How To Fix BeReal Quota Exceeded Error? Explained!!

How To Fix BeReal Quota Exceeded Error

Experiencing BeReal Quota Exceeded Error? Well, it’s not too late to learn how you can fix BeReal Quota Exceeded Error easily! Let us show you the tricks to overcome one of the most common BeReal errors that you are facing every now and then.

If you are new to BeReal and suddenly stuck to the “BeReal Quota Exceeded” Error messaging while trying to log in to the app, you are not alone! You can easily fix BeReal Quota Exceeded Error by just following some simple steps. 

To fix BeReal Quota Exceeded Error, all you need to do is, delete your BeReal cache, check the server performance of the app, and, or update your BeReal app. You also need to make sure that you are using the correct phone number to log in. 

If you are facing a “BeReal Quota Exceeded” Error message, it’s not like your account has been suspended or similar. It is a simple technical glitch and you can easily fix BeReal Quota Exceeded Error. So, chin up and go through this article for more details. 

What Does “BeReal Quota Exceeded” Error Mean To The Users?

As a quick answer to this question, the “BeReal Quota Exceeded” Error message means the BeReal user is simply trying many times to log in with a wrong phone number or the phone memory is full and cannot load the app. 

Why Experiencing “BeReal Quota Exceeded” Error? 

Reddit and Twitter are flooding with complaints that the BeReal users are facing “BeReal Quota Exceeded” Error messages every now and then. As a BeReal user, you have the right to be irritated; however, have you tried to figure out why you among all are facing this issue frequently? Having said that, before we share how to fix BeReal Quota Exceeded Error, let us share the possible reasons behind the issue:

1. Maybe you have exceeded the quota or limit to send the validation code which led to the quota exceeded error BeReal.

2. The BeReal app server is down. 

3. You have BeReal old cache data that is interfering. 

4. You are using an outdated BeReal application.

5. You are placing the wrong mobile number to resend the verification code.

6. Your Internet connection is poor. 

7. Your Phone memory is almost full and can’t load BeReal and you are facing quota exceeded error BeReal. 

How To Fix BeReal Quota Exceeded Error?

Now that we have discussed all the possible reasons behind the BeReal Quota Exceeded Error, we can easily fix BeReal Quota Exceeded Error. Here, let us show you how to fix quota-exceeded issues, easily: 

Fix 1: Delete The App Cache

Let’s start with deleting the app cache for BeRealapp to fix quota-exceeded issues. It is mostly the outdated app data that interferes with the performance. 

To declutter the app cache from Android phones, Open Phone Settings >> Find BeReal App >> Go To Storage option >> Select Clear Cache. 

The iOS users should open the iPhone’s settings >> General >> Find BeReal and tap on it >> iPhone Storage >> Offload App >> App Store >> Reinstall BeReal. 

Fix 2: Check If BeReal Server Is Down 

If you are desperate to fix BeReal Quota Exceeded Error, then you should check the BeReal server performance too. Sometimes, it’s just the server’s fault that users go through such issues. You can search for the BeReal server on Google or try any third-party app to check if the BeReal server is down. 

Fix 3: Update BeReal

If you are using an outdated version of Bereal, there is only one way to fix BeReal Quota Exceeded Error, and that is to update the app. Here is how to update your BeReal app:

Open Play Store or App Store >> Search for BeReal >> If the Update is available, click on the update button >> Open the BeReal app >> Check if you can log in again. 

Fix 4: Enter The Valid Number

Each time you try to log in to BeReal, you have to place your mobile number and validate it with the confirmation code. Now, if you are using an invalid number or simply have a typo, you will face the “BeReal Quota Exceeded” Error. Hence, while typing your phone number, make sure you are placing the correct number that is linked to your BeReal account and there is no typo. 

Fix 5: Clean Up Phone Memory

If your phone memory is full, you might have a problem logging in to the BeReal app. So, if none of the aforesaid fixes work for you, you should check your phone memory and go through some storage cleaning. Try again! And, this time, you might have fixed the BeReal Quota Exceeded Error for real! 

Fix 6: Restart Your Device

If no solution is working, stop banging your head, and restart your mobile phone! This is the easiest way to fix BeReal Quota Exceeded Error! If the issue is in your devices, you can certainly overcome it just by restarting your device or updating the OS. 

Fix 7: Connect With The BeReal Support Team 

Finally, if you have tried all of the solutions that we have discussed above in this article and are still going through the issue; it’s time to connect with the BeReal Support team. You can directly draft your issue and send the mail to [email protected] or you can reach BeReal moderators through their official Twitter page and share the issue.


In short, if you are staring at the “BeReal Quota Exceeded” Error message, you do not need to worry much. Try all the easy fixes that we have shared in this article. If lucky, you can manage to fix BeReal Quota Exceeded Error just in a couple of attempts. Note that BeReal is still growing as an application and rolling out features every now and then, which sometimes leads to technical errors too. So have patience and keep your app updated to use BeReal without any interruption. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does Quota Exceeded Error Mean?

On Bereal Quota Exceeded Error means you are trying multiple times to log in to the app and fail or your phone memory is too heavy to load BeReal. 

Q2. How Do You Fix A BeReal Glitch?

You can fix a BeReal glitch easily just by updating the app and clearing the old memory cache. 

Q3. Why Isn’t My BeReal Working?

If your BeReal app is not working properly, update the app and try again. If still you can’t open the app, you should check your network settings and the app’s server status. 

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