PLS BUY ME Discord | PLS BUY ME Codes 2023

PLS BUY ME Discord

Let’s buy and collect real people cards. Yes, we are talking about Real People Roblox Avatar. The Roblox game PLS BUY ME and its official PLS BUY ME Discord are now available online where Roblox players can hang out together and buy Avatar collection Cards for Robux!

If you are a fan of collecting Baseball player cards, then PLS BUY ME Discord will surely be a game changer. You can start playing PLS BUY ME on Roblox, but to get PLS BUY ME tips you have to join the official discord channel. 

To join the PLS BUY ME Discord, you have to open on a browser or launch the Discord app on your phone. Log in to your Discord account and then click on the PLS BUY ME Discord Server link. Click on the Accept Invite button and you are all set to join the Roblox gang and collect cool Avatar cards! 

If you are a pro-Roblox player and have an urgent need for Robux, the best thing you can do is sell your Roblox Avatar Cards. To learn the PLS BUY ME card values as well as PLS BUY ME secret codes for buying and selling cards, you have to join PLS BUY ME Discord server. Let us show you how to join this server and find PLS BUY ME Codes 2023. 

What Is PLS BUY ME Discord Server?

Are you playing the PLS BUY ME game on Roblox already? If the answer is yes, then the good news is, PLS BUY ME has launched its official Discord server. The PLS BUY ME Discord already has 13,983 members and counting! 

Here you can connect with more Roblox players and share gaming tips and tricks. If you are new to Roblox, you can find great mentors here. Also, you can join in the fun activities, tournaments and get amazing rewards. 

Is There PLS BUY ME Discord Server?

PLS BUY ME Discord Server

Yes, PLS BUY ME Discord server is now available online!

Playing PLS BUY ME is super fun as well as profitable if you can sell some good Avatar cards. However, joining the  PLS BUY ME Discord server is even better as you can not only find buyers or sellers here, you will meet with some great Roblox players too. Moreover, if you are looking for PLS BUY ME Roblox Codes, this server will come to great aid! 

PLS BUY ME Discord Server Link

As we were talking about, the popularity of PLS BUY ME Roblox is insane. Although PLS BUY ME official Discord server is now available online, you may find it difficult to find the server link. This is mostly because of the fan-made Discord server with a similar name! Besides, there are malicious links too. So, here we are, picking the official PLS BUY ME Discord server link for you. Find the link below and click on it to join the server now:

PLS BUY ME Discord Server – Click To Join

How To Join PLS BUY ME Discord Server? 

To join the PLS BUY ME Discord, open > Log in to your Discord account > Click on the server link shared > Accept Invite > Verify Discord Captcha > Link your Roblox account > Verify > Done! 

Finding the official PLS BUY ME Discord link may sound difficult, but we shared the official link with you. Now joining the server would be a piece of cake if you have experience using Discord. Here is a quick guideline for you:

Step 1: Open and log in to your Discord account.

Step 2: Click on the PLS BUY ME Discord server link that we have shared with you above in this article. 

Step 3: Click on the “Accept Invite” button. 

Step 4: Verify Discord Captcha.

Step 5: Agree with Terms and Conditions. 

Step 6: Verify your Roblox account to unlock the features of the server. Click on the Update My Roles button

Step 7: Next click on ‘Verify My Roblox Account’. A new page will appear and you have to log in to your Roblox account for the verification.

As soon as you complete the verification process, you can access your PLS BUY ME Discord membership. 

PLS BUY ME Codes | August 2023

If you are looking for PLS BUY ME Codes, here is the updated list [updated August 2023] for you: 

Release – You can get 100 Fame Coins

SecretCliff – You can get 80 Fame Coins

SecretCave – You can get for 50 Fame Coins

Update1 – You can get 5 Own Card

SECRETDUCK – You can get Secret Duck Card Skin

Visit4M – You can get 100 Fame Coins

Above all are the active codes. It is recommended that you should try these PLS BUY ME Active Codes as soon as possible before they expire. 

PLS BUY ME Discord Features

Joining PLS BUY ME Discord comes with multiple benefits. Here are some of the attractive features of this amazing discord server: 

1. Only authenticated Roblox players can join this server. Hence, you can meet with only serious players. 

2. You can share Tips and Tricks regarding any Roblox games.

3. Team up with players and join any tournament. 

4. Get giveaway rewards that are often shared on the server. 

5. Always get the active PLS BUY ME codes to redeem maxim rewards. 

6. Join the voice channel as well as stream games with friends, while keeping your identity secret. 

PLS BUY ME Discord Server Rules

PLS BUY ME Discord comes with several strict rules to keep their server clean. Here is the list of rules that you have to abide by while being part of this super-active discord community:

Rule 1: Sending or linking any harmful material including sexual content and malware is prohibited. 

Rule 2: Do not spam. 

Rule 3: No racism is allowed, even if it is a joke. 

Rule 4: Homophobic slurs are not allowed. 

Rule 5: Using excessive inappropriate language is not allowed. 

Rule 6: Do not share any personal information for any reason.

Rule 7: Sending or sharing scary content is not allowed. 

Rule 8: If you are muted or banned, and create another account to join the server again, that will be banned too.

Rule 9: Self-promotion or sending DMs is not allowed. 

Rule 10: Only the English language is allowed for communication. 

Rule 11: Do not mind grammatical errors. Not all members are fluent in English. Respect their linguistic skill. 

Rule 12: It is up to you how to trust someone you are trading with, Discord staff do not take responsibility.

Rule 13: Being toxic towards the community will lead to banning from the server. 

Rule 14: No political, religious, or highly depressive discussion. 

Rule 15: You are not allowed to Ping a developer. 


Let’s make some Robux! Yes, start playing PLS BUY ME today where you can buy and sell real people Roblox Avatar. It’s easier if you join the official PLS BUY ME Discord server. Because members of this server will not only help you to explore PLS BUY ME and share codes but also team up with you to Stream Roblox on Discord too! Let’s join the server today and share your experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How To Collect Real People Roblox Avatar? 

To collect real people Roblox Avatar, you have to play PLS BUY ME Roblox game. 

Q2. How To Redeem PLS BUY ME Codes?

To redeem PLS BUY ME codes, open Roblox PLS BUY ME >> Press Code on your left >> Enter the code in the box >> Click on Redeem >> Done! 

Q3. How To Find PLS BUY ME Active Codes?

You can join the official PLS BUY ME Discord server or follow Deasilex for PLS BUY ME Active Codes. 

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