How To Fix AirPods Connecting While In Case?

How To Fix AirPods Connecting While In Case

If you are an AirPods user, then AirPods connecting issue is one of the most common issues you are facing in day-to-day life. Among all AirPods connecting while in AirPods case issue is one of the most irritating issues reported by the users. In fact, the number of reports is increasing every day! Let’s learn how to fix AirPods connecting while in case.

While they’re in the case, AirPods or AirPods Pro shouldn’t connect to linked devices. However, several users have reported having trouble getting their AirPods to sync when the case is closed and also when the case is on. Even more annoying is the possibility that the AirPods may already be dead while still in the case when this occurs. Hence, in this article, we will show you how to fix AirPods connecting while in case issue. 

How to fix AirPods connecting while in case? There could be various reasons for the issue and so that solutions. You can start by enabling Automatic Ear Detection, checking if it is still connected to your Bluetooth if AirPods is not charging or if AirPods or iPhone has a software issue. Let’s go through the article and explore more. 

Why Do AirPods Connect While In Case?

While you are trying to find out the solution to how to fix AirPods connecting while in case of issue, you first need to find out why AirPods is connecting while in Case. To start from the beginning, there could be many reasons behind the scenarios and so do the number of solutions. 

When AirPods connect while in the case, there may be a number of possible causes, including a defective case, a dead battery, debris blocking contact with the AirPods within the case, a software bug, or the automated ear identification feature being activated.

Hence, it is suggested to look out for the issues first and find a solution to how to fix AirPods connecting while in case the issue will come easier. 

How To Fix AirPods Connecting While In Case?

You can resolve the issue by using the “Automatic Ear Detection” option on your iPhone if your AirPods are syncing while in the case. Click on the info icon beside the AirPods under ‘My Devices’ under Settings > Bluetooth to accomplish that. Lastly, activate “Automatic Ear Detection.” 

Depending on the root of the problem in your case, there are additional approaches to fix AirPods connecting while in case of issue. There are therefore at least 7 additional things you can do to fix the issue if the feature is already enabled and your AirPods continue to connect while in the case.

Fix #1 Enable Automatic Ear Detection Feature

If you have disabled the “Automatic Ear Detection” option, the first thing you need to do is turn the setting on. In fact, the problem could be fixed by simply turning on the function again for the many people who are searching for – how to fix AirPods connecting while in case. Here is how to do it: 

Step 1: Navigate to Bluetooth under Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Under “My devices,” locate your AirPods and click the info I button next to it.

Step 3: Make sure “Automatic Ear Detection” is set at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: The AirPods should stop connecting once they are turned on and are inside the case.

Fix #2 Clean AirPods Case

Another technique to solve AirPods that aren’t connecting while in the case is to clean the interior of your charging case. As previously mentioned, if there is debris lodged in the case, it may block contact with the AirPods, so even if they are in the case, AirPods are not actually in it.

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Fix #3: Charge the AirPods Case

Even with the AirPods inside the case, there wouldn’t be much of a difference if the case was completely powerless. Your AirPods could connect while in the case as long as they still have power and Bluetooth is enabled on the associated device.

How to fix AirPods connecting while in case? You must charge the case in that situation. In this manner, when the AirPods are inserted into the case, a link is made between the two gadgets. Either a Qi-certified charging pad or the Lightning wire that came with your AirPods can be used to charge your MagSafe charging case. Your AirPods will stop syncing while in the case once the case has been fully charged.

Fix #4: Reset The AirPods

You need to restart the charging case if the AirPods are still pairing while inside. You may either use the ‘forget this device’ feature or the setup button on the AirPods to execute this and fix AirPods connecting while in case. Follow the steps below: 

Step 1: For roughly 15 seconds, press and hold the setup button on that charging case.

Step 2: Once the status light flashes orange/amber, and then white, let go of the setup button.

Step 3: Your AirPods have now been restored to factory settings.

Step 4: You can link your AirPods or AirPods Pro to your phone after you’ve reset your AirPods.

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Fix #5: Update AirPods Firmware

Typically, firmware updates for AirPods are provided on a regular basis when they are charging and within close proximity to your phone with Bluetooth turned on. If an upgrade for your AirPods is released, you can push it to happen.

Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Tap the “i” icon next to the AirPods to check the firmware version that is currently installed on your AirPods. Next, select “About” to check which version you are using. It can be compared to the most recent firmware version, which is published on the Apple website.

Fix #6: Restart Your Phone

When it comes to resolving software difficulties, it’s truly astonishing what something as basic as a restart/reboot can do. So, if you’ve tried everything we’ve said above and the problem still persists, just take out your AirPods and restart your iPhone or Mac. Reconnect to your AirPods as soon as your computer has restarted. This is probably the easiest solution – how to fix AirPods connecting while in case.

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Fix #7: Turn Off Bluetooth

The only action you can take at this time is to actually switch off the Bluetooth on your smartphone to fix AirPods connecting in case issue. Your AirPods have zero possibility of connecting while in the case if you do it that way (kind of obvious though). To access the control center on an iPhone, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen. Swipe up from any phone’s bottom edge on an iPhone SE or an iPhone 8 or before to access the control center. Next, tap the Bluetooth icon to deactivate it.

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Wrapping Up

Hope, this guide helped you with how to fix AirPods connecting while in case issue. Go through all of the seven fixes again that are showcased in this article. Let us know, which solution worked for you! If none of the fixes are working to resolve the issue, we suggest you contact Apple for a Fix/Replacement [if the warranty is available]. For more updates on iPhone, iOS, and AirPods, follow Deasilex. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Do My AirPods Keep Connecting Even When The Case Is Closed?

When the case is closed and the AirPods are not correctly connected, your AirPods may still be able to connect to your phone. First, we advise that you thoroughly clean the case to remove any potential obstructions to the magnetic connection at the bottom or lid.

Q2. Why Do My AirPods Pros Randomly Connect In The Case?

You can divide the causes of your AirPods’ erratically connected state in their case between charging and software issues. The earbuds can connect without a cause if the case is open, the charging device is broken, or they are completely charged. Your AirPods may connect erratically if the software is buggy or needs to be updated.

Q3. Why Do My Headphones Connect In The Case?

Your earphones are essentially in “charging mode” while they are kept in the case, but they are in “connection mode” when they are taken out of the case. Your earbuds will therefore enter “connection mode” early if they aren’t correctly seated in the charging ports.

Q4. How Do I Factory Reset My AirPods?

Put your AirPods in your ears after opening the charging case cover. Go to Bluetooth Settings. or select [your AirPods] in Settings. If your AirPods are listed as being linked there, hit the More Info button next to them, choose to Forget This Device, and then tap the screen once more to confirm.

Q5. Why Are AirPods Temporarily Connecting?

The next step is to reset the AirPods if the “Temporarily Share Audio” box keeps appearing: As mentioned before, first unpair them from your iPhone. Press and hold the setup button, which is located on the back of the charging case, while the lid is open and the AirPods are inserted.

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