Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 vs Galaxy Chromebook! Which One’s Best?

SamsungGalaxyChromebook2 vs Galaxy Chromebook

When we talk about Samsung. It is not fair if we don’t talk about Chromebooks. Nowadays, Samsung is in the news because of launching its new Chromebook: Samsung Galaxy Chrome book 2. Try a quick comparison between Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 vs Galaxy Chromebook. Chromebook is also like a laptop and two-in-ones running on Google’s Chrome operating system. 

Why Samsung launched Samsung Chromebook 2? Was Samsung Galaxy Chromebook not enough? Samsung Galaxy Chromebook has some new features that are very different from orignal. Also, The Chromebook plays a great role in the teaching atmosphere. In Covid 19 situation, all our teaching and learning systems became digital. That’s why the Chromebook is a better instrument in today’s time.

What do you think is best, Samsung Galaxy Chromebook or Chromebook 2? Most people think that the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is better than the Chromebook 2 but the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 has a better backup than the Samsung galaxy Chromebook. Both have the same colour and some similar and different features. This article tells you about features, battery backup, colour, dimensions, processor, and memory.   

Let us compare both Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 and Galaxy Chromebook. The features that differ in both and make the other best. Chromebook is better for students and teachers. 

Which Is Better: Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 vs Galaxy Chromebook?

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 vs Galaxy Chromebook

Which Galaxy Chromebook is better: Samsung Galaxy Chromebook or Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2? Specifications are in the table below. You can make your choice and we also help you choose which is better for you.

CategorySamsung Galaxy ChromebookSamsung Galaxy Chromebook 2
Processor10th Gen Intel Core i5Intel Celeron 5205UIntel Core i3-10110U
Display13.3″ AMOLED 3840x2160px (4K)13.3″ QLED 1920x1080px
Storage256GB SSD64-128GB eMMC
Ports2x USB-CUFS/microSD card slotAudio combo jack2x USB-CmicroSD card slotAudio combo jack
Battery49.2 WhrUp to 8 hours45.5 WhrUp to 13 hours
ColourFiesta Red or Mercury GreyFiesta Red or Mercury Grey
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6Bluetooth 4.0Wi-Fi 6Bluetooth 4.0
Weight2.29lbs2.72 lbs
Price$1,000$549 (Celeron)$735 (Core i3)
FeaturesBacklit keyboardGaraged Active PenProject Athena certifiedFingerprint sensorBacklit keyboardActive Pen support

Which Chromebook Is Best For Your Business?

Which Chromebook is Best for Your Business?

Business Chromebook needs more storage, good battery backup, and stable connectivity. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 has a great battery backup, So in the IT sector, it helps you to give more time to your work.

In a Business environment, you need a device that has good storage that stores your documents and data. If we talk about connectivity, you can choose anyone because both give the same amount of connectivity.  From above you can figure out which device is good from a business point of view.

If you are doing work from home, the Samsung galaxy Chromebook 2 is best because of its battery backup and low price. 

Which Chromebook Is Best For Teachers and Students? 

Which Chromebook is best for Teachers and students?
Source-Bethesda Magzine

Nowadays, The mode of study has changed from offline to online. Irrespective of whether you are sitting in class or a remote location, you have to contact others digitally.

If you are a teacher or student, This is the right time to buy the Chromebook for you. The Samsung Galaxy Chrome book has a nice-looking 1080p screen that is good for students to read and also reliable for teachers to teach.

I think the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is not good for teaching and reading purposes because it may cause overheating. On the other hand, the Samsung galaxy chrome book 2 has good battery backup and is low in price. 

Is The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Worth it?

That Second Generation device is better than the original. If you are a full-time chrome user, go and buy Samsung galaxy chrome book 2 at a low price on Amazon.

Decide To Take One With SSD Or eMMC Memory

If you read the above table, you know that Samsung Galaxy Chromebook has memory in SSD and the other has memory in eMMc. Which do you think is better? The eMMC runs faster in small storage but SSD delivers better for large storage files. Both are suitable, this is all your choice what you want to take.

Whose Processor is Better?

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 vs Galaxy Chromebook
Source- The Verge

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook has 10th Gen Intel Core i5 and Samsung Galaxy Chromebook has Intel Celeron 5205U, Intel Core i3-10110U. What do you think is better? 10Gen Intel Core i5 offers 6 cores and 12 threads and up to 4.8 GHz core speed. Where Intel Core i3-10110U has two CPU cores and limited power of multitasking. I think Samsung Galaxy has a better processor.


Everyone has a different choice. But we are here to tell you which is reliable for you. I think the above comparison makes it easy for you to choose. If you are running out of money, try to buy a second one. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 is less expensive in comparison to the original one. So decide the one for yourself.

Featured Image Credit- NotebookCheck 

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