How To Clear Mastodon Cache? Remove Cache Media Files 2023!

How To Clear Mastodon Cache?

Well, nowadays there are many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But do you know about Mastodon? Well, Mastodon has become famous in recent times. If you have been using Mastodon then you may have to clear the cache then and now. If you don’t know how to clear Mastodon cache, then this post will help you.

From the day Elon Musk owned Twitter users are looking for Twitter. Here is an alternative for Twitter and that is Mastodon. Unlike Twitter, Mastodon is not a business community. In fact, the Mastodon is a healthy community that is decentralized, ad-free, and allows you to create your own servers.

Now, if you want to know how to clear Mastodon cache, then here are a few things that will help you out to know how you can clear the Mastodon cache. Settings > security > clear search history > clear all.

If you dint get the steps that we have mentioned above then below we have discussed the steps in detail that will surely help you out. So, let’s not waste any more time and quickly get started.

How To Clear Mastodon Cache On An iOS Device?

How To Clear Mastodon Cache?

No, let’s get to know how to clear Mastodon cache. Here we have mentioned the steps that you need to follow. So first let’s start discussing how to clear the Mastodon cache on your iOS device.

  1. The first thing that you have to do is find the app icon on your iPhone’s screen. Moreover, you can even use the list of apps in your mobile settings.
  2. Now, long-press the app on your phone screen and then hold it till the menu appears beside it. You can even see all the other apps around it.
  3. Click on the minus sign that you will see at the corner of the app or you can even click the remove option from the loss of option in the menu.
  4. Confirm the delete app option when you get the prompt.
  5. You can even reinstall the Mastodon app from the app store.

How To Clear Mastodon Cache On An Android Device?

How To Clear Mastodon Cache On An Android Device?

Now, let’s get to know how you can easily clear the Mastodon cache on Android devices. These steps on how to remove cache media files, are really simple to follow. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Open the settings option on your android device.
  2. Now scroll down and find for Mastodon app in the app section.
  3. When you find the app click on it and then choose other apps and select Mastodon.
  4. Now choose the storage option and you will get to see the option to claret cache. Tap on this option and your Mastodon cache will get cleared.

So, these were a few ways by which you know how to clear Mastodon cache.

Is Clearing The Cache On Mastodon Important? 

Well, clearing the cache on Mastodon is important as it helps to improve the Mastodon experience. Once you get to load the posts on Mastodon the app will save them in the device cache. So, the next time you check the same post then the Mastodon cache saved on your iPhone and android will play an important role in loading the item easily.

Instead of fetching the data from the line server, it will take it from the cache data on your iPhone and android. But as time passes the cache on your android and iPhone devices will increase making your device too. When you clear the iPhone or android cache it is suitable to improve the device’s performance. But when the cache is removed so the next time when you visit Mastodon it will take some time for the app to load.

Wrapping UP:

So now, this is all about how to clear Mastodon cache. We suggest that you follow these easy-peasy steps to clear the Mastodon cache every now and then. That’s because it will slow down your device which you surely don’t want. Now, if you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Do You Need To Clear The Mastodon Cache?

Well, in some cases you do have to clear the Mastodon cache. For instance, if the cached data increases it may slow down the device if the memory gets limited. At times you can find the app gets slow or starts to lag. In that case, then it becomes important that you clear the Mastodon cache which may help you speed up your device and Mastodon cache.

Q. Can You Clear The Cache To Be Cleared Without Deleting The Mastodon App?

You will be able to clear the cache without even deleting the application on your Android device, but this same thing is not applicable to the iOS device.

Q. Will Mastodon Cache Slow Down Your Device?

The answer is yes. Mastodon cache when it is a lot will actually slow down your mobile device. The space filled by the cache can be used by other applications that will run smoothly. Even if the app slows down, it is not clearly visible most of the time as it exists.

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