How To Delete Mastodon Account? Know Here!

How To Delete Mastodon Account

Unified social networking is not possible with Mastodon, it’s always decentralized. This decentralized network of servers runs by various individuals and businesses. A Mastodon is open-source software that is neither controlled nor even operated by a single organization, which is one of the most noticeable differences. This indicates that there is no centralized authority and anyone can launch their own Mastodon server. This supreme feature is welcomed by most, while many are considering Mastodon as a privacy threat and wish to delete Mastodon account. How to delete Mastodon Account? This article will explain to you step-by-step. 

Mastodon shares many characteristics with other social networking platforms, but there are also some significant distinctions. Mastodon is open-source software. Other social networking sites don’t address privacy the same way Mastodon does. It provides both public and private account types. Public accounts are open to everyone, but private accounts are still only open to those who have the account owner’s approval. If you are not comfortable with Mastodon security, it’s time to delete your Mastodon Account!

How to delete Mastodon Account? You must sign in to Mastodon and visit the settings page if you want to remove your account. An URL to remove your Mastodon account can be found on the settings page.

What is Mastodon Account?

A social networking account that makes use of the Mastodon platform is known as a Mastodon account. Members of the open-sourced social media platform Mastodon can communicate with one another through messages, hashtags, as well as groups.

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How To Delete Mastodon Account?

Deleting a Mastodon account is super easy. Follow the steps below and remove your account from this open-sourced social media platform easily:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Log into your Mastodon account using your ID and Password.

Step 3: Go to “Preferences”.

Step 4: Click on the “Account” on the left pan. 

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Step 5: Scroll down the page and under the “Delete Account” option you will find the link “Proceed Here.”

Step 6: Give your account password to proceed further. 

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Step 7: Hit “Delete Account.”

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What Happens When You Delete Mastodon Account?

Now that you have learned how to delete Mastodon account, you should learn about the consequences too. While deleting the account, Mastodon will ask you to go through four points that you must consider while taking the final step to delete Mastodon account. Let’s learn what happens when you delete Mastodon Account:

  1. You will not be able to restore or reactivate your account

As it states clearly, deletes in the Mastodon account will never let you reactivate or restore the same account. If you ever have a second thoughts to restore the old deleted Mastodon account, there is no second chance. 

  1. Your username will remain unavailable

You should note that deleting the Mastodon account will delete everything from the account and make your user name unavailable. It is interesting and at the same time significant that no one can create the same duplicate account (using the deleted user name) on Mastodon. 

  1. Your posts and other data will be permanently removed

When you click on the Delete button and delete Mastodon account, your action will remove all your Mastodon posts as well as other data permanently. This step is a significant update as many Mastodon users are most concerned about their privacy security. 

  1. Content that has been cached by other servers may persist 

When you delete Mastodon account, all your data, including the posts are removed permanently by Mastodon. However, if other servers cached any of your data that may remain in that server and Mastodon can’t help you to remove that. Only the other server owner can delete those cached data. 

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How Do You Make A Mastodon Account?

You must first register on the Mastodon website in order to create a Mastodon account. You can log in and make a new account after making your initial one.

What Is My Mastodon Instance?

All of the postings and chats you have on Mastodon are stored on a server called your instance. Visit to get access to it.

What Is Mastodon App?

Users of the social media site Mastodon can have both private and public conversations. Its foundation is decentralized governance, which allows users to vote on alterations to the platform’s code. Additionally, Mastodon features a built-in chat tool that makes interacting with other users simple.

How Can I Link Twitter And Mastodon?

There are several ways to link Twitter with Mastodon:

Step 1: Sign in to the Twitter app on your computer or phone using your Twitter account.

Step 2: Click the “Connect to Twitter” option on

Step 3: Go to in a web browser once it is open. There, as well, click the “Connect to Twitter” button.

Step 4: On the Mastodon settings screen, enter your Twitter login information and click “Connect.”

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Wrapping Up

So, you have learned how to delete Mastodon Account. Go through the article guideline, the steps are simple enough to follow. However, it is still reported that some users are facing difficulties while deleting accounts from Mastodon. Let us know if you have faced any issues during deleting the account or after deleting the account. Follow Deasilex for more updates on Mastodon!  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Is The Most Effective Twitter Substitute?

There are many Twitter alternatives, but a few of the most well-liked ones are as follows:

Facebook: Facebook is a social networking website that enables users to share news and information as well as communicate with friends and family.

Mastodon: Users of the social media site Mastodon can have both private and public conversations. Its foundation is decentralized governance, which allows users to vote on alterations to the platform’s code.

Q2. How Can I Modify My Username On Mastodon?

You must first register a new profile on the Mastodon site before following the on-screen directions to modify your username.

Q3. How To Change Mastodon Instances?

The procedure of switching Mastodon instances will differ based on the particulars of your configuration, hence there is no universally applicable response to this query. However, the following are some suggestions for altering Mastodon instances:

Check the status of your instance. Go to and type your server’s IP address into the “Find my instance” form to see the status of your instance.

Q4. How Safe Is Mastodon?

A big number of people use the social media site Mastodon. It is unclear how many individuals actively use the platform for criminal behavior, though. Mastodon has also added a number of security measures, such as two-factor verification and profiles that lock after a certain period of inactivity. Mastodon seems to be a secure social media overall for users.

Q5. Mastodon: Is It Any Good?

A fantastic social media site with many features is Mastodon. Additionally, it is incredibly user-friendly and has a sizable user base. Mastodon is absolutely worth checking out, in my opinion.

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