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Best Russian Food Youtubers You Should Follow in 2021

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You can see a lot of Asian food youtube channels on YouTube but finding one good Russian food channel can be difficult. However, we have disclosed the 7 best Russian food YouTubers that will help you to learn good Russian food cooking skills.

Russian cuisine is unique and is truly delicious because most of that food is based on naturally grown ingredients. If you try it for the first time, you’ll definitely be amazed by the taste of the food. In order to let you know about Russian food, we mentioned the top 5 Russian food YouTubers that will teach you to prepare Russian Cuisine.

The best Russian Food Youtubers with a total number of subscribers on their channel;

  1. Natasha’s Kitchen – 2.06M Subscribers
  2. TatyanasEverydayFood – 503K Subscribers
  3. Russian Food – 10.9K Subscribers
  4. Peter’s Food Adventures – 2.31K Subscribers
  5. Russian Recipes – 1.21K Subscribers

Best Russian Food Youtubers You Should Follow in 2021

Some of these youtube channels like Russian Recipes may have a low subscriber count, but I recommend you to watch the videos on these channels. You’ll definitely love to watch them.

Natasha’s Kitchen – 2.06M Subscribers

Natasha’s Kitchen is a Youtube channel by the best Russian food Youtuber Natasha. Apart from youtube, she is also a well-known blogger. However, on both the Youtube channel and website, she makes tested and approved family food content so that everyone can easily prepare Russian food just by watching step-by-step cooking instructions. 

Natasha has been sharing the food recipes since 2009 but joined Youtube in November 2012 in order to showcase her cooking skills and teach cooking to a large audience. She has created several playlists, some of which are sandwich recipes, valentine’s day recipes, instant pot recipes, pie recipes, and vegetarian recipes. As of now, the total number of videos on Natasha’s Kitchen is 277 with 188 million views and still counting.

TatyanasEverydayFood – 503K Subscribers

Tatyana’s everyday food is a popular youtube channel where new food videos are uploaded every week. The most uploaded category is “everyday food” which includes salads and pasta. Tatynayas has also created a blog on the Internet of the same name where she uploads recipes in a text format. 

If you have any queries or want to ask them to prepare a delicious dish of your own choice, you can easily tell them by contacting them on the official website of TatyanasEverydayFood. Talking about the uploaded videos, there are different playlists including soups and sweets, cheesecakes, parties & cookie recipes, lunch & dinner recipes, and a lot more. The total videos are 508 with 46 million-plus views.

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Peter’s Food Adventures – 2.31K Subscribers

Peter started a food youtube channel in December 2016. His main motive is to capture all the recipes that he learned while growing and now he wants to pass these recipes to the upcoming generations so that they should know about the Russian food culture. From being a food blogger, he loves to travel around the world and explore new dishes. The main playlists are fish and seafood recipes, meaty recipes, Russian recipes, and exploring Russia. The total number of subscribers on this channel is 2.32K which are continuously growing day by day and videos are just 70 with 500K+ views.

Russian Recipes – 1.21K Subscribers

On this YouTube channel, you’ll find videos related to Russian food cooking. There are 5 main playlists in this channel namely, salad, desserts, bakery products, main dishes, and food for breakfast. The most viewed videos on this channel are only there out which “Honey cake(Medovik) in Multivarka” has 9.7k+ views, “how to make thin pancakes” has 6.2k+ views, and “potato pancakes with meat” has 3k+ views. You may think that the view count is low, but remember that videos are just 32 and all are worth watching.

Girl and The Kitchen – 170 Subscribers

Girl and the Kitchen youtube channel is run by the celebrity chef of Russia, Xo, Mila. She has worked in several kitchens as a chef. She is a mother of two children. Her daughter’s name is Charlie and the boy’s name is Marcel. She has a keen interest in cooking as well as writing and knows very well how to make wholesome delicious food with a minimum amount of ingredients available in the kitchen. 

By subscribing to the girl and the kitchen channel, you’ll be able to get updates about the Russian cooking techniques on your smartphone. If we talk about the videos, there are a total of 24 videos with 3k+ views. The subscribers may be low but videos are really helpful.


All these are the best Russian food YouTubers that you can follow in 2021 in order to learn some Russian cooking skills from the comfort of your home.

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