How To Do A Poll On Twitter With A Picture?

How To Do A Poll On Twitter With A Picture

So, you have a Twitter account and are willing to make more followers on Twitter! Assuming that, let us state that you need a Twitter ads account. Yes, this is so true that you can hardly overlook the power of Twitter Ads. You have already seen Twitter polls with catching pictures, but do you how to make it? If you are looking for the answer to how to do a poll on Twitter with a picture? The answer is to get a Twitter Ads account!

How to do a poll on Twitter with a picture? To answer your question, this special feature is only available to a Twitter Ads account. If you are looking forward to answering how to do a poll on Twitter with a picture, go through the article and learn how to set up a Twitter ads account and make interesting polls with features. 

The other five format categories can all be used with the relevant range of standard and branded capabilities that Twitter provides including attractive polls, conversation buttons, app buttons, website buttons, branded tags, and branded notifications. So, when you are looking for the answer to how to do a poll on Twitter with a picture? It’s all about Twitter Ads. Let us help you with that in this article in step by step method. 

What Is A Twitter Poll?

You can ask your audience a question in a Tweet with four possible answers using a Twitter poll. People can easily express their opinions by participating in polls on Twitter. No sending them to another website, requesting that they complete a form, or wasting their time. At most, voting takes a few seconds. Additionally, there is no waiting for findings like with conventional surveys. Users immediately see results. They might naturally disseminate your poll by retweeting it to other users. How to do a poll on Twitter with a picture? Find the answer in the next section of the article. 

How To Do A Poll On Twitter With A Picture?

Create a Twitter Ads Account> Log Into The Brand Networks Composer> Select The Media Poll Option> Create Your Tweet

Twitter poll is an amazing feature to collect most of the needed information from a bunch of niche people that you are targeting. However, when you think creating a Twitter Poll is simple, it may not be. Let’s learn how to do a poll on Twitter with a picture and make the most out of it. 

Step 1: Create a Twitter Ads Account

The first step to do a poll on Twitter with a picture is creating a Twitter Ads account. If you aren’t already logged into Twitter, visit and log in using your standard Twitter login information. After that, you must adhere to the on-screen directions to set up your account, including entering your debit or credit card information. If you don’t choose the promoted option while creating poll tweets, your card won’t be charged.

Step 2: Log Into The Brand Networks Composer

Visit to complete this step, then sign in using your Twitter credentials. You must follow the on-screen steps to grant the Brand Networks Composer permission to your Twitter account if you are logging into the program for the very first time. You must also decide which Twitter Ad account you want to use.

Step 3: Select The Media Poll Option

After completing step 2, you ought to see a screen similar to the one in the screenshot. Choose the Create a Media Poll option from this point on.

Step 4: Create Your Tweet

The final step to do a poll on Twitter with a picture is to create a Tweet. Let’s, include some text in your tweet along with optional images or videos and a few hashtags. Use the Twitter Media Library, which can be located in your Twitter Ads account under the Creatives tab, if you are having trouble adding an image or video. If you choose to add a picture this way, you must first add it to the media library before using the Brand Networks Composer to draft your tweet.

Add 2-4 poll options now, and then decide how long you want the poll to remain open (between 5 minutes and 7 days). If you wish to conduct a free Twitter poll, uncheck the Promoted Only option in the publish information section.

Next, decide whether you want to post the tweet right away or schedule it for later. Once you’ve finished, click tweet. Depending on your choice, your tweet will either be published immediately or scheduled at a later time.

Wrapping Up

Hope, this blog helped you to understand how to do a poll on Twitter with a picture. Let’s create a Twitter Ads account as mentioned in this article. Follow the instructions carefully. Got a question? Let me know in the comment box. Follow Deasilex for more updates on the latest social media updates!

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q1. Are Twitter Polls Anonymous?

Twitter only does anonymous surveys. Nobody can see who voted or what they selected, not even the person who created the poll. The proportion of votes cast for each choice is all that is displayed. Through Twitter analytics, you can discover further about your audience.

Q2. Can You Buy Twitter Poll Votes?

Yes, you can purchase votes in a Twitter poll. Yet that doesn’t imply that you ought to! Purchasing votes (or followers, for that matter) is a horrible idea if your goal is to expand organically and sustainably. Paid user input has no insight into your audience, and a deluge of activity through bot accounts may damage your account’s reputation on Twitter.

Q3. Can You Schedule Twitter Polls?

There is presently no way to schedule Twitter polls using Hootsuite or other scheduling tools because they are designed to be very engaging. However, you can schedule additional Tweets.

Q4. What Are Direct Messages?

Direct Messages are texts that are transmitted privately between two Twitter feeds and are not visible to the public for anyone to read. Anyone who follows you can strike up a conversation with you.

Q5. How To Customize Your View?

On, click More, then choose Display from the menu to change your font size, text color, and backdrop mode. Select the font style and color that you desire. Use the radio buttons to select between the two dark mode options of Dim and Light Out or a standard white backdrop. Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android both have dark mode choices.

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