How To Monetize Your Discord Server? 5 Easy Methods!!!

How To Monetize Your Discord Server? 5 Easy Steps To Follow!!!

Discord has become a very famous group chat app for everyone. At times it becomes important for some of the video game players who are a part of the guilds that need strong coordination between the members. Now you can monetize your Discord servers. But for that, you need to know how to monetize your Discord server.

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To monetize your Discord server, accept donations from people who want to support your community, sign up with Discord ad network, make the whole server for paid members only, etc.

Don’t worry we have mentioned how to monetize your Discord server in detail in the below section, you just need to scroll down and read more about them.

How To Monetize Your Discord Server?

Here we have discussed in detail how to monetize your Discord server. These methods will include a specific strategy that is effective. Here we will help you know how you can implement these monetization strategies without making your community angry and lose people.

Method 1: Accept Donations From People Who Want To Support Your Community

If you have a large community, then people will already appreciate what you are doing, and some of them will be happier to support you financially. You can give these members the opportunity to give back by accepting donations.

Well, accepting donations is really easy. You can just provide a link to the PayPal account or if you want then you can even set up a Patreon account to provide you with all kinds of perks to people that will support you. Moreover, you don’t have to be a non-profit to accept the donations, so just ensure that people know the money that they are giving is not tax deductible.

Method 2: Make The Whole Server For The Paid Members Only

If you want to know how to monetize your Discord server, then you can just make the whole server for the paid members only. Just keep your free server going, and then just set up a new one for the paid members with extra features or benefits that you want to offer. In some situations, this can be easier to manage than having the free and paid areas on the same server. It is really easy to set up the new servers on Discord, and it is free.

Method 3: Sign Up With A Discord Ad Network

How To Monetize Your Discord Server? 5 Easy Steps To Follow!!!

You can sign up with the Discord ad network and this is one of the ways that will help you know how to monetize your Discord server. Just like for the websites, you can also join advertising networks that service Discord. Here we have one that is called the Discord advertiser. You just have to register with the company, install their Discord bot, configure your server, and then set the ad rates, and simply start earning money. There are many kinds of ways that will help to customize the service that will work best with your server.

Method 4: Direct The Community To A Website With More Information Or Paid Services

Direct The Community To A Website With More Information Or Paid Services

Another way to monetize your Discord server is by directing the community to a website with more information or paid services. If the Discord server is a bit limiting, then you can always create a website where you will be able to provide in-depth tutorials, recommended products, and guides, as this is a way that will help you make money.

Nowadays, you can easily build websites and also create paid areas for the members as there is no issue with plugins such as Restrict Content Pro and MemberPress. You can also create and provide webpages, videos, etc that some members of your community will not mind paying so that they can get access to. 

Method 5: Run Paid Competitions

Run Paid Competitions

Running the paid competitions will help you know how to monetize your Discord server. You can just run some kind of competition, charge a small entrance fee, and then you can let the winders get a percentage of the entry fee. There will be many people in your community who will surely love competition so that they can show off their skills and will definitely not mind paying a small participation fee. If you want, then you can reward the top 3 or so that the participant feels that they really have a better shot at winning something.

If you have a gaming community, then you can run a contest for the best gameplay video, the best strategy shared, the best participation, etc. So this is how to monetize your Discord server.

Wrapping Up:

Now after reading this post, you do know how to monetize your Discord server. These methods will help you know how easily you can earn money on the Discord server. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Discord Server Free?

Yes, Discord servers are absolutely free to create. Moreover, you can have as many users and channels on your server as you want. Furthermore, you can even set up as many servers as you like.

Q. Can Anyone Join Your Discord Server?

People will join Discord with the help of the links that they have been sent. So anyone can join that will follow the link or you can make it private and more control who joins.

Q. Which Discord Servers Cannot Be Monetized?

According to the rules if Discord servers that focus on the following topics cannot be monetized:
Illegal drugs and dangerous weapons.
Bets or games of chance.
Sexually explicit content hosted on Discord or linked from somewhere else.

Q. How Do I Make My Discord Server Paid?

To make your Discord server paid, create your Discord server > connect your Discord to LaunchPass > activate your account > start trial > connect your bank > Create, publish and share your paid Discord server.

Q. Do Discord Pay People?

On Discord, you can monetize your account through a variety of methods, including advertisements, affiliate marketing, contests, premium memberships, and donations.

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