How To Use Epic RPG Bot Discord? Epic RPG Commands Guide!

how to use Epic RPG Bot Discord

Ting tong! Who’s there? Epic RPG Bot. Epic RPG who? One of the most popular and notorious bots on the Discord server. It was rolled out in March 2019, on Discord. Since then, it has gained lots of love and interest from gamers and regular users as well. So, today’s topic is going to be how to use Epic RPG Bot Discord.

The Epic RPG Bot gained amazing numbers in a very short time that 1Lac + users added it to their servers and it still manages to be their first choice. Epic RPG Bot has RPG and economy features like gambling, PvP, lootbox, prestige, leaderboards, and many more. This bot is in trend all because of its fun and exciting features. 

Let’s add the bot first, Epic RPG Bot Website >> Invite >> Select Server >> Authorization >> Captcha >> General Text Channel >> Access bot. So, here you’re done with adding the bot but learning how to use Epic RPG Bot Discord is still remaining. It’s waiting for you below.

Let’s dive into the post and find out what’s so special about the Epic RPG universe. There’s a lot more given which you have to explore yourself! Don’t waste much time, go READ!

How To Invite Epic RPG Bot On Discord Server?

How To Invite Epic RPG Bot On Discord Server?

Before learning how to use Epic RPG Bot Discord, you must add the bot to your server. You can easily add the Epic RPG Bot by using the invite link. To set up an epic RPG Bot follow the given instructions:  

  1. Open your browser and enter the Epic RPG Bot Website.
  1. Click on the Invite button given at the top of the screen.
  1. Select the Server in which you wish to add the Epic RPG Bot.
  1. Give the required Authorization to the Epic RPG Bot to function properly.
  1. Pass the Captcha for human verification.
  1. Head back to the selected server. You’ll find the Epic RPG Bot message in the General Text Channel.

Congo! You’ve successfully added the Epic RPG Bot over your Discord server. Now let’s move on to how to use Epic RPG Bot Discord.

How To Use Epic RPG Bot Discord? 

How To Use Epic RPG Bot Discord?

Games are made to outreach bigger areas to achieve more power and unveil new commands. There are a set of 15 areas, and you have to begin with an area no. 01

Playing Instructions

  1. Receive COINS and XP with adventure and hunting, profile is the place from where you can cross-check your progress.

NOTE: Your death brings you the loss of one level every time! To prevent this, use heal if your HP is down.

Items and Coins

  1. Receive items with fish and chips to create equipment or to trade! 
  2. Utilize your coins in the shop
  3. Receive more items and coins through the daily and weekly vote

Areas And Dungeons

  1. Buy a key to the dungeon, when you think you are ready and enter the dungeon! The death of the boss will bring you to a new area!
  2. You’ll unlock new items, commands, recipes, boosts, mobs, and a difficult dungeon with every area. 


  1. You can view all commands with help! There are many activities to do!
  2. You are allowed to vote for the bot to receive awards!
  3. Remember to go through the rules.

And here, you have successfully learned how to use Epic RPG Bot Discord. Go entertain yourself with the amazing features of Epic RPG Bot.

Epic RPG Bot Commands

Epic RPG Bot Commands

To know more about Epic RPG Bot: RPG help [command/item/event]

Add rpg before entering any command

Statistics Commands

  1. cooldowns
  2. horse
  3. profile
  4. professions
  5. achievements
  6. inventory
  7. quest 
  8. title

Fighting Commands



dungeon [@players]


duel [@player]



Economy Commands










Working Commands

craft [item]


dismantle [item]



Gambling Commands 

cups [$]

slots [$]

dice [$]

blackjack [$]


cf [h/t] [$]

More Rewards






Commands Unveiled On Bigger Areas

enchant, training, area [#]

axe, pickup, net

farm, guild, ladder

cook [item], mine, multidice @player [$]

boat, bowsaw, pickaxe

big arena, refine

wheel [$], tractor

bigboat, chainsaw

not so mini boss, drill

time travel, greenhouse, forge

dynamite, badge, pets, ultraining

hunt hardmode, transmute

adventure hardmode

transcend, super time travel

Wrapping Up

Discord is popular and is growing spontaneously. As time passes, many communities built on Discord making it a vast stage for gamers and regular users. One of the reasons for the success of Discord is bots, and one such great bot is Epic RPG Bot. Epic RPG Bot targets gamers mainly. Epic RPG Bot gives a tough competition to the other bots over Discord because of its features, games, and commands supremacy. Epic RPG Bot is a must-try bot! 

We’ve tried our best to make you understand how to use Epic RPG Bot Discord. If you still have any doubts or questions, remember our comment box is always open!


Q1. What Does No CC Mean In Epic RPG?

Ans. It means, No Credit Card. Credit cards are used in duels.

Q2. How To Open Presents In Epic RPGs?

Ans. To open a present: rpg xmas open [present] [amount] – you’re allowed to open 10 presents at once with this command.

Q3. How To Receive Godly Lootbox In Epic RPG?

Ans. You can buy godly lootboxes with rpg buy [name or alias of lootbox. You can buy a lootbox in every 3 hours!

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