Discord Amoled Mode Not Working | How To Fix?

Discord Amoled Mode Not Working

We are all in love with Discord. You can hardly point out any young people these days who are not present on Discord. However, recently both Android and iOS users are complaining that Discord Amoled Mode not working. If you are also hunting answers for the same, this article is dedicated to you! 

Hopping on Discord is fun and it is even better when you can use a special dark mode theme on your device. Saves energy! This is why the Discord Amoled Mode feature is so popular. However, as per the recent updates users are experiencing Discord Amoled Mode not working issue and looking for solutions. 

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To fix Discord Amoled Mode not working issue, the first thing you can do is to leave the beta Discord channel and the second solution is to downgrade to Discord Stable. Always make sure that you have the latest version of the Discord app installed.

If you are wondering why Discord users are recently facing the Discord Amoled Mode not working problem, there could be multiple reasons behind this scenario. Maybe the user is not using an Amoled screen or maybe using Custom Discord Client. Another potent reason could be discord bugs! Let’s find out more in this article. 

What Is Discord Amoled Mode?

This information is going to be immensely helpful to Discord mobile app users! The Amoled optimized mode is only available to the mobile version only. Initially, this privilege was given to Android users only; however, from February 2023, Amoled optimized mode is now available for iOS users too. 

When the Amoled optimized mode is enabled, it makes the background darker than the usual dark theme. If this theme is used in devices with Amoled displays, it will be helpful to save more power, which means increasing battery life! However, recently it surfaced that Amoled Mode users are often experiencing troubles. If you are also going through Discord Amoled Mode not working, let’s find the possible solutions to this issue in this article. 

Discord Amoled Mode Not Working

From Reddit to Twitter, in the last couple of days, posts are flooding complaining that the Discord Amoled Mode not working properly. Some users also claimed that the developers have removed the feature too as it is not working properly!

However, officially it is confirmed that the Amoled Mode feature is not removed yet, rather, it’s just broken! It is also assumed that the main reason behind this issue is Discord bugs. Android users can downgrade the app and enjoy the old Discord version where the Amoled Mode feature is not broken! However, things are not as simple as it sounds. 

Why Is Discord Amoled Mode Not Working?

Now that you are willing to figure out how to fix Discord Amoled Mode not working issue, let’s begin with finding the possible reasons that led to the issue. Here are some of the potent conditions that may be causing the malfunction: 

1. Your Discord App is Outdated

Well, discord Amoled Mode is a relatively new feature. In fact, the iOS version of the feature was released just in February 2023. If you are using an older Discord version, this feature may not be available to you. 

2. You do not have the AMOLED Screen

Are you using an Amoled screen? Amoled mode is only effective when you are using Amoled Screen. Connect with your device manufacturer and first, find out whether your mobile screen is an Amoled screen or not. 

3.  Battery Saver Mode is Enabled

If your battery saving mode is on, then know that this may interfere with the Amoled mode feature. While using the Discord Amoled Mode feature, try disabling your phone’s battery-saver mode. 

4. Bug in the Discord app

It is highly possible that the Discord app you are using now has a bug that is interfering with the Amoled Mode display. Always use the updated version of the Discord app to avoid bugs. 

5. Custom Discord Client

If you are using Custom Discord Client, know that some Custom Discord Clients may not support the Amoled Mode feature. Switch to the official Discord app to avoid this possible issue. 

How To Fix Discord Amoled Mode Not Working Issue?

Now that we got the heads-up about the possible reasons that might be leading to Discord Amoled Mode not working issue, here are some fixes that you can try out to resolve the issue:

Fix 1: Leave Beta Discord Channel

If you are on the Beta Discord channel, leave it immediately. Most of the beta Discord channel does not support the Amoled Mode feature. Download the updated Discord version and enjoy a trouble-free Discord experience. 

Fix 2: Download The Latest Discord App 

If you are going through Discord Amoled Mode not working problem, the easiest way out is to download the latest Discord version. Just update your Discord app and enjoy chatting with friends. 

Fix 3: Check If You Have Amoled Mode Screen

As we were discussing above, if your mobile device does not have an Amoled Screen, you can not enjoy the feature. Hence, find out more information about your phone display, and connect with the manufacturer if needed to ensure that you have an Amoled Mode screen, only then you can enjoy the feature. 

Fix 4: Disable Battery Saver Mode

Let’s disable the battery saver mode of your mobile while using the Amoled Mode feature on Discord. It is found that, if the battery-saver mode is on, the user is more likely to face Discord Amoled Mode not working issue. 

Fix 5: Clear The Discord App’s Cache And Data

If you have updated the Discord app recently, yet the issue is pursuing, let’s clear the Discord app’s cache from your device. You can follow this path to clear the app cache: Settings > Apps > Discord > Clear Cache. 


While analyzing the Discord Amoled Mode not working issue, we found that most of the users who are complaining are either not using the Amoled Mode Screen [they are unaware of this fact] or it is a Discord Bug issue. If the Discord app is having a bug issue and the Amoled Mode is broken because of the unwanted bug, then you will get official updates from Discord on the Discord app as well as on Twitter. Just keep your Discord app up-to-date and enjoy trouble-free Discord entertainment. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Do I Unlock Amoled Mode In Discord?

To activate Amoled Mode in Discord, go to Settings, then open Appearance. Tap the “Dark” option 10 times and enable “AMOLED optimized mode (experimental)”. 

Q2. How Do I Enable Amoled Mode On Discord PC?

The Amoled Mode option is available for the Android and iOS versions only, and this feature is mobile device specific only. Hence, there is no other option to use this feature on a PC. 

Q3: How Do I Get Discord Amoled On iOS?

Update your Discord app on iOS device. Then go to Settings > Appearance > Theme and then tap on the Dark option 10 times > activate “AMOLED optimized mode (experimental)”.

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