6 Best Minecraft Discord Servers With Their Invite Links

Best Minecraft Discord Servers

Do you enjoy playing Minecraft? Do you like talking to others Minecraft players? If so, you must sign up to one of the six top Minecraft Discord servers specifically designed for Minecraft players. All these Discord servers offer an enjoyable experience for every user!

Minecraft is among the most well-known Sandbox games around the globe, so naturally, players need to have a place where to hang out to discuss game strategy or share ideas lots more. What could be more enjoyable than an online discord-based server where you can join in the vibrant community, meet new friends, and play together?

This post will show you the 6 top Discord servers available for Minecraft that offer a huge community and provide a secure environment. Let’s take a look at the list of the best Minecraft Discord servers.

Best Minecraft Discord Servers To Join Now

Here are the top 6 Minecraft server hosting provider with lag free hardware. You can directly join these servers by clicking on the links mentioned under each server name.

1. Hypixel


Hypixel is among the most well-known Minecraft servers. As it is a social network, Hypixel has a lot of fun and variety in the game options. Discord is an ideal way to meet new people or plan gatherings to play games, and so on.

This is essential for Minecraft players to join their Hypixel discord server to make the most of the server.

Here is the Hyppixel Discord Server Invite Link.

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2. Mystic


A mystic is a great place for gamers who want to connect with fellow Minecrafters and talk about their adventures within this world called Minecraft. It is primarily focused on general chats regarding Minecraft Single player, Minecraft servers, and other features of Minecraft.

The server also distributes many giveaways frequently, including Hypixel ranks and Discord Nitro subscriptions.

Here is the Mystic Discord Server Invite Link

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3. Official Minecraft Discord Server

Official Minecraft Discord Server

Minecraft’s official Minecraft Discord server hosts more than 800,000 users, making it among the biggest Discord servers around.

It’s possible to ask the reason why the official Mojang Discord server on Minecraft isn’t on the top of this list. There’s still a strict limit of 800,000 users on each server (as Discord is a relatively new platform), making it nearly impossible for players who are new to join. Moderators will remove users who are not active each week, so new players can try their hand to join when they have spare time.

Here is the Official Minecraft Discord Server Invite Link

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4. Midnight Oasis

Midnight Oasis

Another server that is well-known for its bonuses and free gifts for players can be found at Midnight Oasis. This is the server for you. If you are looking for a safe space and love playing games.

The bots can also provide expert advice on Discord as well as Minecraft. Discord and Minecraft game, and also all the details. This service provides 24*7 chats with other users as well as a relaxing environment. Help with technical issues, map details, and more.

This discord server is not active anymore.

Here is the invite link for Midnight Oasis

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5. Purple Prison

Purple Prison

Purple Prison is another OG Minecraft server that existed more than seven years ago. The Discord server has grown into an impressive community of long-time gamers throughout this time.

Purple Prison boasts over 35,000 members, Making Purple Prison among the largest Minecraft-oriented Discord servers. Members can also play the most popular bots on the server, including high-end Dank-Memer, Poke -Cord, and more.

If you’re looking for an intimate yet supportive community on Minecraft, This could be the perfect place.

Here is the Purple Prison Discord Server Invite Link

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6. Cosmic Craft

Cosmic Craft

Cosmic Craft is one of the most well-known Minecraft Discord servers. It’s a main Minecraft hub server that has many classic Minecraft online game types to choose from.

The Discord server was improved through up to 8 years of a remarkable time. Users of this server enjoy an easy moderation system. It also gives every day a chance to win the Discord the Nitro membership.

The Cosmic Craft server is a secure and friendly space to socialize. The players are friendly, offering suggestions about the best ways to participate and stay alive in Minecraft.

Here is the invite link for Cosmic Craft.

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Wrapping Up

So, this was our top pick of best Minecraft Discord servers that can be used for every game. Save this post and share it with your gamer friends to let them enjoy the best gaming experience.

Also, do comment down below which Discord Minecraft server worked the best for you.


What Is The Most Popular Server On Minecraft?

Mineplex is by far the biggest Minecraft server that exists. With multiple zones and arenas with various games, Mineplex is populated by hundreds of players on any given day.

What Exactly Does SMP Denote In Minecraft?

SMP is a short form as Survival Multiplayer. These games have become more popular in the past year, as they became more popular as the Dream SMP turned out to be a success. However it’s a nebulous phrase, and it will be what users of the Minecraft server wish to see over time.

Does Minecraft Come With A Discord Server?

Official Minecraft Discord server has an astounding 700,000 active users, making it among the biggest Discord servers currently in operation. As the only official Discord server of Minecraft, One might be wondering why it’s not more prominent in this list.

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