How To Download Microsoft Office For Mac Free? In 5 Simple Ways!

Microsoft Office for Mac

Microsoft Word has been the industry standard for producing software since the 1980s. Microsoft Word is not free, which is not surprising. Microsoft Word would cost families $6.99 a month ($9.99 for a family), or $12.50 per month per user for businesses, as part of the Office 365 package. Additionally, a single copy of Microsoft Word is available for purchase for $139.99. But, then how can you download Microsoft Office for Mac for free?    

What should you do if someone sends you an a.docx file but you don’t have Microsoft Word for Mac installed? Of course, you can use Quick Look or Preview to open the file, but the formatting might be incorrect and you wouldn’t be able to make changes.

Is there a free Microsoft Word for Mac version? Does Office for Mac have a free version? Let’s address these and other concerns about getting Microsoft Office for Mac for nothing while also offering some excellent substitutes.

How To Download Microsoft Office For Mac Free: 5 Easy Ways!

You can find plenty of YouTube tutorials and written tips on how to get free Microsoft Word by downloading a trial edition and using a code-cracking tool to obtain the license key if you decide to search for anything like “Microsoft Word free download” online. Not only is this against the law, but you also run the danger of infecting your Mac with various forms of malware. Fortunately, there are a couple of additional methods for getting Microsoft Word for free.

1. Download Microsoft Office 2021 For Mac

Microsoft Office for Mac_MS Word

And to those of you who enjoy one-time purchases versus subscriptions, there was good news in October of 2021. Office 2021, a one-time subscription of Office packages for one machine, was made public by Microsoft Windows. This may not be free but definitely a good deal. 

Office 2021, unlike Microsoft 365, is a one-time purchase; hence, it does not include future feature upgrades. According to Microsoft, you must purchase Office 2021 once more to receive new features. Users of Office 2021 will nonetheless receive security updates. The majority of the pack’s configurations are accessible for both Macs and PCs, although each Mac or PC can only have one installation at a time. 

2. Sign Up For – Free Microsoft Office 365 Trial

Microsoft Office for Mac_MS 365

If you plan to use Microsoft Word for a complicated project that needs more functions than those offered in the online version, you can access all of its features by signing up for a free Microsoft Word trial through Microsoft Office 365. You have one month to complete your project and access to all MS Office 365 applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, etc. This is an ideal choice to get Microsoft Office for Mac

Here’s how to register for a free Microsoft Word trial:

  1. Please go to the Microsoft 365 page.
  2. Select “Try 1 month for free.”
  3. Register a new account or log in with your free Microsoft account.
  4. Download Microsoft Word for free.

3. Get MS Word Online 

Microsoft Office for Mac_MS 365

Is Word for Mac by Microsoft free? No. Is Microsoft Word free to use online? Yes! It’s not widely recognized, but Word can be used for free online. Only a free Microsoft account is required. The drawback is that the MS Word online edition is less sophisticated than the desktop version, but it’s still adequate for all of your fundamental document-related tasks and for composing your own work.

Here is how to access Microsoft Word for free online:

  1. Go to the MS Word website.
  2. Select “Free Sign Up”
  3. Make an account.
  4. Start a new document onto the online app or drag and drop an existing file.

4. Checkout The Home Plan Initiative 

Microsoft Office for Mac_MS home plan

The Home Plan initiative of Microsoft 365 is highly recognized. If you have a family member subscribed to this plan or a friend maybe then you can always ask them to include you in the plan. The owner of the plan can share the access with 5 more people. 

You can simply request them by sending a message privately or sending a mail to their Microsoft account. Sending a mail always leaves a good mark. 

Once they accept your request and you can sign in, you can easily download Microsoft Office for Mac. The file size will be 1 TB of OneDrive storage. 

On the other hand, you can split $100 for Microsoft Subscription with your five friends, which will be a lot cheaper. 

5. Use Microsoft Office Package On iOS For Free

Installing Microsoft Word on your iPad is a shockingly little-known way to acquire a fully functional version of the software for free. Yes, Microsoft Word for iPad is free, and now that iPads with Bluetooth keyboard compatibility have been released, it is every bit as powerful as Word for Mac.

However, using the Microsoft package on iPhone or iPad is a purely non-commercial purpose, which means you can use Microsoft Office for Mac for personal use only. 

You can work on any project and print the MS document freely. However, you cannot use Microsoft on the iPad Pro as this version doesn’t support a screen larger than 10.2 inches. 

Free Alternatives To Microsoft Word

You can try to switch to another similar free app that is totally compatible with Microsoft Word if you need to use it for a longer amount of time than a one-month trial will allow.

Google Docs: As a component of G Suite, Google Docs has advanced significantly over time and now allows custom layouts, tables, in-line pictures, and more. Despite being an online application, it has a native feel and can edit and export.docx files while preserving all formatting. Study up on notepad++ for Mac M1 as well.

Microsoft Office for Mac_LibreOffice

LibreOffice: Another set of text-editing applications that are accessible to everyone for free is LibreOffice (sometimes referred to as OpenOffice). LibreOffice Writer, its Microsoft Word substitute, is fully compatible with it and includes many of the desktop publishing features of its commercial rival.

Check Third-Party Mac Apps By SetApp

1. Collabio Spaces

Microsoft Office for Mac_Collabio

Text editor Collabio Spaces has innovative ad-hoc collaboration features. This application does more than just write and format text. Collabio sends your paper to other people by turning your device into a server. Simply give them your login to begin co-editing in-real time without having to upload your document to the cloud.

2. Ulysses

Microsoft Office for Mac_Ulysses

One of the most well-liked writing programs in recent years is Ulysses. It’s distraction-free setting just enables you to get things done, be it short notes or manuscripts. Markdown support, as well as grammar and style checkers, are incorporated into the program. When you’re finished, just export your findings as a PDF or immediately publish them to WordPress or Medium.

3. MarsEdit

Microsoft Office for Mac_MarsEdit

You can move your entire blogging setup offline with MarsEdit. Without an internet connection, you can create blog entries with photographs, infographics, and videos by editing HTML, rich text, or plain text. Once you’re back online, schedule the upload of your new blog to the blog. MarsEdit automatically stores everything on your Mac, so you’ll never lose any information due to WiFi issues.

How Can I purchase Word For Mac?

You must be asking how to get Word on your Mac now that you are aware of how to run Word on a Mac. On the official Microsoft website, you can do this, but first, consider all of your options. Compare the price range and then decide. 

To continue to the checkout, click Buy now next to the plan of your choice. P.S. If you don’t already have a Microsoft account, you’ll need to establish one in order to complete the transaction and you are all set to use Microsoft Office for Mac.

Final Thoughts 

Working on Microsoft on Mac is a necessity now. Although you can purchase Microsoft 365 package, you can opt for a number of choices to download Microsoft Office for Mac for free. As discussed in this article, Word processors like LibreOffice Writer and Notepad++ are frequently recommended as alternatives to Microsoft Word. Although Microsoft also provides a free Microsoft Office Online service, which includes Word, Google Docs is a web application that is already included in your Google account.

Let me know if you want to learn more about downloading Microsoft Office for Mac or encountered any issues during the process. Comment below. 

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