How To Fix YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS? Explained 2024!

How To Fix YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS

When attempting to play videos on the YouTube app, do you receive the error message “There was a problem with the server [400]” or another one similar to it? We’ve got your back, so don’t worry. In this article, we will show you how to fix YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS.

If you are using LineageOS and confronting YouTube Error 400, then you are not alone. According to several Reddit and Twitter posts, most of the LineageOS are facing similar issues. One of the core reasons behind this situation is the backdated YouTube app. However, updating YouTube is not the only solution to this problem! Let’s explore more about how to fix YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS in this article. 

To fix YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS, you have to update the YouTube app from the Play Store. If not resolved, you may restart the device, check the date and time settings, and clear YouTube Cache. 

There are more ways to fix YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS than you can simply imagine. Let’s explore the article and learn how to fix YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS easily!

How To Fix YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS?

Let’s go through the steps below and fix YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS –

Method 1: Restart Your Phone

Your phone’s restart will fix most transient bugs and network problems. A quick reboot can fix playback issues that users are experiencing on YouTube.

Method 2: Clear YouTube App Data And Cache

The YouTube app’s data and cache can be cleared as an alternative to fix YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS. To clear data and cache for the YouTube app, go to Settings and then to Apps. From the list of all Applications choose “YouTube” to accomplish the same. Next, select “Storage” and then “Clear Data.” After, clearing the app data, clear the cache. This will restore your YouTube app to its factory settings and should resolve the server error 400.

Method 3: Uninstall YouTube App Updates

If clearing the cache and data in the YouTube app doesn’t work, you can delete the updates to fix YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS. All you have to do is choose “YouTube” under Settings > Apps > All Applications, then touch “Uninstall Updates.” YouTube videos will resume playing once you delete the app updates. If you want to, you may now again update the YouTube app from the Google Play Store. However, keep an earlier version in case the problem reoccurs.

Method 4: Check Your Network Settings

You need to make sure everything is okay with your network if none of the troubleshooting techniques work to fix YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS. Reset the APN settings on your phone by opening the Settings app and going to the Mobile Networks section. Alternatively, restart your WiFi router. A different DNS can also be used to check whether the problems are resolved. The Cloudflare app is available.

Method 5: Modify The Date & Time

The incorrect date and time settings on your device are a common cause of the “There was a problem with the network [400]” error.

As you are aware, the majority of online platforms need an accurate time and date in order to update their material by synchronizing with the device and server.

Therefore, you must check that the date and time on your device are correct. Go to Settings on your phone > Then, select Date and Time under Additional Settings > You must select the option to Set time automatically here.

These are the possible solutions for the YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS. You can try them to resolve your problem if still the issue occurs you can contact customer support on YouTube.

Wrapping Up

Hope, this article provides insights regarding how to fix YouTube Error 400 On LineageOS! We have discussed 5 easy and useful methods to resolve the issue., it is recommended to go through all of the methods minutely. Try all the fixes one by one till the app starts working! Got a question? Let us know in the comment box. Follow Deasilex for more updates on YouTube! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does the Problem With Server 400 Mean?

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 400 Bad Request response status code denotes that the server is unable to perform the request or will not do so because of what is thought to be a client problem.

Q2. What Is Error 400 On YouTube On Android?

Error 400 on YouTube on Android means that the YouTube server isn’t working properly, and the YouTube server cannot be reached due to a network connection issue. It also occurs when you have turned on the VPN or your phone or the YouTube app includes certain issues.

Q3. Why Does My YouTube App Keep Saying Error?

Error messages can have a variety of underlying reasons. Many of them, such as a poor internet connection or inadequate memory on your device, are beyond YouTube’s control. “Please check your network connection (Retry)” is one of the most typical error messages.

Q4. How Do I Clear My YouTube Cache On Android?

It’s fairly simple to erase the YouTube cache if you’re using the YouTube app on an Android smartphone. Open the Settings app on your phone and select Apps. Click See all applications if necessary, then tap YouTube. Finally, select Clear cache after selecting Storage & cache.

Q5. What Is 400 Error On YouTube Music?

The majority of the time, this occurs when you browse YouTube and send the YouTube server an incorrect request header. It can also occur when a browser tries to use content that has previously been cached. Your browser has to be restarted and its cookies and caches cleared.

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