11+ Best Discord Servers To Meet People | 2023

Best Discord Servers To Meet People

Are you a Social Butterfly or an Introvert? Even if you are an introvert, there are Discord servers to meet people and make healthy friendships. You can always find friends on Discord, stream Amazon Prime on Discord together, and even stream HBO Max on Discord together! Playing video games on Discord is not the only option, you can meet new people here and make friends! Here are 11+ Best Discord Servers To Meet People in 2023. Keep Reading!

On Discord, you can meet wonderful individuals from all around the world and create a lot of friends. You can hang out there, have fun, and, most importantly, meet new people. It is also a fantastic site for fans of anime and video games. You can always find a list of Discord servers to meet people, this article is the best among them. 

Considering you are looking for Discord servers to meet people, this article comes up with 11+ amazing Discord servers where you can play strategy or battle games, stream movies, even fix a date with your newly met friend. How? Go through the blog for more. 

11+ Discord Servers To Meet People

Following are the 11+ Discord servers that you might want to try –

1. Anime Soul Discord

With over 613,661 users, Anime Soul Discord is the most used Discord server for meeting new people. Anime Soul is a private Discord channel just for fans of anime adventures. You should join the server if you want to discuss anime and share your thoughts on your favourite manga and anime. You can engage in conversation with other like-minded anime lovers, participate in their conversations, and make new friends. According to the server metadata, the first creators of Anime Soul Discord were Jas, Gibs, Cirtax, and Rin. At once, you can view more than 129K online members.

Here is Anime Soul Discord Server Link 

2. Study Together

The Study Together Discord server has been around for four years and is classified as SFW (Safe For Work). The group’s main goal is to electronically establish a conducive learning atmosphere for its members and one of the best Discord servers to meet people. Users of this service exchange accomplishments, images of their study spaces, and numerous brainteasers. With 393,923 members, the server may reach a peak of 23K+ active users. It is the largest community server on Discord for academic institutions.

Here is Study Together Discord Server Link

3. Discord Kitten

Your discovery of What is a Discord Kitten will wow you! Another term for the Discord kitten is “sugar baby.” On Discord, members who call themselves “Kittens” employ a “slang” term that is more specifically used to refer to female users. The term “Discord kitten” first surfaced in 2016, but by 2019 it had acquired more traction, and by 2020 it had developed into a well-known joke on social media platforms including Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit. Discord Kitten is a unique Discord server to meet people that you won’t find in other chatting or gaming Discords like Destiny 2 LFG, Valorant Discord, or Hypesquad Discord.

Here is Discord Kitten Server Link

4. YourRage Discord

Enjoy Twitch? Are you interested in watching gamers that stream on Twitch and YouTube? Please sign up for YourRage. One of the most popular YouTubers, YourRage, recently started his own Discord server, just like Adin Ross. YourRage joined YouTube on December 3 and quickly rose to fame for his prowess in video games. YourRage has 281,015,050 views and is already destroying the internet. You can meet competent players to play multiplayer video games with by joining the YourRage Discord community, this is no doubt the best Discord server to meet people. This will also help you keep up with the latest developments and play to earn video game trends. A 22-year-old man named YourRage. It’s time for you to join this mellow dude on his Discord server, the YourRage Discord Server if you’re a fan.

Here is YourRage Discord Server Link

5. Cozyhive

Cozyhive is one of its kind Discord servers to meet people. Hence this is on the list where you can find buddies. It was made in 2018 and is designated as safe for the workplace. In total, 516,696 members are hosted by it. The server is well recognized for using emojis in innovative ways. This server has more than 1300 emojis. On the server, there are occasionally 181K+ users who are online. You have a big pool of people to communicate with when there are so many members and active users.

Here is the Cozyhive Discord Server Link

6. ChillZone

You can select buddies from the 66K+ users that are currently online from the pool of 383K+ users on the ChillZone server. The main goal of the server is to introduce you to new people. The general chat channel is accessible to newly registered users. Construct-VC allows you to create your own voice channel. The rules section contains a list of 25 regulations, each of which includes a description and a penalty for breaking it. Without a doubt, ChillZone might be your place to meet people on Discord!

Here is ChillZone Discord server link

7. Kai Cenat Discord

Kai Cenat is the owner of the Discord server. He is a well-known Instagram user who became extremely well-known for his comedic sketches based on memes. He is, in essence, a rapidly growing comic Instagram presence. Kai Cenat, a Twitch streamer, has passed the top streamer in terms of subscribers, which is a huge accomplishment for the content producer. Cenat Kai His server is called Kai Mafia and has 71,770 members on Discord. Kai is a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer, and his Discord server has a rating of 5.0. Certainly, this is one of the best Discord servers to meet people of interest. Over 2.4 million people subscribe to Kai Cenat’s YouTube channel, and he has over 1.2 million Instagram followers.

Here is Kai Cenat Discord Server Link

8. Crispy Concords Discord

American YouTuber Parker Stevens, also known as Crispy Concords, began his online career a few years ago as a full-time YouTuber. Parker didn’t have a specific sort of video when he began out, and views came slowly. However, his Fortnite game reaction video was a great success when it was originally released. Parker spent more time creating video game reaction clips and created Crispy Concords Discord. Crispy Concords is without a doubt at the pinnacle of his entertainment career with 2.65 M subscribers. Once a week, he uploads a video to YouTube. If you enjoy Crispy Concords’ content, you should join his dedicated Discord channel where he discusses video games and his most recent, well-liked videos. Looking for Discord servers to meet people? Crispy Concords might be your thing! 

Here is Crispy Concords Discord Server Link

9. Paradise Isle

Another Discord server to meet people with 277,782 users is Paradise Isle. The users of the server engage in varied conversation. Browse the most populated chat rooms, such as general, relax, anime, and network. The gaming, international, serious, and introductory chat rooms are additional specialty chat rooms. There are also open forums for everyone. The server’s policies, responsibilities, activities, information, giveaways, and other specifics are likely located in the Info section. Additionally, there are art contests hosted on the server.

Here is Paradise Isle Discord Server Link

10. Fxtch Cord

There are 163,858 members of Fxtch Cord making it in the list of Discord servers to meet people. It is the perfect server for user-to-user conversations where you may exchange ideas and experiences. Numerous channels, including question-of-the-day, rank checker, dank-memer, mundae, akinator, and counting, can be found under the Games area. Language, politeness, using the appropriate channels, respecting server personnel, and the Discord TOS & Guidelines are all part of the server regulations. A suicide helpline is also offered.

Here is Fxtch Cord Discord Server Link

11. IShowSpeed Discord

Produced by a well-known YouTuber One of the most well-liked and fantastic servers that enable connections for gamers is IShowSpeed. This is also an amazing Discord server to meet people. The delight is that it converts speech from texts more quickly. The speech’s speed can be changed by users to suit their tastes; it is by default set at 1.0. That’s why it’s enjoyable. The gaming community is growing because of IShowSpeed, which has more than 4000 active users. Joining the IShowSpeed Discord server is simple, and you can quickly start contributing. Depending on how well you contribute to the team, the owner may be willing to give you a distinctive crystal badge.

Here is IShowSpeed Discord Server Link

12. Weeb Kingdom

The Weeb Kingdom is a server that has 87,518 members and is still expanding. It is the perfect Discord servers to meet people and talk about gaming, LGBTQ issues, anime, and many other topics. You can find a variety of different interests, such as art channels, adventure channels, and creative-writing channels, even if you are not a big gamer or anime fan. One of the server’s distinctive features is the ability to customize the 98 colors used to color your name. You can designate a role for yourself. Weekly anime events and Pokecord giveaways are held on the server. The server will undoubtedly be thrilling for anime fans.

Here is Weeb Kingdom Discord Server Link

Wrapping Up

Now that you are almost done with the list, let me know which one you liked most. Whether it is a gaming Discord, chatting Discord, or dating Discord, you can make friends on every platform. It’s time to try Discord servers to meet people. Have joined another cool Discord that has not enlisted here? Let me know in the comment box. Follow Deasilex for more updates on Discords! 


Q1. How Do You Get Random Friends On Discord?

The best methods for making friends on the Discord app

  1. Use the Discord chat tag for friends.
  2. Make mobile friends.
  3. A Discord server friend request.
  4. Friend on the web and desktop.
  5. Make direct friends.
  6. With the right-click menu, add a friend.

Q2. Can We Talk To Strangers On Discord?

People on Discord are capable of lying about who they are, just like anyone else online. By speaking with kids in kid-friendly channels and continuing the conversation in unmoderated direct messages, predators can follow kids.

Q3. How Do I Meet On Discord?

Click the call icon to call everyone in the group by opening the chosen group DM (or by performing the preceding steps). Your friends’ avatars will stop flashing after they join the call and begin to light up with a green circle, which denotes vocal participation.

Q4. Is Discord Good For Making Friends?

Discord servers are a great place to meet people online if you’re an outgoing social butterfly trying to make some new pals. The go-to app for virtual connections in an environment that can be tailored to your friends’ group is Discord.

Q5. Why Is Discord 17+?

Questions and Answers. Why did Discord change its recommended age range from 12+ to 17+? A: At Apple’s request, Discord changed its age rating to 17+. To ensure that kids are not exposed to content that is unsuitable for them, we make a lot of effort to develop strong controls and policies.

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