How To Play Among Us With Discord? The Detailed Guide!

How To Play Among Us With Discord

How lifeless the world would be without Among Us. Among Us has truly united people together through the game all for tearing them into two parts. Streamers gave addition of more entertainment to this game. For those who want to play with their friends, Discord will help you here! Let’s find out how to play Among Us with Discord.

Discord lets players talk to each other while playing. Since the Discord overlay is turned on while playing Among Us aids to keep the noise as less as possible. The popularity has touched the seventh sky, as Among Us is one of the most played games on Twitch. Among Us can be played all alone or with a bunch of friends.

To know how to play Among Us on Discord, you first need to open both the apps >> User Settings >> App Settings >> Game Activity >> turn on Discord Overlay Switch. You are not done yet! For the further details, read more.

If you want the answer to how to play Among Us with Discord, then you should check out the below given information and guides. 

How To Play Among Us On Discord?

How To Play Among Us With Discord

Most of the busy players or newbies might imagine how to play Among Us with Discord, we will give them a solution for sure! If you are also one of those who are confused to how to play Among Us on Discord then this article is for you too! This is the right place to resolve your confusions, here we will explain you how to play Among Us with Discord. Without any further delay, let’s dive in:

  1. Launch both Discord and Among Us on your device, so that it may be ready to use. 
  1. In Discord, you will find User Settings, give it a tap.
  1. At the left side you will observe a long list of settings menu, click on the App Settings there.
  1. On the next page, you will find Game Activity, open this tab.
  1. It’ll show a list of active applications running in the background, look for Among Us there.
  1. You’ll see a Discord Overlay switch next to Among Us, turn that On.
  1. The Discord will take a couple of minutes to recognize Among Us, after that you will receive a Notification in the top left corner of your screen.

How To Connect Among Us With Discord?

How To Connect Among Us With Discord

You are not even a player if you are not using Discord along with Among Us. Among Us is a party game which helps you to get in touch with other players so that you may distribute what you have found. But the catch is that the only way of communication here is through chat! Which is literally poor. You do not get sufficient time to connect with all the players in the game at a time, and another thing is that it’s very easy for every player to lie. Overall, this games is interesting but quite limiting! 

With the help of Discord, you can initiate an audio call in the background as you are playing the game. You are allowed to operate Discord in the background on both personal computer or your mobile phone.

Here’s how to connect Among Us to Discord to know and how to play Among Us with Discord. First of all, you need to download Discord on your device, next need to create an account. After that you have to make a server with your friends all in. You are supposed to initiate a voice chat and invite all the friends in this server.

Once every friend of yours join the voice chat, all of you can communicate easily with each other. With this lying while being in the game will also become difficult for the users because of the voice chat enabled. You are supposed to mute yourself in the voice chat as soon as the game begins, the discussion time ends, you leave, or you are disqualified.

You can also apply the following tips while playing the game to make it more fun:

  1. Execute your character efficiently

Among Us can be a pretty boring game if the players are not executing their characters fully. If you are a crewmate, then you should be focusing on your tasks and activities of your other teammates. And if you are an impostor, then you should try to act normal.

  1. Take opinions from your friends before voting

Next thing, that users mistake about is that they vote without discussing it with other player’s end of the story. Every player should be provided with sufficient time period to explain themselves and for making their name clear.

  1. Try to play along with your friends

You will find the Among Us game way more interesting of you are playing it with your companions. The game becomes boring if you are playing it with strangers found online from any corner from the world because they really don’t play the way it should be played.

Wrapping Up

Among Us is an amazing and popular game which was launched in 2018. You must be familiar with this app as it has been viral soon after it’s launch all over the internet. Among Us is a very fun game that can be played with anyone online as strangers or one can play with their bunch of friends. Among Us is no doubtedly is one of the best games but still most of the users don’t play the game the way it should be played.

There are a number of factors related to the game mention in this article on how to play Among Us with Discord, which needs to be applied into your game if you want to taste the real fun of Among Us. This is an online-multiplayer indie game which invests your deductive talent into the correct place. In a single match 1-3 players are selected as imposters out of 10 players in the game play as crewmates. An imposter’s role isto kill each and every innocent player in the game whereas the crewmates are supposed to complete the multiple tasks or find the imposter to win the match. Yea! We know this sounds amazing and intresting. 

So, after all this huge data collection we hope you learnt how to play Among Us with Discord and how to connect the both. You know, you have to hit the comment section in case of any doubt or question. 


Q1. Can One Play Among Us With Discord?

Ans. Discord lets its users to communicate with each other while playing. Having the Discord overlay turned on while playing Among Us helps the players to keep the chaos as low as possible.

Q2. How To Play Among Us With Voice Chat Discord?

Ans. Click on Lobby in Voice Channels and you will enter your lobby quickly in the game. Authorize the permissions to voice chat with friends and you will be done. You will be able to play the game with voice chats enabled as soon as your friends accept the voice channel invites.

Q3. Where One Can Play Among Us Discord?

Ans. Best Discord servers for Among Us 2022 are:
Among Us
Among Us Global
Among Us India

Q4. Can One Voice Chat in Among Us?

Ans. Unfortunately, no. Among Us doesn’t have an inbuilt voice chat feature. To voice chat in Among Us, you will require a third-party application. The ideal match for this requirement is Discord. 

Q5. How To Add Among Us Bot To Discord?

Ans. Give all the required permissions by ticking the check marks on the permissions column. Next, you may visit the Discord bot list website and select the Among Us bot which you would prefer in your Discord server. Next, tap on add bot and you’ll get the desired link.

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