How To Find Dead iPhone? The Top Tricks!

How To Find Dead iPhone

We all love and adore our families but turn into devils the very second someone touches our phone, then think what if the youngest one lost your phone while playing? Or you kept your phone somewhere and forgot? In both cases you can’t kick the person off as you wish but you can read our guide and find out ways to how to find dead iPhone. No matter how far it is, when you lost it, you will find it with the help of this guide.

We all have the habit of putting something somewhere and forget and then shout, Mommmmmmmm…..but mom won’t come everytime to find your stuff right! And the situation becomes even more dangerous when it comes to our mobile phones. But as always, we have the solution right here, in this blog! 

For once you can lose your wallet but phone? Nah nah! That will be a deadly case to even think about. Here’s how to find dead iPhone: Find My Phone App >> Me Section >> Help A Friend >> Use Different Apple ID >> Enter iCloud Credentials >> Not Now >> Locate your iPhone on the Map and you will be done! But what if this method didn’t work? Don’t worry, we have more other ways from which you can find out how to find dead iPhone.

Yelling on others for losing your phone or for finding your phone won’t work! It’s better to get your hands to work and tap tap tap! Yeah try these methods and find your dead iPhone in a few taps and minutes. Good luck with the reading!

How To Find Dead iPhone?

How To Find Dead iPhone

Searching for a lost iPhone becomes much more difficult when you don’t know how to find dead iPhone – in such cases you need to take help from other trustable softwares like Find My Phone application, so that you may track your dead iPhone accurately or visit all the places where you have been before losing your iPhone, staff members can give you a major help here. Searching for a dead phone and expecting it to be found is even worse than expecting your partner to be 100% loyal in this generation, but it’s not impossible as we all know.

There are three methods with which you can learn how to find dead iPhone:

  1. Access Find My Phone for tracking
  2. Visit the places again you went before losing your phone and inquire with the staff members
  3. Use DoNotPay to find your dead iPhone

How To Use Find My Phone?

How To Use Find My Phone

The major feature of the Find My Phone app is the GPS locator of your device. You need to launch the application, and it will show you how to find dead iPhone by displaying its location on your device. The application’s GPS locator functions only when your iPhone is active and has access to the internet.

If your iPhone is dead, Find My Phone will display the last location sent by your iPhone to Apple which makes the mission “how to find dead iPhone” difficult. If your iPhone is active but doesn’t have the internet switched on, then it will connect with other Apple devices in its vicinity and direct its location via them.

Check out the below given instructions to know how to find dead iPhone based on the device source from which you are searching for your dead iPhone: 


  1. Launch the Find My iPad application
  1. Choose your iPhone from the given list of Apple devices
  1. Select Directions
  1. Toggle on Notified When Found to get a pop-up when your iPhone gets turned on again

Another iPhone

  1. Launch the Find My Phone application
  1. Head to the Me section
  1. Select Help A Friend
  1. Choose Use Different Apple ID
  1. Type in your iCloud Credentials
  1. Select Not Now in case of a new password
  1. Try to Locate your iPhone on the Map


  1. Head to your Browser and visit iCloud
  1. Sign in with your Apple ID
  1. Click on the Find iPhone app icon
  1. Tap on All Devices option
  1. Select your Missing iPhone from the list
  1. Check out the Map to view the last read location

The Find My services are accessible for Apple devices only. One can also go for Google Maps feature – location history – but it should be switched on before you lose your phone.

How To Use Find My Device On Android?

How To Use Find My Device On Android?

When a Google account is connected to Find My Device, it turns On automatically. To find an Android device with the help of Find My Device, you have to follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Sign in to a Google Account
  2. Connect your device to any WiFi or turn on the Mobile Data
  3. Turn on the Location
  4. Switch on Find My Device

It will be too late to do these steps after losing your phone, do it as soon as you read our post on how to find dead iPhone. Just like Find My iPhone, you can track your Android phone with the help of a few different methods. Here are some: 

  1. Head to your browser and search to track your device
  1. Login to your Google Account
  1. Tap on the Lost Phone Icon on the top of the screen
  1. You will receive a Notification on your phone
  1. Next you will find a Map on your phone, showing where your phone is at!
  1. Select Play Sound to make your phone ring at maximum volume for the next five minutes, so that it will be easy for you to find it.

In case you are having one more Android device like any tablet, then download the Google Find My Device app and follow the given manual to find your lost Android device:

  1. Download the Find My Device app and launch it
  1. Select Continue on your mobile phone
  1. Follow the exact same Steps listed above from your browser.

Just like an Apple Watch, you can access your Wear OS Watch for Android device to track your phone down in such situations. To access your watch, your phone should be activated and connected to your watch by Bluetooth:

  1. If you are not able to view your screen, Switch On the watch.
  1. To view the list of Apps, tap on the Power button.
  1. Click Find My Phone.
  1. Your phone will start Ringing to let you know its location.

These ways will work only when your phone is activated or switched on. In case you have a phone from Samsung, there is an application that you can use to track your device even after it gets switched off.

Wrapping Up

When you lose your iPhone, it is logical to panic. But even after your iPhone’s battery is dead or internet connection is not available or switched off, you can still find your iPhone. Apple’s latest Bluetooth location feature will help you track a dead iPhone, as long as your iPhone is in active mode. However, your iPhone’s battery is dead, finding the device is as easy as locating the last active location. 

One can access iCloud and Find My app to bring back that dead iPhone or iPad to your pockets. We have covered how to find dead iPhone in this article and also how to use Find My App and various methods to find your iPhone or Android. If you think your iPhone has been stolen by someone, contact any local authority, don’t take the case in your hands itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can You Find An iPhone If It’s Switched Off?

Ans. The Bluetooth location feature by Apple helps you to track an offline iphone, as long as it is switched on! In addition, you can track a switched off iPhone by locating it’s last active location with the help of Find My app and iCloud

Q2. Can You Ping A Dead iPhone?

Ans. The location can be found out from the last active location. It doesn’t need to ping a dead phone actually with a message, because if it were dead it wouldn’t be able to catch the message and respond anyways!

Q3. How To Find A Lost Phone With Its IMEI Number?

Ans. To locate your lost Android phone IMEI number, you must download a third-party IMEI tracking application, like IMEI Tracker-Find My Device. Although, we suggest you use this method as your last option. Or else follow our guide on how to find dead iPhone and Android, as the mentioned methods are the ideal ones.

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