How To Use Eunseo Bot Discord | Know To Become A Pro!

How To Use Eunseo Bot Discord

Experiences on Discord are fun. Playing games on entertaining bots is double fun. The outcomes of playing these games on bots are extreme dedication and extraordinary thinking. Users find this exciting and joyful! Just like this, there’s a bot whose characteristics are the same and provide double entertainment. This bot is known as Eunseo Bot. Here, we came up with the motto of making you learn how to use Eunseo Bot Discord.

Seeing the past couple of years, simple and mini-games came into the trend instead of the battlefield and defeating games which used to be played with immoderate rage. Lockdown was the main reason for the popularity of such games, which can be enjoyed in their comfort zones.

Talking about the Eunseo bot Discord, it is a card game that is fun and easy to play. Gamers can play this game with k-pop groups and soloists. The bot brings you new events every day with new challenges which will keep its users engaged the entire time. Overall it’s easy to play the bot and it’s a good source to pass time.

Hmmm! We can smell the smoke of a fire to play the Eunseo bot in you! Then, what’s the wait for? Go read it to explore how to use Eunseo Bot Discord.

What Is Eunseo Bot? What Are The Features Of Eunseo Bot?

What Is Eunseo Bot? What Are The Features Of Eunseo Bot?

Eunseo is nothing but a Gacha card game with your most loved soloists and k-pop groups. Latest and fresh events are launched each week depending upon group outcomes, with higher chances to get unique event cards! 

Eunseo bot was created by Alexandre, which now has a rating score of 4.65 stars even after being a brand new platform and is continuously growing over the Discord community. Eunseo bot offers the latest features in the gameplay that keeps the players occupied by giving them the best gaming experience in new ways. There’s a rare feature in Eunseo that the players need to gather gems every day.

The gems allow players to purchase new things and modify their cards. Gamers are even allowed to manage their inventory and utilize their time by modifying it. Finishing idols in-game and completing eras, the game will provide gamers with a unique group and legendary card. These cards allow players to take control of the game above the rest.

The facilities offered by this bot show creative thinking and extraordinary dedication in designing the bot. Hence, the bot is a strong recommendation for your servers. Although the bot isn’t that popular currently and is not added by many servers, still it keeps on growing each day and tries to offer the best services to its users always.

Although there is not that big number of users present on the bot right now, the ones who are here, have got a good experience we can assure you! The bot provides the ultimate card game experience but it’s still pending to create space on the Discord platform.

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How To Use Eunseo Bot Discord?

How To Use Eunseo Bot Discord?

As gamers develop more and more in the game, the player will be winning the latest cards one by one. Players are also allowed to unlock special activities with these cards to enjoy and gain more prizes. Overall the game contributed well to the economy, k-pop, gaming, and other experiences too. 

Well, the above data was bones! Let’s get into the blood and flesh of the subject. Here is the guide explaining how to use Eunseo Bot Discord : 

1. Collect Gems: By using: !daily, !work, !vote

2. Get Gacha Cards: By using: !gacha

3. Complete Your Favorite Groups: Get legendary cards as a reward!

4. Trade And Buy Cards: By using: !trade, !auc

Yep! And here we are done learning how to use Eunseo Bot Discord. No, no! This is no trick. It’s really this easy to play, K-pop gacha bot. 

Start today and collect your favorite cards.

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Eunseo Bot Discord Help Commands

Eunseo Bot Discord Help Commands
  1. !help action 
  1. !help reaction
  1. !help anime
  1. !help club
  1. !help config
  1. !help currency
  1. !help fun
  1. !help info
  1. !help misc
  1. !help manager
  1. !help marriage
  1. !help mod
  1. !help music
  1. !help utility

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How To Fix Eunseo Bot Not Working?

How To Fix Eunseo Bot Not Working?

Oftentimes, the Eunseo bot may have issues like malfunctioning the server or it may be offline. This might occur due to an error in the server for some reason. If you suffer from this issue, go through the Invite Tracker Supporter Community Server.

Also, ensure again that you have provided enough permissions to the Invite Tracker bot, which can be done in the Settings tab.

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Wrapping Up

In the above post, we’ve learned how to use Eunseo Bot Discord successfully. Actually, such mini-games on Discord servers suddenly got hyped because of the lockdown of two years, and the users who play these mini-games are so addicted that they still choose to stick to these bot games over battle and action games.

Eunseo is new to the market but as a new game, much better growth is observed in the stats of the bot. Alexandre invented it on the basis of K-pop card collection games with the purpose of entertainment and creativity development for the players on it.


Q1. Which Are The Top Servers Using Eunseo Bot?

Ans. It’s a fun bot according to the players, the event aspect of the game is the most loved part of the Eunseo bot.

These are the top 3 servers using the Eunseo bot

  1. Xiana
  2. engene’s play
  3. Official BTS AR

Q2. With Which Command The Players Can Buy And Trade Cards?

Ans. To trade and buy your cards by using these two commands :

  1. !trade
  2. !auc

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