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PogMC Discord

Minecrafters get you Game mode on, your most anticipated PogMC Skyblock RPG server for Minecraft Bedrock is now available on Discord. All players can now join the PogMC Discord server to have the best gaming experience with fellow gamers. Are you anxious to build your island and gather limited resources to survive? Join the PogMC Discord server to discuss gaming strategies and get official guidance.

PogMC is a Skyblock RPG server for Minecraft Bedrock edition, that offers a unique role-playing experience for all players. It is the best destination for all Minecraft players who are in the pursuit to find high-quality servers. The PogMC Discord server includes A Skyblock server and a BedWars server that offers all gamers an unparalleled experience. Players looking for custom maps, in-game cosmetics, islands, and auctions, can get them all via PogMC Discord.

To join the PogMC Discord server just click on the link for PogMC Discord and accept the invite. Click to check the ‘I am a Human’ box and verify the captcha.

Minecraft is constantly working on ways to improve and expand its network. Gamers can now experience high-quality games with Skyblock and BedWars servers. All you have to do is access the PogMC Discord server to amplify your gaming experience.

What Is PogMC Discord Server?

The PogMac Discord Server is the go-to destination for all gamers who are on a quest to find official information about Skyblock and BedWars servers. It offers the best Skyblock RPG experience for all gamers who use the Minecraft Bedrock edition. It has six exclusive channels with a special channel created especially for newcomers. Currently, it has over 35k members and is growing at a very fast pace.

Is There PogMC Discord Server?

Of course yes. There is a PogMC Discord Server that offers all the latest news and updates for all gamers. It offers an official platform for all players to connect with each other to discuss gaming strategies and participate in other community events. This is the best place for all gamers to ask questions and get assistance directly from the staff members and other experienced players. 

PogMC Discord Server Link

The PogMC Discord Server invite link is now available to all gamers for free. While most of your fellow players are racking their brains trying to locate the PogMC Discord Server, you will be the first to discover the official invite link. Just tap on the link given below to gain direct access to the PogMC Discord Server.

You can join the PogMC Discord Server by clicking this Invitation link.

How To Join PogMC Discord Server Link?

PogMC Discord Server

You can join the PogMC Discord server by opening your web browser and logging in to your Discord account > Click the Invitation link > Accept invite > Verify the captcha.

Let us gear up and get that gamer mode turned on. You can follow our lead to join the official PogMC Discord Server.

Step 1 – Open your web browser and log in to your Discord account.

Step 2 – Now, click on the Invitation link that is given above.

Step 3 – Click on “Accept Invite”.

Step 4 – Verify the captcha if required.

Just click on ‘I am not a Human’ and then follow the on-screen prompts to join the PogMC Discord server.

PogMC Discord Features

Gamers who have successfully joined the PogMC Discord server will have direct access to various unique features that are available exclusively to them.

  • PogMC Discord offers a special welcome for all newcomers. Every noob will get a personalized welcome message, that includes their username, and profile picture. They will also be able to see their personal membership number.
  • All gamers can create a customized profile, by entering their pronouns and region. Further, they can choose to get pinged for all the latest announcements, and updates.
  • Players can see a clearly defined set of rules that they must adhere to.
  • PogMC Discord has a special set of In-game rules for all gamers to follow.
  • All recent announcements that are made by the developers can be viewed via the PogMC Discord server.
  • Players can gain access to unique gaming codes through the link-account feature.
  • You can unlock all PogMC Network’s channels and join the Minecraft Bedrock server via the About-linking feature.

PogMC Discord Sever Rules

The PogMC Discord server has a well-defined set of rules and Community Guidelines for all users to follow. It has specific in-game rules that help maintain the decorum of the platform.

The Rules

  1. All gamers must follow Discord’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  2. Read all the basic information before asking questions.
  3. Use the English language only.
  4. Be kind and respectful to all. Toxicity is strictly prohibited.
  5. Controversial conversations on politics, religion, etc. must remain civil.
  6. No spam messages are allowed.
  7. All names regarding Zalgo characters will be changed.
  8. Any XP abuse is punishable.
  9. While SFW is allowed to an extent, all NSFW is strictly prohibited.
  10. Avoid promotion or discussions on pain or destruction, weapons, dosing, doxxing, crime, su*c*de, dark or provocative humor, etc.
  11. Privacy is prohibited.
  12. All shortened links are prohibited.
  13. Bypassing rules are prohibited.
  14. Players should use their common sense and make judgments based on these fundamental rules.
  15. Any breach of the above-stated rules will result in sanctions against the offender. 

In-game Server Rules

  1. PogMC Discord follows a strict policy against any form of cheating including hacking or exploiting that gives an unfair advantage.
  2. Any act of stealing or grieving is not acceptable. All players should respect each other’s properties and be respectful.
  3. No spamming or advertising via PogMC Discord, as it would disrupt the gameplay.
  4. Any harmful language or behavior will not be tolerated.
  5. Players who witness any violation of rules are expected to report it to the staff members immediately.
  6. Do not request items or ranks from the staff or fellow players. 
  7. Do not impersonate staff members of other players.
  8. Do not create inappropriate or offensive structures on your island or on the server.
  9. Do not exploit bugs or glitches to gain an undue advantage.
  10. Do not engage in activities that could violate the Minecraft End User License Agreement or Mojang’s terms of service.
  11. Follow all the rules and guidelines that are specific to the server and the game.
  12. Trading of in-game items with IRL money is prohibited.

PogMC Network could modify these set rules at any time. It is the responsibility of players to stay updated on any new rules, even without prior notification.

Wrap Up

Gamers have the most fun while gaming with friends and fellow gamers. Discord offers the best platform for all gamers to meet their fellow players and socialize through their favorite games. You can not only meet new gamers but use the platform to learn new gaming strategies to complete difficult quests. You can now join PogMC Discord to get direct access to all the official news and exclusive announcements made by the creators themselves. Gear up and turn on your game mode to explore PogMC Discord.

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