How To Fix Netflix Sound Quality | Easy Fixes

How To Fix Netflix Sound Quality

Movies with bad sound! Has your Netflix account been affected by this issue as well? As Netflix has brought updates to its sound system. Many users are facing issues after this update. In order to enjoy a film, you must have the right sound quality, and if you watch it without sound it is impossible to enjoy it. So in this article, we are going to discuss how to fix Netflix sound quality. 

Netflix world’s most popular streaming platform. It gives services on different platforms like smartphones, smart TV, and computer. Netflix has a wide range of content that has been streamed on the platform. That’s why the only US holds almost 73 million users. 

To fix Netflix sound quality you have to first check that your Netflix app is updated, check whether the Netflix server is working properly or not, and try to change the audio quality. If it doesn’t help then try to check whether your internet connection is good or not. 

To know more about how to fix Netflix sound quality scroll down and read the article. 

How To Fix Netflix Sound Quality? 

Netflix is a popular video streaming platform. It has a variety of content like movies, shows, and documentaries. While live streaming the content some time the quality can be affected due to any reasons. That can be a network issue or the Netflix sound update. To solve your problem of how to fix Netflix sound quality here are some fixes. 

Fix 1: Check The Netflix Server

Sometimes the sound quality of the streaming is affected if the server is not working properly. So before starting to watch ant movies check whether the server is working at the optimum condition. this helps you in solving your problem how to fix Netflix sound quality.

Fix 2: Check Whether External Connected Sound Output Is Working 

If you are using an external sound system for sound output, then you should check whether the sound quality of the sound system is good or not. If not then change the sound system. 

Fix 3: Adjust the audio from Netflix Audio Control

Netflix has volume control if the audio quality is poor then you should try to access the audio control of Netflix and change it from the settings. And tap on the screen and hold for a whole there you will see if the surround is 5.1 selected then select non-surround 5.1. 

Fix 4: Fix Audio Issue On Android Devices

Netflix is available for android devices. So if you are facing an issue with the sound quality of Netflix then you should try to check the following and solve your issue fix Netflix sound quality.  this will be going to help you in solving your issue of how to solve Netflix sound quality.

  1. Check for the update on Netflix and update the app.
  2. Check for the audio setting in the Netflix volume control.
  3. Try to restart the device.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app. 
  5. Clear the cache of the Netflix app.

Fix 5: Check The Internet Connection And Reset 

It is often safe to begin this process by running a speed test. Verify your download and upload speeds on the internet. Follow these simple steps to restart your router if the speed is below the required limit, this will help you to solve your problem of how to fix Netflix sound quality.

Step 1: Unplug the router from the power board and wait for 10 minutes. 

Step 2: After plug in and wait for the router to start. 

Step 3: Now again the speed test. 

Step 4: If the problem persists then contact the service provider. 

Step 5: Done.

Fix 6: Turn Off The Bluetooth

The problem may be occurring because your device may be connected to another Bluetooth device than the audio output. To turn off the Bluetooth on your device follow these steps. 

Step 1: Open the setting on your mobile device.

Step 2: Now tap on the Bluetooth.

Step 3: Toggled off the Bluetooth.

Step 4: Done. 

Fix 7: Reinstall The Audio driver On Your Computer

Sometimes the audio driver on your system gets corrupted then this issue can persist on your device. To reinstall the audio driver on your computer follow these steps:

Step 1:  Open Setting on your computer.

Step 2: Now tap on the search bar and search Audio input and output.

Step 3: Right-click on the audio driver.

Step 4: Now Uninstall the Audio driver.

Step 5: After that restart, the computer and your system will do the rest and install the latest audio driver.

Step 6: Done.

Fix 8: Check  Your device Supports Netflix Sound Format

Netflix Supports advanced Dolby Digital plus Sound formate. A realistic audio experience is provided by this advanced surround sound technology. So check if your device supports the Dolby digital plus sound format or not. If not then the problem on your system is persisting due to unsupportive sound formate. So it is good to log in on another device. 


Netflix has become the main source of entertainment due to the variety of content available on the platform. So many users were facing issues with the sound quality on their Netflix. Hopefully, you have resolved your problem. So let’s wrap this article here. As in this article, we have discussed how to fix Netflix sound quality and it gives you some fixes with easy steps. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends. Feel free to share your queries in the comment section. Do follow Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Can I Improve The Sound Quality On Netflix?

Choose Audio & Video. Choose Dolby. To enable surround sound, choose Auto. Try Netflix once more. If none of these steps work:

  1. Repeat the Steps given above.
  2. To turn off Dolby, Select Off.
  3. Try Netflix once more.

Q. How Do I Change Audio Settings On Netflix?

Follow these steps to change the audio setting on Netflix. 

Open Netflix on the device then goes to manage profile. Now select a profile. And choose the audio language. Now try to play the movie or show in your preferred language. Well, this will help in solving the problem. If it doesn’t help then try to connect to the service provider.

Q. Does Netflix Have Sound Settings?

Netflix supports streaming with Dolby digital plus sound to improve the viewing experience and it gives you a cinematic experience. Now users can stream with high-quality sound with Dolby 5.1. Well, the Netflix sound setting is available on the manage profile. Here you can choose the sound setting.

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