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Love for Mixed Martial Arts [MMA] introduced us to Real Xtreme Fighting [RXF]. Now, if you are wondering why we are talking about RXF Discord; the answer is this Romanian MMA promotion company is a vibe and the RXF Discord server is the den for the MMA lovers!

Founded in 2011, Real Xtreme Fighting [RXF] is at the forefront of MMA promotion. The popularity of this promotional channel increased with each celebrity-intense match held. If you are also following RXF matches for quite a long time, then look no further and join RXF Discord.

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To join the RXF Discord server, click on the RXF Discord server link and accept the invite, check on the I am Human box and verify the captcha! 

RXF has gained popularity in a short time as they showcase nine weight divisions and has made the fighting category more challenging. Joining the RXF Discord server will help you to get a promo for every event, live streaming, and many advantages including early booking for the matches! 

What Is RXF Discord Server?

The RXF Discord server is created by the official RXF team to connect with the RXF fans on the Discord platform. Moreover, you can find many RXF dedicated Discord servers created by fans that are as popular as the official Discord server for RXF. 

You can Google for the RXF Discord server and find the official server link easily. However, if you are short on time, and want to skip clicking on the spam links that are scattered around, find the Discord server link for RXF in this article. 

Is There RXF Discord Server?

Yes, RXF Discord server is available on the internet. However, you can find many public servers tagged with RXF. The truth is, there are many fan-created RXF Discord servers available that are equally popular as the official server. 

However, there are spam links too that can mislead you. To avoid confusion, you can try clicking on the invitation link shared in this article and save your precious time. 

RXF Discord Server Link

It took some time, but we managed to find the RXF Discord server link that does not lead to any spam or 404 pages. Find the invitation link below and click on the link to join this popular Discord server. 

RXF Discord Server Link – Click To Join

How To Join RXF Discord Server Link?

To join the RXF Discord server go to > login to your Discord account > click on the server invitation link > Accept Invite > Verify the captcha > Done!

If you are new to Discord and not much familiar with how to join a new Discord server, we have got your back. Follow the quick step-by-step instructions and join the RXF Discord server just in seconds: 

Step 1: Open a browser and go to and then log into your Discord account. 

Step 2: Click on the shared server link for RXF. 

Step 3: Once the Discord server invitation page is open, click on the ‘Accept Invite’.

Step 4: Verify the Google image captcha. 

Done! You have joined the RXF Discord server successfully! 

RXF Discord Features

No wonder RXF had made its strong fanbase in a short time. Every 1 among 10 Discord users is an RXF fan. If you have just been introduced to RXF and are not much aware of the RXF craze, it’s ok! But, here are some amazing features of the RXF Discord server that will make you fall in love with this channel. 

1. Join friends with similar interests. 

2.  You can chat with many fans 24/7 on RXF. 

3. Learn about the RXF matches in advance. 

4. Share memes and other content with RXF friends on this Discord. 

5. Stream RXF matches on this Discord server with friends. 

6. Get tickets for the important RXF matches from Discord. 

7.  Get coupons and enjoy freebies as an in-house treat. 

RXF Discord Server Rules

Joining the Discord server dedicated to RXF is exciting. it’s all about sharing content and streaming matches while chatting with Discord friends. Now, this Discord server like many other follow strict rules that you have to abide by to remain a valuable member of the group:

Rule 1: Be respectful and treat all members with a warm heart, regardless of their background, opinions, or beliefs.

Rule 2: Spamming is not allowed in this Discord server. 

Rule 3: You are not allowed to advertise your personal brand or content. 

Rule 4: You are not allowed to share any content that is illegal or can bring legal issues to the channel. 

Rule 5: Hate speech and offensive language are strictly banned. If you get caught on the act, you will be removed from the group. 

Rule 6: You are not allowed to publish any NSFW content

Rule 7: You are not allowed to chat on any topic that is not related to RXF. 

Rule 8: Impersonating other members of the group or any public figures is not allowed. 

Rule 9: You have to follow the rules set by the Discord server moderators. 

Rule 10: Do not argue or engage in verbal fights, just because you do not support some players that are supported by other members. 


The craze of MMA lit us and that is the reason we are all teaming up in the RXF Discord server. Although this Discord server is dedicated to one MMA promotional channel RXF only, you can talk about other games too in this Discord. By saying that, there are many MMA promotional Discord channels available on Discord. Join these groups and share your love for MMA fighting! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Has RXF Launched An Official Discord Server?

Yes, RXF has launched its official Discord server. However, the server link is not easy to find on the internet. But, fan-made RXF servers are available that are popular too. 

Q2. How To Find RXF Discord Server?

To find the Discord server for RXF, you have to search on any search engine and you will find the link. 

Q3. Can We Stream Matches In RXF Discord?

Yes, all RXF Discord members are allowed to stream matches in the Discord server. 

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