How To Use Idle Miner Bot Discord? The Ideal Manual

How To Use Idle Miner Bot Discord

Discord is an online stage pretty popular in the community of gamers and players where video-audio calling, texting, sharing media, and live telecast is possible with full security. There are bots on Discord that make our streaming experience even better.  These bots are AI-driven tools, Idle Miner is one of them. So, in this post, we’ll be learning how to use idle miner bot Discord to enjoy the most of Discord.

Before you directly start playing the Idle Miner bot you need to know the aspects of bots and then we will move forward with how to use it. These bots are developed to automate tasks on your server. Just like that, Idle Miner Bot increases the server’s engagement.

Have you ever seen a #mining channel and other gamers playing around with the bot and enjoying it? What? You’re not sure where to start or how to start or what to do? Maybe you are already into it but do not get the basics of the bot. Well, don’t worry, in this guide, we will be easing your worries by telling you how to use Idle Miner Bot Discord.

Before starting the game with a bot, you need to understand and know what a prefix means! A prefix is a sign that comes before a command to make the bot perform a particular activity. That’s enough as a gist! Let’s get into the sea and find the pearls. Jk! Let’s learn how to use idle miner bot Discord.

What Is An Idle Miner Bot On Discord?

Idle miner is a bot on Discord that has a nice and easy-to-operate ecosystem to make your server members stay more active. The idle miner bot is made to boost up any server’s engagement and reach.

To set up the bot you need to enter “im!config”. You’re also allowed to modify the prefix and everything, just enter “im!help” for all the commands. This bot makes their users come back every for daily login rewards and users does return. Such features of idle miner make it one of the most fascinating and popular bots on Discord servers.

As the name suggests Idle Miner, the miner trips deep down into the mines where you’ve to collect all the blocks drugged up in the mines in a backpack, after filling all the backpacks with the blocks you’ll receive a rebirth. 25+ rebirths unveil an authority that will reset everything. It also provides you with a token that can be invested in permanent updates in the bot.

The major significance of this bot is its capacity to engage more and more users as a part it even the existing ones also returns again and again.

It’s a Minecraft-based Idle bot with a huge number of unique features like dimensions, pets, rebirths, and many more!

How To Set Up Your Profile On Idle Miner?

What Is An Idle Miner Bot On Discord?

Before learning how to use idle miner bot Discord let’s learn how to set up your profile on the idle miner. Here are the instructions to do so : 

1. Basics

To start exploration use; start, then your idle miner will rove down into the money.

2. Pets

You can make use of; hunt for a chance to receive a per! Every particular pet has its own power. 

3. Games

With; a coinflip you’ll be able to gamble on the outcome!

4. Kits/Boosters/Crates 

You have a group of; kits that you can redeem to earn crates! 

5. Levels

After reaching a specific amount of blocks broken, you’ll level up and will get better mines!

6. Rebirth

After getting the last backpack and pickaxe you unlock; rebirth.

7. Prestige

Once you rebirth 25+ times, the last pair’s evolution will unlock; prestige

8. Guild

After getting the ability to rebirth 1 you unlock the ability to create your personal guild. 

How To Use Idle Miner Bot Discord?

How To Use Idle Miner Bot Discord?

As we know that the prefix for idle miner is . (dot). You just have to put a . before any command and the bot will perform the command. We would suggest you check the .help command first. Here you’ll get a lot of information about a number of various commands idle miners to have. You can also go through the pictures to the right where you will find the help menu from the bot.

Now that you are familiar with the basics, it’s time to learn how to use Idle Miner Bot Discord, but first, there are a few things you need to know : 

1. You Carry A Backpack And A Pickaxe

The backpack has x amount of things which you can trade in exchange for money. The pickaxe mines the artifacts and puts them in your backpack automatically with the time. 

Hence, you need to keep a check on your backpack to trade your artifacts before your backpack fills or you run out of items that you could have received.

2. Utilizing Money You Update Your Pickaxe And Backpack

Updating the backpack means you can carry more items which can make you stay longer. Update your pickaxe means you mine even quickly which can then help you trade more often and make more money in the same period of time. 

Updating these two things is the most important portion of the game.

3. There’s A “Max” Level Of 200

You can rebirth after updating your backpack and pickaxe 200 times which is the maximum level. One cannot move forward without rebirthing in the game, because it’s the second most important feature.

Once you get a specific number of rebirths you can restart for prestigious – the actual game beginner.

Okay, here we’re done briefing about the features, let’s know exactly how to use idle miner bot Discord:

  1. .backpack – Let you view the remaining capacity of your backpack.
  2. .upgrade – Let you invest money to update a pickaxe/backpack.
  3. .sell – Trades everything in your backpack.
  4. .pickaxe – Displays the statistics of your pickaxe. 

You can make use of these commands to use an idle miner bot on Discord.

Wrapping Up

That’s all on how to use Idle Miner Bot Discord.

Idle miner is so well at engaging its users and adding on to the chain of associate branches of the bot, it offers you one rebirth that unlocks the ability to create your guild where you can call other members and keep records of an entire number of rebirths where all the other members will be equally benefited with sell buff hence increasing the growth and competition of the bot.

The Idle miner also offers a pet that has its own powers which can be increased. Now it’ll be more difficult for animal lovers to resist this gaming bot.


Q1. What Are Discord Bots And What Are Their Roles?

Ans. These servers have bots that help them maintain the Discord and make them more appealing. These bots greet a member on their joining, bans a member after breaking rules, and modify content as per the requirement and demand of the server. 

Q2. What Does CoinFlip Mean?

Ans. The idle miner involves an adventurous quiz where questions related to Minecraft are asked and if the answers are found correct you’ll be rewarded too. You can flip a coin if you know the answer by; coinflip and bet on the results.

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