How To Take Selfie On Snap Pixy? A Complete Guide!

How To Take Selfie On Snap Pixy

Are you wondering what is a Pixy and how to take selfie on Snap pixy? In this article, we will tell you how to take selfie on Snap pixy.

Snap Pixy was released by Snapchat in April 2022. It was released as a new tool for Snapchat users to take pictures from unique views and angles. The pixy is almost similar to a drone that is a friendly, pocket-sized flying camera. Read ahead to know how to take selfie on snap pixy. 

To take selfie on Snap pixy, Hold pixy at eye level > Choose mode > Check the green light > Press the yellow button > camera starts capturing.

Pixy is relatively simple to use because it doesn’t have controllers and complicated configurations. Continue reading further, to understand how it works and how to take selfie on snap pixy. 

How To Take Selfie On Snap Pixy?

To take selfie on Snap pixy, Hold pixy at eye level > Choose mode > Check the green light > Press the yellow button > camera starts capturing 

The 101grams lightweight and compact flying camera pixy is used to take photos and videos and they can be imported wirelessly using Bluetooth to the Snapchat app and to your phone. Also, pixy has the capability of storing up to 20 videos and it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

It has two cameras, where one is pointed at the ground and is used to stabilize the drone and detects your hand which is its landing pad, the other camera facing outward identifies where the person is standing. It also has USB-C charging and four propellers that are protected by plastic and have the ability to take off from your hand and then return to it. To take selfie on Snap pixy,

Hold the pixy at eye level > Choose mode > Check green light > Press the yellow button > camera starts capturing 

Step 1: Stretch your hand and hold the pixy out at eye level.

Step 2: Choose one of the four flying modes.

Step 3: Make eye contact with the camera and check for the green, ready light.

Step 4: Press the only yellow button that is available.

Step 5: The drone takes off and the software detects your head and body.

Step 6: Now, the camera starts capturing you and at the end of the flight, the drone comes back and smoothly lands on your palm.

By following these steps, you can capture a selfie, a group photo, or a video. But there is no microphone in the drone, so no audio will be recorded. However, you can use the microphone and sync audio later.

How To Take Selfie On Snap Pixy - selfie on a pixy

Once the pixy is paired with your phone, the footage recorded on the pixy’s internal 16 GB storage is sent to the Snapchat app and will be found in the Memories section of the Snapchat application. You may use the in-app editing to add filters and other effects to the original image before posting it to Snapchat or other social media.

What Are The Four Flying Modes In Pixy?

Pixy has four inbuilt flying modes with which you can capture photos and videos from different angles. 


As the name says, it hovers over the location where you have set the drone and will move the camera in the same direction.


In this mode, the drone flies higher for wider shots and reveals more of the scene.


The drone in “follow” mode follows you wherever you go.


The drone orbits around you. It rotates around you and captures the 360-degree view.

By choosing your desired mode, you can capture pictures and videos with varied angles. Also, in the app, you can set the length of the recording up to 60 seconds per clip.

How To Take Selfie On Snap Pixy - pixy

What Are The Camera Specifications Of Pixy?

The camera clarity in Pixy is similar to the HD videos when the lighting is good and when there is low wind. It shoots:

  • 12MP Photos (4000*3000)
  • 2.7K videos 
  • Has 16GB flash storage

What Is The Price Of Pixy?

Pixy is currently available only in the US and France and is expected to release worldwide sooner or later. The starting price of the pixy and a battery is 230$ and the pixy flight pack with dual rechargeable batteries costs 250$. You can also buy extra batteries for 20$ and charger for 50$ each because the battery life in pixy is so poor that it won’t last more than 3 minutes of flying. The battery will take 40 minutes to get fully charged and 20 minutes to get 80% with a quick charge.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Pixy?

  • Poor battery life as the battery won’t last after 3 to 4 flights
  • Low picture quality during low light, and you cannot use the pixy at night time
  • It doesn’t have obstacle avoidance. So make sure the drone doesn’t hit any nearby object
  • Pixy cannot fly above 15 feet up and 30 feet away from you
  • Pixy is not waterproof
  • Pixy cannot work well when wind speeds are above 7mph

Not all public places allow the usage of drones. It is recommended to use the “B4UFLY” drone safety app before flying it in any location. The Pixy comes with an attractive package that is easy to carry and comes with a bumper and strap for carrying that can be put over the shoulder.

Wrapping Up

Who doesn’t enjoy striking a pose for photos? From now on, you may not request your friends to take pictures of you. Pixy makes the job easier and helps you out by clicking nice pictures of you with just a few taps. We hope this article has explained to you how to take selfie on snap pixy. For more such informative and interesting articles, follow us at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where Can I Buy Pixy Snapchat?

Ans. By purchasing them from the official Spectacles website and connecting them to your Snapchat account, you may share images and videos with your Snapchat friends from a fresh perspective and the Snapchat Pixy drone was designed with the same broad purpose.

Q2. How Long Does The Pixy Battery Last?

Ans. According to Snap, the Pixy can make between five and ten flights or four to five minutes of flight time on a single charge. A portable dual-battery charger costs $50, and more batteries can be purchased for $20 each.

Q3. Is Pixy Available In India?

Ans. No! Pixy is currently available only in the United States and France.

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