Do Snapchat Messages Disappear | Where Do All Messages Go?

Do Snapchat Messages Disappear | Where Do All Messages Go?

Just like other social media applications, Snapchat lets you communicate with other users who are your friends on and off the platform. Although, almost everything on Snapchat is of short-lived or temporary nature or you can say they disappear after some time. But the question that arises is do Snapchat messages disappear too? 

The disappearance of your chats which you would like to recall after some time or adore a lot, especially with that one person, is a curse. That particular conversation may have something important to keep your Snapchat safe or is simply close to your heart that you would like to go after and read often becomes a frustrating factor when it does not exist any longer! So is it really true that do Snapchat messages disappear? You will find out soon!

The fact that do Snapchat messages disappear is completely true! Snapchat auto-deletes all text messages and snaps after a certain period of time. You can control that too! But to know how you have to read till the end!

Come on, Snapchat is not as cruel as you think. If it disappears messages then it gives fixes too! Learn how you can save your messages from being deleted automatically.

Why Do Snapchat Messages Disappear?

Do Snapchat Messages Disappear | Where Do All Messages Go?

The simple and short answer to do Snapchat messages disappear, is yes. Snapchat has an inbuilt feature that deletes chats automatically after a fixed period of time, like 24 hours or just after viewing the messages by the recipient. This can be frustrating to most of you who want to keep your individual and group chats safe for as long as possible so that they may access it later for whatever purpose.

Some might be keeping it as proof of any conflict or some others might want it to be with them because of their love reasons. But who explains Snapchat? That these can be really important to someone, however, there’s no need to! Because Snapchat already knows that’s why they have given the option to keep the chats alive for as long as they want.

To know how to fix do Snapchat messages disappear, you have to understand these two methods through which you can achieve the same: 

Alter The Time Period Of Visibility Of Chats

You can alter the time period or duration of chats from “After Viewing” to “24-hours” by following these steps.

Snapchat > Messages > Chat > Menu > More > Delete Chats > After Viewing or 24 hours.

Step 01: Launch Snapchat on your Android device and click on the Messages icon at the base of the screen.

Do Snapchat Messages Disappear

Step 02: Tap and hold a chat so that a Menu pops-up. 

Do Snapchat Messages Disappear | Where Do All Messages Go?

Step 03: From the Menu, click on More and then on Delete Chats and then select any one of the given options.

Do Snapchat Messages Disappear | Where Do All Messages Go?

NOTE: Remember that by doing so your messages won’t be saved for forever, it’s just that Snapchat won’t delete it immediately after receiving.

Save Chats

There’s an option in Snapchat through which you can save chats just after receiving them. Here’s how you can save chats:

Snapchat > Chat List > Chat > Save In Chat

Step 01: Launch Snapchat and slide to the right from the Home Screen to open the Chat List.

Do Snapchat Messages Disappear | Where Do All Messages Go?

Step 02: Open the Chat whose text messages you want to save.

Do Snapchat Messages Disappear | Where Do All Messages Go?

Step 03: As soon as you receive a chat there, tap and hold on it and a quick Menu will open.

Step 04: Click on Save In Chat.

Do Snapchat Messages Disappear | Where Do All Messages Go?

After doing so, the background of the chat will turn gray from white. When this happens, you can consider your text message as saved. Through this, you can save each of your favorite and important sent messages by someone.

Now, that we have explained why do Snapchat messages disappear and how to fix this Snapchat issue, let’s see how much time you have to save your chats before disappearing! 

When Do Snapchat Messages Disappear?

Do Snapchat Messages Disappear | Where Do All Messages Go?

Snapchat is a high-on privacy and a major security application. It is very see-through to its users! However, it won’t even allow chats to stay for long on its platform to be misused. On this, Snapchat says that “Disappearing stuff is their default” and we all know how good Snapchat is at this. Every text message and snap disappears on it after a certain period of time, all by default. Not only the ones which are viewed, even the unseen ones also disappear automatically after thirty days of being delivered. Yes! If you don’t open the chat and view the snaps for under thirty days, then you won’t even get a chance later because you won’t find that chat over there ever again!

However, your chats would not be deleted if someone replies to it, saves it or reacts to it like the regular ones! The regular chats swipe out just after viewing by default, whereas if someone saves it or replies to it, it will stay in your chats for a certain period of time. 

In the case of group chats and conversations, Snapchat’s rules are a little different. Snapchat servers delete the group chats a day later which are sent in a group so that every user can view them. Either the texts will be deleted a day after or a week later! Whichever suits the Snapchat group members best.

Final Words

Snapchat and communication-based smartphone application where users communicate mainly through chats and snaps has a very strict rule of deleting all the media files immediately after viewing, where the receiver gets a total of 10 seconds to watch the snap if it’s a video after then wooshh! It disappears forever. Although you can alter the timings and make your chats stay upto 24 hours and how to do that, has already been mentioned above.

Do Snapchat messages disappear – we hope that till now we have helped you remove your doubts related to this particular concern. Other than this you can learn about Snapchat friend request and snapchat subscriptions like stuff, with which you can gain your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Did My Snapchat Message Disappear?

Until one saves them, messages in Chat will stay for both parties. Once they exit the chat screen without saving the messages, they will vanish like they were never there. 

Q. Are Snapchat Messages Deleted Forever?

According to Snapchat’s Privacy Policy, every video, snap and chat will be deleted from all the Snapchat servers after being viewed by the receivers and if not after viewing then after 30 days, but it will vanish for sure!

Q. Can Snapchat Messages Be Recovered?

Fortunately, yes. Snapchat has a data recovery page from where you can easily recover all the media and chats that have been exchanged between you and your friends through your Snapchat accounts.

Q. Does Snapchat Deleted Messages On Both Sides?

Yes, if you delete a message then it will be deleted from both sides. Fortunately even after being saved by the other person.

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