PKHeX Discord Bot | How To Download PKHeX Bot?

PKHeX Discord Bot

If you don’t know much about the PKHeX Discord bot and are interested in exploring then let us tell you that PkHeX.Discord is a C# library basically used in Automation, Discord applications, Bot. For more info related to PKHeX, read the article till the end. 

Discord is protected from bugs and is not prone to any sort of technical harm. One can download it from the App Store, Play Store or GitHub. PKHeX API Discord bot is a free to play game for PCs. It is designed by an independent developer who is known as KWSCH. If you find this bot interesting and wish to use it but don’t know much about the PKHeX Discord bot then you surely read this article out.

In this article we will be covering what PKHeX Discord bot is, what files it supports, its features and a lot more! You can learn all of this in just a 2 minute read.

PKHeX Discord bot is a useful tool that helps in editing game save files for different titles in the famous Pokemon monster collecting and training game franchise. 

What Is PKHeX Discord Bot?

PKHeX is similar to Pokemon Showdown. PKHeX is one of the multiple utilities being made for Pokemon by their die hard fans in the community. PKHeX eases it for everyone to make additions and edit their game, save files and make minor and major alterations in them to the fly via an intuitive user interface which provides a number of features and options.

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PKHeX.Discord Key Features:

  1. Index/Personallnfo ftech
  2. View the commands folder for supported commands (.help)
  3. Legality checking (through attached PKM file)
  4. Automatic Legality (through ShowdownSet paste or attached PKM file)
  5. Move Learnability

Files Supported By PKHeX

  1. GameCube Memory Card files (*.raw, *.bin) including GC Pokemon savegames.
  2. Mystery Gift files (*.pgt, *.PCD, *.pgf, .wc*) including conversion to .pk*
  3. Save files (“main”, *.sav, *.dsv, *.day, *.gci, *.bin)
  4. Importing GO Park entities (*.gp1) including conversion to .pb7
  5. Mystery Gift files (*.pgt, *.PCD, *.pgf, .wc*) including conversion to .pk*
  6. Individual Pokemon entity files (.pk*, *.ck3, *.xk3, *.pb7, *.ske, *.bk4, *.rk4)
  7. Transferring from one generation to another, converting layouts all the way.
  8. Importing teams from Decrypted 3DS Battle Videos

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How To Download PKHeX?

PKHeX Discord Bot

PKHeX Discord bot saves files which are not at all encrypted with Console-specific keys. One can use a Savedata Manager to import and export from the console (save_manager, SaveDataFiler or JKSM).

Learn how to download PKHeX Discord bot from this given set of instructions: 

PKHeX For Windows:

Once you tap on the Download button, select “PKHeX (Version number).zip”.

PKHeX For Linux With Mono:

After clicking on the Download button, select “PKHeX-mono (VersionNumber).zip”.

PKHeX For Mac:

When you tap on the Download button, you can select either of the two files, but if you need to have legality checking, do not download the one tagged “Illegal Mode”.

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So this was how to download PKHeX Discord bot on Windows, Linux and Mac devices.

Manage Your Game Saved With PKHeX Discord Bot

PKHeX Discord Bot

PKHeX is an editor that one can access to save files for multiple mainline consoles in the Pokemon series. With PKHeX Discord bot, one is capable enough to import and export data  between saves, customize multiple factors according to your taste and a lot more. It favors many formats from memory card files to mystery gift files and entity files. It also brings you a conversion feature that helps you with comparability across multiple versions.

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There are a total of five primary tabs to access through in-app based on what alterations and modifications you want to make. Customize your pokemon’s name, abilities, level and other things from the main tab. If you feel like making changes in the location and date you met your Pokemon on, then you can achieve it from the Met section. You can find how strong their attributes are by heading to the Stats page. You can find the Attack tab where you can fix the move set for every Pokemon that you have.

At last, the OT/Misc section is for multiple things like ribbons, trainer’s data, Pokemon memories and others.

Wrapping Up

In PKHeX Discord bot, data is shown in a way that can be edited and saved later on. The interface can be with external text files so that multiple languages can be supported. PKHeX Discord bot does not support, favor or entertain any sort of cheating at the expense of anyone else. One should not use significantly hacked or tricked Pokemon in the game, trades or battles with the unaware ones.

Lastly, if you are someone who is a big fan of Pokemon and its franchise then PKHeX is a utility worth your time. It offers you entire control over every aspect of your Pokemon virtually. It’ll be a little difficult in the beginning but with time you will get to know that it’s worth learning all about PKHeX Discord bot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Edit A Discord Bot?

For this you have to permit bots to edit messages of others. This will make it clear that the message was edited, and should also allow the bot to add or remove embedded content from the message.

Q. How Do I Add Mods To Bots Discord?

Check Your Permissions > Invite The Bot > Authorize The Bot’s Permissions > Adjust The Bot’s Role > Configure > Use Bot.

Q. Is Self Botting Allowed Discord? 

Automating a regular user’s account outside of the OAuth2/bot API is forbidden and can result in an account termination if found.

Q. What Is A SysBot?

SysBot can automate your Nintendo Switch to Seed check, link trade, surprise trade and hunt for shiny eggs.

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