to others through chatting.

We hope that you found this post useful and got some best Discord server for emotes to try out! If you have any other server to suggest, then we’d love to hear from you about that server in the comment section as we are always looking for amazing and best Discord server for emotes. 


Q1. How To Become A Discord Nitro User?

Ans.To become a Nitro user you need to sign-up for Nitro and Nitro Classic is just a matter of minutes. 

  1. Head to your User Settings tab 
  2. Locate the Nitro Discord page
  3. Tap on the Subscribe button
  4. Select Monthly or Yearly plan for Nitro

And to subscribe for Nitro Classic you just need to scroll down to the User Settings page.

Q2. Are Non-Nitro Users Allowed To Use Animated Emojis?

Ans. Yes, Non-Nitro users can use animated in-server emojis under the boosted server.

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