Pride Parade In Metaverse | Celebrate All Shades Of LGBTQ In Metaverse

Pride Parade In Metaverse

The LGBTQ Community has come a long way now but still has miles to cover. To encourage everyone and make them participate in LGBTQ+ parades The Pride Parade in Metaverse is organized every year. Metaverse allows everyone to participate without any barriers. 

Get ready for another Pride Parade in Metaverse. As the previous Parade hosted by the Sandbox, NYX and Decentraland were so successful the news of the New Pride Parade just broke in. The brands are experimenting day by day so that the LGBTQ community can reach a larger audience. 

In the Metaverse, the users can create, experience, and monetize the content. Also, they can socialize and attend a wide range of daily community-driven events. NYX, Decentraland, and Sandbox are some of the virtual metaverse platforms where users can enter the virtual social world. 

Pride Parade In Metaverse by NYX

Since its launching, NYX has donated more than $150,000 to the Los Angeles Center. This year, NYX is partnering with the Sandbox, a decentralized gaming metaverse, to increase representation and bring the parade to life. 


“Paint Your Own Story” is this year’s campaign of NYX Professional Makeup. The NYX is hosting its virtual parade on June 24 which will include a diverse representation of marginalized communities in the form of digital NFT avatars. This year the brand will celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community with digital and physical experiences and live performances. 

A live mural painting by artist Seth Bogart will take place during the month-long celebration. American rapper Saucy Santana, TikTok star, and a Drag Show will open to the public on 9 June at Heart West Hollywood, US. 

The campaign includes a drop of 8,430 NFT – nonfungible token avatars which will incorporate over 36 skin shades and aim to encompass every ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation. The NYX will also donate 100% of the proceeds to the Los Angles LGBTQ center. The Avatar outfit will be provided by GAP and American Eagle.

Pride Parade In Metaverse by DECENTRALAND 

Pride Parade In Metaverse

The Virtual Social World Decentraland has announced the launch of the world’s first Web3-powered and digital space for the Global LGBTIQA+ community. Decentraland will hold a month-long celebration featuring entertainment from international music icons, and curated content and will be presented in partnership with META PRIDE LAND, Teleperformance, and Mastercard.

“We are thrilled to kick off Pride Month by showing that, yes, even in the metaverse LGBTIQA+ people exist, we are here, and we are all a part of the Web3 revolution”. says Lara Dias, Head of Metaverse Pride at Decentraland. 

The Decentraland commits to providing an inclusive and open metaverse, especially for those where pride celebration is not accessible. Decentraland is the best platform to empower and support the LGBTQ community. 


The Decentraland’s Pride Parade in Metaverse will begin on 11 June at 9 pm UTC, it will be a live 24\7 Parade until the end of June. Pop Superstar Thalia will have her float during the parade where she will sing her most iconic songs – “Piel Morena”,” Arrasando”,” a Quien le Importa” and “Amor a la Mexicana”. Additionally, a 6-minute medley of Thalia’s will also play at the Virtual Stage Concert. She will be joined by others like Immersive Kind, Known Origin, and Puma Camille. 

Penguin – a fashion brand has created a fashion pride collection to support the Event. HUG’ Web3, a community of creators and collectors, presents a huggable Glitter Robot. Unicorn DAO and QueerCapita are also featuring designs made to show the diversity of digital design space. 

A twin pride festival – METAPRIDE LAND, will also be hosted in New York City Pride as well as in Decentraland. Performances by Above & Beyond, Aquaria, Galantis, Gottmik, Ty Sunderland, Spencer Brown, Violet Chachki, SG Lewis, LP Giobbi, and many other artists and performers will be live-streamed into Decentraland. This live event will take place at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, New York on June 25th. 

Pride Parade In Metaverse by The SANDBOX 

The Sandbox, a virtual location, will be the first platform to host the Pride Parade in Metaverse. The POC Lab- People of Crypto is the creator of this event, focusing on building diversity in Web3 space. 


Sandbox will allow all users of different shapes, sizes, and identities to spend their life in the Metaverse. The event will take place in Mid-June and is intending to establish Sandbox as a welcoming location for LQBTQA+ Community. The Sandbox is showcasing diverse avatars including avatars on wheelchairs and in Hijabs. 

Wrapping Up

The primary purpose of Pride Parade in Metaverse is to uplift individual users and to support social justice-oriented virtual events to create new opportunities for the brand to engage with communities. Pride Parade in Metaverse is a big step towards cultivating diversity in the digital world.

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