How To Use TackoShack Bot Discord? TackoShack Bot Commands!

How To Use TackoShack Bot Discord

Wanna earn money while playing? Sounds impossible? No more. TackoShack made it possible. It gives the opportunity to earn money to its users on Discord. Want to know how? Let’s know how to use TackoShack Bot Discord.

TackoShack has 109.19K users and 4.6 stars as a rating. TackoShack is a money-making Discord bot that should surely be on everyone’s Discord servers so that they may earn some money while playing games. This bot lets its users purchase upgrades so that they may generate more revenue. Once reached a certain level, they can hire employees also to make tacos which are supposed to be sold to customers through which money will come.

Before knowing how to use TackoShack Bot Discord, you should know how to add TackoShack to your server which is here, TackoShack website >>> Login >>> Add To Discord >>> Register and Sign-in >>> choose the Permissions >>> choose the Server >>> Continue >>> Authorize >>> Verify Yourself >>> TackoShack Added to server. Now you’re ready to use TackoShack. But without commands, how?

Who said you’re going to use TackoShack without commands? Go and read, you’ll find everything: commands, features, how to earn, how to fix if it got corrupted, etc. Go, don’t delay. Read how to use TackoShack Bot Discord peacefully.

How To Install TackoShack Bot For Your Discord Server?

How To Install TackoShack Bot For Your Discord Server

Adding TackoShack Bot is a simple and straightforward task, you just need to follow the steps:

  1. Go to the Official Website of TackoShack and click on Login.
  1. Register yourself with your official Email Address and tap on Sign-In
  1. Select the Permissions you want to grant to TackoShack Bot.
  1. Next, from the drop-down menu select the Server in the Add Bot Section.
  1. Click on Continue and then tap on the Authorize button.
  1. Next, you need to verify yourself as a human, follow the Captcha and this step will be done.
  1. Now, head back to your Discord server Dashboard, and you’ll find TackoShack Added to your server.

Start playing and earning with your favorite money-making bot with the below-mentioned commands.

TackoShack Bot Discord Commands

TackoShack Bot Discord Commands

Have fun using a TackoShack on Discord! Find all the commands below to run your shack.


  1. help – View all TackoShack Commands
  1. info – View info about TackoShack
  1. tutorial – View the tutorial
  1. stats – View TackoShack’s stats
  1. aliases – View command aliases
  1. invite – Get an invite link for TackoShack
  1. vote – Vote for TackoShack for a reward
  1. prefix [new prefix] – Change the prefix for your server
  1. channel – Edit your channel/settings/restrictions
  1. support –  Join support server 
  1. prefixinfo – Display prefix for the server you’re in


  1. found – Found your TackoShack
  1. shack – View your TackoShack
  1. cooldowns – View your current cooldowns
  1. upgrades – View all upgrades
  1. deco – View all decorations
  1. shop – View purchasable boosts
  1. buy [ID] – Purchase an upgrade, ad, boost
  1. employees – View all available employees
  1. hire [id] – Hire an employee
  1. ads – View all available advertisements
  1. expand <info> – Expand your shack
  1. work – Cook some taco and make cash
  1. tips – Check for tips
  1. tasks – View your daily goals
  1. daily – Collect your daily gift


  1. flip [heads/tails] [bet] – Flip a coin
  1. slots <bet> – Play slots or help menu
  1. scratch – Buy a scratch card
  1. blackjack [bet] – Play blackjack
  1. cups [bet] – Play Cup game
  1. roll – Roll a dice


  1. leaderboard <global> – View tacos sold leaderboard
  1. richest <global> – View richest players
  1. incomes <global><beach> – View income leaderboard
  1. shifts <global> – View most shifts worked
  1. tiplb <global> – View most tips collected
  1. streak <global> – View longest streak leaderboard
  1. votestreak <global> – View longest vote streak leaderboard
  1. gs <global> – View highest work streak
  1. weekly <global> – View weekly shift leaderboard
  1. giftlb <global> – View gifts sent leaderboard

How To Manage Your Shack?

How To Manage Your Shack

Before getting on how to use TackoShack Bot Discord, let’s see how to manage TackoShack Bot Discord. Other than having your new employees who are making tacos for you now, you should do part anyway and help them out!


Cook tacos, use “!work”. You can work with a gap of every 10 minutes, you can double the charge you earn with the Appliances upgrade.


Collect your tips every 5 minutes with !tips. Upgrade your tip jar and increase the amount.

Customer Happiness 

Clean shack daily, and maintain a clean environment. Use !clean to keep your shack in the number one position. Keep your customer happy.


Edit your Shack’s Menu. Use !menu. Increase income by adding more items.


Expand your shack by increasing hourly and balance. Expand your shack and unlock more upgrades! Use ! expand.


Get coupons from Daily Streak and Voting, and redeem these to earn a random amount of money. Use ! coupons for this, also view your coupons. Use !redeem to redeem the coupons.

Daily Tasks

Complete your Daily Goals. Check these with !tasks or !g. Claim the completed tasks with !g claim!

Now you know all the basics, use !help to see the remaining of the commands at your disposal! Or you can use your !tutorial command for a complete guide, there you’ll get familiar with rest of the features like:

  1. Achievements
  2. Taco Truck
  3. Franchises
  4. Naming and changing your Shack Slogan
  5. New Locations
  6. Gambling Commands 

How To Use TackoShack Bot Discord? 

How To Use The TackoShack Bot On Discord

How to use TackoShack Bot Discord?

Want to earn money with fun? Come TackoShack will help.

Its main theme is to manage shacks. You’re supposed to attract customers to purchase your shacks which will make your income. Sauce Market can help you with boosting your income to the next level. A user can purchase and sell sauces in the Sauce Market and can make more profit. 

There are multiple games through which users can entertain themselves while working. The games are Taco slots or blackjack and other entertaining games to analyze their luck at the Scratch Tickets. The highest seller will rank up on the leaderboard.

You are supposed to sell more and more tacos to rank higher and become rich. For better results and high income, you need to put more effort and spend more time on the bot. Also, the bot allows you to collaborate with your friends to create franchises together and promote them to earn big amounts of money. Remember to customize your franchise with a logo and colors to make it appealing.

How To Fix TackoShack Bot Not Working?

A few of the times, the TackoShack Bot may get some errors, like it might not respond and it may not be online. This may occur due to bot servers being down because of any random reason. If you go through such issues check in the Invite Tracker Support Community Server.

Also, ensure that you have given enough permissions to invite the Tracker bot, it can be done from the settings page.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for how to use TackoShack Bot Discord.

TackoShack Bot offers a game through which users can earn money. In this game, users have to cook tacos, put them on shacks, and sell these shacks. Promote their work so that their business may reach a high level and may reach more and more audiences to showcase their attractive shacks.

To make those shacks appealing for customers to purchase, but decorations for shacks. Give your income a temporary boost by purchasing boosts when shacks perform the best.


Q1. How To Make A TacoShack?

Ans. Use ” !found ” to create your taco shack! 

Q2. How To Rename A Taco Shack?

Ans. Use !name [new name] or !rename[new name] to change the name of your taco shack!

Q3. How To Check Achievements?

Ans. Use ! achievements or !a, when you complete an achievement, the bot will let you know.

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