How To Play Music On Apple Watch? 4 Easy Steps!

How To Play Music On Apple Watch

If you have just bought an Apple Watch and don’t know how to play music on Apple Watch then this guide will help you in learning the same in less than 3 minutes of reading!

Apple Watch allows users to create their own Music Library and listen to Apple Music, Apple Radio, Pandora, Spotify, and other music-listening services just at their wrist. To achieve all of this, you must know how to play music on Apple Watch, and if you don’t then no worries, we have a detailed guide for you right here!

To play music on Apple Watch, Update Apple Watch OS > Pair Watch And iPhone > Add Music > Sync Music To Apple Watch > Stream Music and done, this was how to play music on Apple Watch. Find the details below!

If you also wish to play and listen to music all from the Apple Watch on your wrist then learning how to play music on Apple Watch is a must for you! Achieve this motive with us through this article!

How To Play Music On Apple Watch?

With the help of an Apple Watch you can build an entire music library of your own with which you can listen to Apple Music, Pandora, Radio and many more! Streaming music from your Apple Watch is the best option when you don’t find your iPhone anywhere or is simply out of your reach! But listening to your favorite melodies on your Apple Watch can depend upon the model and OS version of your watch!

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Anyone having Apple Watch OS 4.1 or later would be able to listen to albums and playlists created on your iOS. One can listen to music on their Apple Watch also on apps like Spotify, Pandora and Apple Radio and  Apple Music if you have a subscription.

Follow the below given instructions for how to play music on Apple Watch and stream our favorite music on Apple Watch:

Update Apple Watch OS > Pair Watch And iPhone > Add Music > Sync Music To Apple Watch > Stream Music

Step 1: Update WatchOS 

First of all you need to make sure that you are accessing the latest version of Apple Watch OS. To make sure of this, launch the Watch app on your iPhone or you can also head to the Settings app on your watch and navigate through the General tab and click on the Software Update. The app will next notify you whether your software is updated or it will ask you to download and install the latest OS version of your watch.

Step 2: Pair Your Watch 

After updating your software you have to pair your watch with Bluetooth earplugs or a speaker. For this, you need to ensure that your device is on and is in Pairing Mode. Now from your Apple Watch, head to the Settings and then to the Bluetooth. Now, your bluetooth device should be listed and enter into the pairing mode. Then select the name of the device with which you are planning to pair the device with. The status will then let you know that your device is now paired!

Step 3: Add Music On Your Apple Watch

On any Apple Watch you can sync your music albums and playlists with your iPhone. If you don’t have any playlists, then you have to create one on your iPhone instantly to add music to your watch. For doing so take your iPhone and head to the Settings and then Bluetooth section and turn it on!

Now, access the Watch App on your iPhone and navigate through the My Watch section. Under that, click on the Music. Now, turn on Recent Music to add music by default to your watch that you have recently listened to! Click on the Add Music button next and open any music folder or playlist then which you want to add. Select one and click on the Add icon located at the top of the screen, then link your watch to a charger and set the music to sync.

Step 4: Stream Music Through Apple Watch

To play music through your Apple Watch, you need to press the Digital Crown on the sides of the watch and launch Apple Music. After this, select the music that you want to listen or directly search the music through other applications while playing any other! If you want, then adjust the volume by turning the Digital Crown. 

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Step 5: Stream Music On Apple watch Through Spotify

If you wish to listen to music through the Spotify app then you can also do that through your Apple Watch. All the WatchOS version 6.0 or latest supports Spotify app. Through this you can select your favorite songs and playlists on the Apple Watch. Ensure that the Watch is still connected to your iPhone. You can stream songs through Spotify offline if you have downloaded them first. You can also keep almost around 10 hours long songs.

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NOTE: Spotify only allows users to download 50 songs per playlist!

This was how to play music on Apple Watch in the easiest way! If you want to know more about Spotify on Apple Watch, then here are a few of the most-read articles related to the same!

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Wrapping Up

If you miss listening to music while driving or working out just because your iPhone isn’t reachable then it’s time to resolve the problem! All you need is just an Apple Watch for how to play music on Apple Watch. This article explains the same. After this you would be able to play and listen to music while doing literally anything they want! 

Share this article with your friends who often head to the gym without their Smartphones. This will help them listen to music in less than a couple of minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Play Music Directly From Apple Watch?

One can use the Music app to select and play music on Apple Watch. One can play music loaded on their Apple Watch to manage and control music on your iPhone and stream music from Apple Music and Apple Music Voice if you have a subscription.

Q. Can I Listen To Music On My Apple Watch Without My Phone?

If you are connected to the same WiFi or cellular on your Apple Watch Series 3 or later, then you will be able to listen to Apple Music and Apple Podcasts even when you don’t have your iPhone nearby! 

Q. Does The Apple Watch Have A Speaker?

Just pair Bluetooth headphones or speakers if you have any! Also with these you can access Siri, phone calls, voicemails, and voice notes through the speaker on any Apple Watch.

Q. How Do I Play Music On My Apple Watch headphones?

Playing Music on your Apple watch without headphones can be possible if you use Bluetooth speakers or other Bluetooth-supported or enabled devices. You just need to connect you watch to the device of your preference with the help of Bluetooth and then start playing from whatever audio app they are using.

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