Nick Eh 30 Discord | How To Join?

Nick Eh 30 Discord

Seeing your favorite gamer live in action, is a dream come true for all gaming enthusiasts. Believe it or not, you can now see Nick Eh 30, one of the most popular YouTube’s top Fortnite pro-gamer, live in action. Join the Nick Eh 30 Discord server, and become a part of the Eh Team, to get exclusive access to all the latest updates.

Watching pro-gamer’s play and mimicking their game play and style, is the survival tactic that is used by most gamers. Following their gaming style and discussing gaming strategies to complete quests, is the main priority of most users on Discord. They follow top pro-gamers like SypherPk, Myth and Ninja on Discord to get direct access to their official channels and connect with fellow gamers.

You can join the Nick Eh 30 Discord server by clicking the official Nick Eh 30 Discord server link and accepting the invitation to join. Then click the ‘I am a Human’ box and verify the captcha to gain access to the server.

Nick Eh 30 is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining pro-gamers, who is adored by all gamers. His Nick Eh 30 Discord server prioritizes his platform to be family friendly and to spread positivity, unlike most other Discord servers that display unruly code of conduct, we assure that you will find solace in Nick Eh 30 Discord server, by being a part of his trusted Eh Team. 

What Is Nick Eh 30 Discord Server?

Nick Eh 30 Discord is an exclusive platform created especially for Nick’s Eh Team, that consists of his fans and followers. With over 144k members, Nick Eh 30 Discord server is one of the most popular channels on Discord with an average of 10k members live online at all times. This is a family friendly server that invites all gamers and streamers alike to meet fellow members to share information and updates about their favorite Fortnite games, and chat with each other.  It is a fun and informative platform created by the Canadian pro-gamer, that is open to all interested users.

Is There Nick Eh 30 Discord Server?

Nick Eh 30 Discord

Absolutely yes! There is a Nick Eh 30 Discord server that is currently available to all interested users. It has been crafted to perfection, with detailed explanations of All Roles and Eh Team awards at each level. You will receive a personalized welcome message at the time of joining the Eh Team. 

Nick Eh 30 Discord Server Link

Look no further for the official Nick Eh 30 Discord server. We offer to you the exclusive Nick Eh 30 Discord server link. All you need to do is tap on the link given below to be redirected into the Nick Eh 30 Discord.

You can find the official Nick Eh 30 Discord server link here.

How To Join Nick Eh 30 Discord Server Link?

You will be able to join Nick Eh 30 Discord server by opening your web browser and logging in to your Discord account > Click the invitation link > Accept the invitation > Verify the captcha.

We have served you the official link to the Nick Eh 30 Discord server, in a platter. All you have to do now is follow our instructions given below to be a part of the Eh Team.

Step 1 – Open your web browser and login to your Discord account.

Step 2 – Click the invitation link provided.

Step 3 – Click on Accept invitation.

Step 4 – Verify the captcha if needed.

Just select the ‘I am a Human’ box and follow the on-screen prompts to join the Nick Eh 30 Discord server.

Nick Eh 30 Discord Features

Once you enter the Nick Eh 30 Discord server you will notice that it is one of the most detailed and organized servers on Discord. All users will receive a personal welcome message, welcoming them to the Eh Team.  You can then explore the various features that Eh Nick Eh 30 Discord server has to offer, as noted below.

  • All new members of the Nick Eh 30 Discord server will be given an official welcome message, stating that it is a family friendly community.
  • You will be able to see All Roles including Team Leader, Administrators, Moderators and Content Creators.
  • There exists special Twitch Subs and exclusive voice channels for YouTubers.
  • A detailed list of Discord rules that all users must adhere to is listed.
  • Sub-FAQs with instructions on how to sync Twitch with Discord are explained.
  • All the latest information on Nick Eh 30 announcements, updates and streams & videos are displayed.
  • The official links to Nick Eh 30’s YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Discord and Snapchat are given.
  • Link to Nick Eh 30’s latest games and live streams on Fortnite is displayed.
  • The Nick Eh 30 Discord server have separate chat rooms each for the purpose of fitness, help, general, looking for team, suggestions, self promotion, other discords and bot commands.
  • An organized list of photo & video sharing rooms has been created separately for Fortnite, gaming, memes, animals, food, art, fan arts, item shop, code nickEh30 and merch.
  • The following information on Fortnite custom matches are provided – how to verify, verification, rules for customs, rules for customs and not Fortnite custom ideas are given.

Nick Eh 30 Discord Server Rules

All the members of the Eh Team must comply to the following rules that Moderators have enforced. If you fail to follow these rules it will trigger a warning, kick or ban from the Nick Eh 30 Discord server.

  1. Do not impersonate others.
  2. Do not make rude or inappropriate comments on another user.
  3. Users bringing drama from other social media platforms to the Nick Eh 30 Discord server will not be tolerated.
  4. Do not engage in racism.
  5. Do not post se*ually suggestive images in the chats.
  6. No swearing or using bad language. Alternatively you can make use of acronyms like WTF, OMFG, etc.
  7. Communicate in English only.
  8. Do not send spam messages in the chats or via DMs.
  9. Do not mass tag users or accounts unnecessarily.
  10. Do not engage in politics or religious discussions.
  11. Do not post links for giveaways, adult or derogatory content, and harmful content with viruses.
  12. Direct selling of goods or services is prohibited.
  13. Refrain from sharing personal information.
  14. Do not post pictures or videos created by others.
  15. Do not post spoilers for new movies, games or books.

Nick does not personally endorse any of the links that are posted on the Nick Eh 30 Discord server. You should take full responsibility of what ensues and bear any consequence that might arise.


Discord offers a wonderful platform for users with similar interests to meet and converse. All members will have direct access to all the official information and announcements made in their server. Choosing to join the right Discord server gives you the opportunity to get closer to your favorite streamers, pro-gamers and even the developers. Now that you have access to the Nick Eh 30 Discord server, explore everything it has to offer, and ensure that you make the best use of it.

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