Blind Rebel Discord | How To Join?

Blind Rebel Discord

Interested in Esports Tournaments? Let us introduce you to Blind Rebel. Bind Rebel is one of the finest Indian Esports players. You can connect with Blind Rebel on his Instagram page, YouTube, or join him on the Blind Rebel Discord server. 

Blind Rebel or Athul Sherif started playing online video games and quickly gained his popularity as an Esports player. He is also a well-known face as a social media influencer. If you want the latest updates on Trending BGMI Videos or Esports Tournaments, just connect with this famous YouTuber on his official Blind Rebel Discord server.

To join Blind Rebel Discord server

-open and log in to your Discord account
-click on the Blind Rebel Discord server link
-click on the ‘Accept Invite’. 

As you can see, joining the Blind Rebel Discord server is an easy job. Every young esports enthusiast should connect with Blind Rebel. Joining the official channel will leverage the power of chatting with Blind Rebel directly and if lucky, you can join with him in a game too! 

What Is Blind Rebel Discord Server?

Blind Rebel Discord server is the official Discord server created by Blind Rebel to be more connected with the followers. Blind Rebel already has 103k subscribers on YouTube, following him devotedly to find gaming updates and learn game strategies. But, launching the Discord server actually helped him to be more connected with the community members and able to share more unique ideas. This Discord server already has 18,965 members and counting! Let’s join now before it gets too crowded! 

Is There Blind Rebel Discord Server?

Yes, the Blind Rebel Discord server is now available online. 

You can find the Discord server dedicated to Blind Rebel on the internet, just by searching on any web browser. Moreover, you can just open the Blind Rebel YouTube page and you can find the official Blind Rebel Discord server shared on the ‘Community’ tab. However, the easiest way to find the official link is just to scroll down this article, and find the link shared in the next section! 

Blind Rebel Discord Server Link

As we were discussing above, finding the Blind Rebel Discord server link may sound like a pretty easy task, but you can bypass this time-consuming task just by clicking on the official link shared below. For your ease, we have picked the official Discord server link and shared it under this section: 

Blind Rebel Discord Server Link – Click To Join

How To Join Blind Rebel Discord Server Link?

To join Blind Rebel Discord server, open > Login to your Discord account > Click on the server link > Accept Invite > Done!

Joining the Blind Rebel Discord server is as easy as finding the official server link. However, if you need help, here is a quick guideline for you:

Step 1: Open and log in to your Discord account. 

Step 2: Click on the Blind Rebel Discord server link shared with you [above in this article]. 

Step 3: Click on the ‘Accept Invite’ button. 

Done! You are now ready to explore the official Blind Rebel Discord server and enjoy discussing esports! 

Blind Rebel Discord Features

Joining Blind Rebel Discord is a bonus itself as it gives you opportunities to chat with the legend Blind Rebel and learn game strategies from him. However, if you need more reasons to join with this amazing gamer YouTuber, here are some foods for your thoughts: 

1. Get the opportunity to chat with Blind Rebel.

2. Get opportunities to join Blind Rebel and team up for a game. 

3. Share your thoughts and strategies with other gamers.

4. Connect with more gamers with the same interests. 

5. Participate in events and win exciting prizes. 

6. Get Esports updates on time. 

7. Stream live games and enjoy with friends. 

Rebel Discord Server Rules

When you find joining Blind Rebel Discord server is fun, we must alert you that, Blind Rebel is very strict with the Discord server rules to keep the server clean. So, here are some of the rules that you have to follow while chilling with the Blind Rebel gang: 

Rule 1: No Racism/Abuse/Profanity/No Porn/Nudity.

Rule 2: Treat others with respect and be humble. 

Rule 3: No Harsh jokes, Political Comments, or any Toxic Comments. Any type of serious harassment will result in a permanent Ban.

Rule 4: Do not share any of your personal information. Sharing Contact Numbers, Your Picture, and Social Media Accounts are not allowed. 

Rule 5: Do not make any controversial Comments for other Youtubers/Streamers/servers.

Rule 6: Use Every Channel for its purpose only. 

Rule 7: Don’t beg for a role.

Rule 8: If you are caught threatening anyone to hack, or harm someone, you will be banned immediately. 

Rule 9:  Do not impersonate staff /mod/leader. 

Rule 10: Don’t Spam or promote yourself or others. 

Rule 11:  If any staff member is asking to change the conversation topic, then you have to change the conversation topic. 

Rule 12: Don’t expose anyone, respect privacy. 

Rule 13: Don’t randomly tag staff or send DMs. 

Rule 14: Enjoy bots but do not mix bot commands in different channels. 

Rule 15: Using bot commands in the community chat section is prohibited. 


Now that you have made it to the conclusion part of this article, you must have found the Blind Rebel Discord server link shared in this article. If you are a true esports lover, stop wasting time and just join this amazing community. Connecting with gamer YouTubers like Blind Rebel on the Discord server is an outstanding opportunity. Don’t just let it go! Let’s join the server now and share your experience! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who Is Blind Rebel?

Blind Rebel is an Indian gamer and YouTuber, who is known for his esports skills. His actual name is Athul Sherif. 

Q2: How To Find Blind Rebel Discord?

You can find Blind Rebel Discord on the internet just by browsing any search engine. Also, you can find the official server link for Blind Rebel in this article [shared above]. 

Q3: How To Join Blind Rebel On Discord?

To join Blind Rebel on Discord, find the official Discord server link shared in this article [above], click on the link and follow the onscreen instructions to join this YouTuber on Discord. 

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